By: judianna1
I've been going to Piccadilly Cafateria since I was a small child. My best friend's mother worked at a bank downtown and during the summer, about once a month she would take us both to work with her and give us money to eat at the Piccadilly for lunch and then money for a movie at the old Paramount downtown. I loved eating there; the food was like my Mom's food. When my children were small their Dad and I along with several other couples from church, would go to Piccadilly after church on Sunday's. They do that now with their children. When my son who is in the Army comes homes, it is one of the places he wants to go to eat so a trip to Piccadilly is like a trip down memory lane for me. I hope they can manage to stay open. I will surely remind all of my friends not to forget about one of the best memories we formed as children.
By: Sheila F.
Gino's Restaurant
I wanted some good Italian food and found this place on the Internet. I was very impressed with the refined ambiance, white linens, uniformed waitstaff and friendly hostess.With the exception of the salad, which was supposed to be Spring Mix greens, but was iceberg, still good but not what I was told, and the pasta side dish, which was bland and unexceptional. Having said that, the Veal Marsala was exactly as it should be and then some. Tender and flavorful, an adequate portion, it was a delight to consume, as was the wonderful bread. The Spumone was also excellent, comprised of lemon, strawberry and pistachio ice creams, obviously home made, very tasty. Service by James was beyond reproach. Support waitstaff kept my water glass filled, removed dishware in a timely manner, all contributing to an enjoyable dining experience.
By: tigersaint
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
We were pretty disappointed with this experience. The host told us we were looking at a 10-15 minute wait, and it was closer to 20 or 25 minutes. The 3 course meal deal was a joke. My wife's entree was fine, but mine tasted like it was out of a can. The biggest deal was that they were out of the chocolate mousse cake for dessert. The only other desserts they offered with the deal was a mini dessert which is like the size of a shot glass, or a coffee. That is in no way equal to the value of that chocolate mousse cake. The waiter should have brought that up before we both ordered that meal deal. Deliver what you advertise.
By: chkvist
Pocorello's Casa d'Italia
I see some of these reviews as the owner being rude, however I found him as well as the food and environment extremely inviting!! One of the best marina sauces I've had in a long time... I haven't gone to a wine class yet, but its because of the owner I will attend one soon. He was very helpful, and very patient and welcoming even with my 2yr Old! I've found my new Italian place for sure!
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By: S T.
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
Our office often stops at a Olive Garden, although during the La Flood the Olive Garden on Siegan Stepped up & beyond any call. The Management & staff went out of there way for locals, out of towners, & volunteers. They donations went unnoticed by many in the rush. I personally want to THANK ALL OF THEM, SASSI
By: Rich A.
Anthony's Italian Deli
GREAT DISH! Had the spegatti & "home made" Italian sausage dish. Included salad and bread. Sausage had great taste and was large. Sauce was good. Large serving of spegatti. Can also get with meatballs. They also serve several muffaloto sandwiches. Close at 6pm. Now on Government St across from Brewbachers.
By: kscotb
I went there today for lunch. I had the blackened alligator for an appetizer and the blackened shrimp remoulade salad. It was outstanding! The service was awesome, too.This place is now officially on my list of favorites. I can't wait now to take my wife to dinner there!
By: Rich A.
HAMBURGERS & SALADS.BurgerSmith & Regular burgers (6oz) are great. Can add up to 12 items i.e. lettuce, tomato, mayo, onions, etc. for free. Can add other items like bacon, cheese, avocado, etc.. for small price. BurgerSmith fries are spicey good. Prices very reasonable.
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By: Raymond H.
I went there for dinner and ordered the shrimp and catfish dinner and was pleased with the meal. The food was battered with a nice cornmeal batter and was cooked perfectly. The wait staff was very attentive. There was a live band as well. I will be going back.
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By: Jeremy M.
The Original Italian Pie
I'm a truck driver from idaho and was at a company to unloaded they came to the place where I was at and waited for me to come and get my food thank u so much for that if I'm back in town I'll stop in the food was so good 5 stars to u loved it

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