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By: Jamie C.
Studio Gabriella
Yesterday I told my friend I needed a haircut, but wasn't sure where I could get an appointment in the area (not from here). She told me I should call the place she went for her extensions, that Gabby was a doll, so I did! I was able to make an appointment for the next morning!! I show up for what I thought would be a hair cut, but wound up being a hair transformation session! I am not a person that puts a whole lot of effort into my hair because it's just blah, but envy people that have luscious locks! Upon assessing what she is working with, she mentions extensions (so not me) for people with thinning hair. Having thyroid cancer 10 years ago, my hair is very thin. She said that it is 100% damage free and it would make my hair full again and hardly notice that they are there. Again, this is not my thing... But turning 30 tomorrow, I needed something, a change, a hair transformation! I sat patiently without peeking, I had faith that she would do her magic! When she was done, I was overwhelmed... Still am! It's hard to believe this is my hair!! Gabby gave me something I never thought I'd have!!! Hair! I have those luscious locks!! Today happened for a reason, I was able to get in with Gabby for a cut. However, I got so much more out of today than a cut; I got hair, I got confidence, I got a stylist! Thank you Gabby, you have no idea!
By: sweetpea2
Lyons Studio
Im a client of 22 years, so is my husband (whom loves Kristi), and my 16 year old daughter. We get highlights, color, and cuts. I cant speak about rest of stylists but Kristi and Hoyt is very consistent, knowledgeable, accurate, and so VERY talented. They make a awesome team (and a fine looking couple). Now its just Kristi and Hoyt at Lyons Studio at new location on Perkins. But i HAVE to say, in past if one of their stylists goofed, people would write reviews as if it was them or whole salon. Each are their own individual stylists and if you are looking for a new hairstylists I only and highly recommend Kristi Lyons and also Hoyt Lyons who has cut our hair if Kristi was booked. I read others reviews, Really? Cmon some must be over exaggerating or just trying to cause trouble or maybe you are just a jealous person or a fired employee, dark purple hair? I know they wouldnt do that, they know way to much about the chemistry of haircolor. They are good, really good and they work hard. Good, honest, fun, talented hairstylists. I know alot of people who go to them and always pleased. People dont bash or makeup false things on this hairsrylists couple, Kristi and Hoyt are the real deal. So 5 stars from me.
By: braint
Cleve's Computer Geeks
This guy is awesome, I took my computer to another well know repair company in Baton Rouge paid the diagnostic fee and to have my information backed up need I add that was 250.00, when I called them prior to picking it up they told me the system was old and out dated and could not be upgraded at all. I was out done. Then a friend of mine told me to call CCG. I call Cleve he asked me to bring the CPU to him because I would save me 75.00 for his trip to my house, so I did. I got to his office and he asked me what the computer was doing I told him about the other guys that had looked at it. While sitting a chatting with him he plug everything up go the info off the system and told me 512mg if ram just isn't enough to do anything with he turned it off, unplugged it open the case and told me I could max it out a 2 gigs maybe 4 gigs of RAM if he could upgrade to 64bit windows and if I got a fast hard drive it would be a major help also. $125.00 for labor and $400.00 of parts, software upgrades and here I am typing this review. $525.00 beats 1200.00 any day for a newer system. And I have a guy I can depend on when and if I ever need him 24/7. Yes it is faster and working like a new computer.
By: Marlee P.
Garrettneal Hair Salon
I was recommended there by my mother, but was not expecting much from the small studio by DeAngelos. But I was pleasantly surprised because everyone knew their clients names, family story and hair needs as they walked in the door. Everyone was a regular. They even recognized my last name as that of my mothers and remarked on how nice she is. And as a semi-socially awkward individual, I still felt very comfortable there.Then I was seated for a consultation where we really discussed what I would like, my daily routine etc. The washing of my hair was not rushed, and I swear it was the best head massage.She asked my permission to blow dry it, then straighten and then asked if she could curl it, just to see how it would look. She was nice, and she did a great job. I let her do what she wanted, and its probably the best hair cut for my face shape that I have ever gotten. My wash, cut ( I have long hair) and style cost 45$ which is not bad.In sum, it was a great experience, great cut, and I will be going back for every proceeding hair cut.
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By: Tom D.
The Inspectors Computer Services
My 9 year old Toshiba looked like it was destined for the grave yard when the black screen of death showed up and nothing would work. We found Royce's repair service on line and decided to give him a try. Well, we couldn't be more pleased with the results. We contacted him on a Sunday morning and he invited us to come to his home to drop it off which we did. Royce diagnosed the problem immediately on the spot and in less than a week he'd repaired and restored it perfectly. His fee was extremely fair, especially considering the fact that he updated and/or installed some software programs at no additional cost to insure its proper operation in the future. I strongly recommend The Inspectors Computer Services -- you'll not be disappointed! It was an absolute pleasure working with Royce Malloy.
By: Leslie A.
Studio Gabriella
Studio Gabriella is fabulous!! The atmosphere is really relaxing and inviting. The receptionist and other hair stylist are always super friendly and helpful too! Gabby is very easy to talk to and actually cares about your hair. I had pretty much given up on finding a hair stylist because it seemed like they were never able to obtain what I wanted. I decided to try Studio Gabriella and I will never go to another person. I absolutely love my cut and color everytime I walk out of her salon. I would highly recommend this salon! You won't be let down or walk out disappointed!
By: mollewog
One word - Aaron! He was amazing. My teenage son and I had just left ps Aeropostale after purchasing something for my 10 year old.. At ps, they were absolutely dry--no personality, not friendly, not a hello, not a goodbye--and God forbid you ask a question..and 3 workers!!!So, on to Aeropostale and Aaron... he was amazing. More than made up for the experience at ps. So friendly, so helpful...he went out of his way to try and oblige us..He made our experience an enjoyable one. Of course the clothes seem well made and priced well. You get a lot for little money.
By: Sheri L.
Cuts Unlimited
I've been going here since 2008, not often, but once or twice a year. I have thick and unmanageable hair and they never complain. They have always done exactly what I wanted as far as hair styles. I tried going somewhere else recently because they were closed, by that was a mistake. I got my chopped up. So I went here and they fixed me right up. I will never go any where else again. And they are very reasonably priced!! Love this place, and the ladies are very sweet. Returning customer again and again!!
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By: Paulina T.
Salon Hme
Awesome! Professional and very much up to date on the latest technology of hair products, color, and healthy hair. Have know almost all of the stylist at HME for over 15 years. They use products that have been time and clinically tested with experience. Just call them each stylist has their own proven talents from cut to color, highlights, extensions, long to short, men, women and chlidren ... plus the atmosphere is happy, positive and you will walk out feeling good and looking good.
By: Paul S.
Natural Mystiq
Vanessa Williams always does a great job on my hair and my scalp is clean. They use a 3 step process. First is the shampoo process and then there is the stripping process that gets rid of all the build up. Its clarifying of and stripping process and that cleans the hair shaft. Third is the therapeutic step. They massage the product into my hair and use all natural products that contains peppermint in it. I recommend this salon to my friends and family.
Tips & Advices
Interior designers can generally work on every type of room, but one should not assume that all of them can work on every type of space. More complicated projects--for example those in buildings with historic preservation strictures, or those that are going for sustainability certifications--will be suited to interior designers with specific expertise. Also, interior designers that have experience in a certain type of project may not want to take on projects that are outside their expertise. For example, an interior designer who has only worked on commercial projects may not want to do a small private home.
Every interior designer has their own style, but some designers are more versatile than others. Some really do specialize in functionality and code compliance, whereas others are more focused on aesthetics. Interior decorators are completely focused on visual impact, and therefore should be reviewed and selected based on how well their style is a match for the client’s tastes.
Full-service interior design starts with an assessment of a site and the client’s long-term needs for that space. It encompasses concept design, floor plans and lighting plans, providing project specifications to contractors, supervising  contractor negotiations and installations, applying for permits, and shopping for all the materials and pieces for the project. On top of this, there are the “decorator” deliverables, i.e. creating the aesthetic of the space, selecting wall colors/covers and furniture pieces, purchasing products and installing them.
An interior designer may come into a development project very early on, working with the developer and architect from the pre-construction phase. They may be the one to design floor plans, decide where to place interior walls, and supervise contractors that are installing elements of the build. They often work on commercial projects, although many of them work on residential projects. Interior designers can “switch hats” and do interior decoration, which means they are only focused on the aesthetic elements and visual components of a residence.
An interior designer or interior decorator should ask a potential client what the scope of the project is, what the projected budget is, what payment structure the client wants, and what the timeline for the project is. Also, they should be asking whether the client has any samples of other projects they like, and would like to use as a guideline. They could also ask what the client’s budget for furniture/accessories/art is, since that in many cases is a separate amount from the budget for the designer’s labor. If an interior designer is being interviewed early into a new build or a renovation project, they might ask questions to determine whether they can collaborate with architects and contractors from early on, to execute their vision for the space. If that is not in line with a client’s wishes, the client can then say that the project scope is for interior design only.

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