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By: John N.
Ralph & Kacoo's The Seafood Restaurant
Went to eat there recently, wasn't all that impressed. It may have been the place to go in it's heyday, but that was a long time ago. Apparently they decided to rest on their laurels and reputation instead of keeping up with the times and competition. Our seafood on this day was overcooked, too salty, and the waiter had an attitude as if waiting tables was beneath him. I understand an LSU student trying to make a few extra bucks might not like the job, but the school of hard knocks is going to give him a few lessons of it's own one day.
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By: Sheryl B.
Louisiana Bistreaux
The food,service and atmosphere were electric.It was a place everyone seemed to enjoy being at including a couple of movie stars I swore confidentiality to as they want to eat anonymously.The stuffed Flounder with a crabmeat dressing covered in a hollandaise was amazing.I will be back!
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By: Anthony S.
Parrain's Seafood
Shrimp, Crawfish and Crabmeat Pasta was full of shell... Not happy. My wife ordered me a plate and brought this home after a business meeting. I don't know about you, but for a higher end seafood restaurant, I expect to get seafood pasta without the shell. It was full of it.
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By: Courtney E.
Sammy's Grill
I order a call in and it should have it done it wasn't looked like no one want to help the phone was more important I called at 820's something it's now 847 and yet I came from Clinton La WOW What service. Then the cashier didn't hand me my money she put it where you see it.
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By: Tiffany G.
Ralph & Kacoo's The Seafood Restaurant
Went there not too long ago. Food came out luke warm at best....the server, can't remember her name, was argumentative & rude. I remember eating there as a teenager (many years ago) and couldn't wait to come back. Now, can't wait to find another dining option. Sorry.
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By: bass813
Drusilla Seafood Restaurant
Had Drusilla"s A Y C E Boiled Shrimp tonight for $12.95. Shrimp were great. Perfectly seasoned with just enough spice to make us drink a lot of Ice Tea. Waiter Skip provided excellent and efficient service. We (Party of 4) will be back regularly on Tuesdays.
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By: Howard W.
Parrain's Seafood
Plenty of food for the price & was delicious. Sat outside on the patio. It was busy, but still had great service. We ordered shrimp & catfish dinner, oyster & catfish dinner,& chicken dinner. All were wonderful! Food, service, & atmosphere. Will definitely b back!
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By: Norma P.
Drusilla Seafood Restaurant
The food was fine. I wanted my out of town boyfriend to try their seafood. The waiter was rude, unprofessional, and behaved as though we were a horrible inconvenience. I remember his name and IF I go back, I'll make sure to ask for someone else.
By: Alisa N.
Jasmine Seafood
Jasmine Seafood is a new location on Choctaw, former owners of Jasmin Food Mart on North Sherwood Forest. They have the best crawfish, turkey neck, neck bones. I would recommend all my friends to try their food.
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By: Laurie M.
Hooked Up Seafood
Food was delicious and and plentiful. Everyone working there were very accommodating. We have ordered here several times and were never disappointed. We will definitely be back.

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