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By: K C.
Premier Eyecare & Optical
I love Dr. Thai. I really do. And the only reason I put up with his so-called assistants is for his excellent services. I can't tell you the amount of times they miscommunicated to him what exactly I needed. Fortunately, he is patient and understands English, whereas his assistants do not. Would help if they were bilingual or something.Secondly, the assistants are very chatty to one another. They hardly pay any attention to whoever walks in and you have to be a little rude to get them to service you. (I hate that)They also have no idea how insurance works (as you may see from other reviewers). Ex: The last time I went I knew I didn't need new glasses, just new lens prescription. After the exam , the lady helping me insisted I pick a new pair, and assured me the insurance would cover it. Well, it didn't. And they were pricey glasses. Then she realized her mistake and tried to fix it in her system.Something that should have taken me 15 minutes to order took about an hour. Ridiculous.Don't go here if you're in a rush, that's for sure. I don't know how much more of his "assistants" I can take.
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By: shannonpow
Eye Care Surgery Center
TERRIBLE SERVICE.I got lasik back in 2006 a few months after (once everything should have healed) I went back to explain I had trouble driving at night. Dr. Hebert said everything was ok. Only 5 years later I went ahead and got an eye exam from another Dr. and they tell me I need glasses. when I contacted eyecare they informed be if I wanted my vision corrected AGAIN I would have to pay full price. Lasik didn't even last 5 years. That was a lot of money I spent and was repeatedly told it would last til around the age of 45 ( I am only 27). I have not done anything extreme or out of the ordinary to cause my eyes to go bad so quickly. I am livid about this and feel I just threw away my money and they don't even care to provide the service they promised, which is correcting my eyesight!
By: Amy R.
Walmart - Vision Center
Could not be MORE upset with this visit. The doctor was super and really took the time w/ me that I never got before with any other doctor. My problem was with the receptionist/front desk lady Tiffany. She set up my apt, took my info and stated that she would run my ins to MAKE SURE he took that ins. Well as soon as my visit was over she tells me I owe 69.00 because it wasn't covered w/ my Blue Cross. I get a free exam a year w/ my ins and it being a day before Christmas, I sure had other things I would have spend my money on. She said it's because she was too busy up front to stop us and let me know it wouldn't be covered. Not MY fault. It's a shame I won't be using Wal-mart again for vision.
By: Premier E.
Premier Eyecare & Optical
I appreciate your valuable feedback and would genuinely like to be able to correct your concerns. We pride ourselves on word-of-mouth referrals and patient loyalty. I apologize for the experience you had at our office. The process of ordering materials when using vision care benefits can indeed become challenging to decipher for both the staff and the patient due to the regulations set forth by that insurance company. Our insurance department does its best to try and understand the many different insurance plan and try to educate all staff members on the different coverage's. Please contact our office manager at 225.248.6160 to discuss this further. ****** Premier Eyecare & Optical
By: Tess C.
Target Optical
I was in the optical department for 2 and a half hours. I felt trapped. The manager was taking care of customers piece meal, instead of finishing up with a customer, he would start, then interrupt the process, flit off to start up with another customer, and then no sooner after starting, would interrupt that customer's service, return back to me, only to stop what he was doing, then go to the cash register, ring someone up. It was MADDENING. Ever hear of starting one project and finishing it before you begin another one? The guy couldn't get anything straight. He was almost incoherent.
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By: jjgatlin
Vision 4 Less
Fair prices and you get your glasses the same day so thats always going to be major positives. Other than that, customer service must have never been defined for these people (who have been there for years) and apparently their mothers taught them manners. LONNNG WAIT for service. As I said all fair prices and getting your glasses the same day is always a major positive... this has to be the ONLY reason this place is still in business. Why there arent more locations? I'll never know!!
By: nolachick
Vision Center The
Dr. Joey is very friendly and thorough and never rushes my exam. He is very knowledgable and not only answers my questions but takes time to explain my options and treatment plan with extra care. His staff also seems to be well educated on products and procedures as well, and they make the medical and vision insurance process quick and painless. I always look forward to my visits at the vision center and am quick to refer friends and family.
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By: Rhonda P.
Vision 4 Less
ive been wearing glasses for 30 years and have bought quite a few pairs but never had an optician as helpful as the one at vision for less, Serena took her time and truly helped me with picking out frames that look the best on me, being honest about what looked the best on me, i was very satisfied with my service there and ended up getting 2 pairs that i love. Thank You Serena and keep up the good work, Rhonda Perrone
By: osborneag
Optical Shoppe
Cindy is so great and will work with you for all of your needs. They carry a HUGE selection of some of the greatest lines out there. Maui Jim's, Costa Del Mar, Ray Ban, Fendi, Prada, Oliver Peoples etc. She also will adjust them for FREE for the lifetime of the frame in case you bend them out of shape or someone sits on them! Go see the difference when you shop local!
By: connor.lueng
Advanced Eye Center
Dr. Jong and her staff are fantastic. She takes all of the time that you need to answer any questions. Her staff is very knowledgeable and she has the latest technology and products. She also had a great selection of eye glass frames and competitive prices. Make Advanced Eye Center your next call if you are looking for an amazing eye exam.
Tips & Advices
A regular eye exam focuses on the general health of your eyes, while a contact lens exam is focused specifically on how your eyes react to contact lenses. A contact lens exam tests how well you see while wearing contacts. Your eyes are also evaluated to make sure your tear ducts produce enough tears to allow you to comfortably wear contact lenses.
The cost of contact lenses depends on the type of lens being purchased and the vision problem that is being corrected. For nearsightedness, you'll be able to purchase a box of six lenses for roughly $25. Each lens needs to be replaced after a couple of weeks, which will require you to purchase 10 boxes of lenses each year, for a total of $250 per year. Contact lenses that treat other conditions like astigmatism and presbyopia are more expensive, and can cost $500-$700 a year.
Some people may experience certain side effects when wearing contact lenses. Dry eyes may result, and some people may experience eye or eyelid inflammation. Some contact lens wearers may also develop allergic reactions to the liquid contact lens solution that is used to clean and disinfect the lens.
The cost of an eye exam can range $50-$250 or more. The cost will depend on the tests that are included, and whether the exam involves a contact lens fitting. The cost of the test will also hinge on whether the exam is performed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist.
An eye exam typically takes 20-30 minutes. If additional tests are required, the process could take longer. Eye exams test your sight, but they are also used to make sure your eyes are in good health. During the test, your eye care professional will ask if you've been experiencing any problems with your vision. Your eyes will be examined using a device known as an ophthalmoscope, and the movement of coordination of your eyes will be checked.

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