By: tercer
CC's Coffee House
I've been buying coffee here about once a week for a little over a year. The quality of the coffee itself is on par with any other typical CC's coffee house, which is to say it's very good. The decor and general cleanliness of the location is not an issue either, the problem is customer service. The friendliness and skill level of the CC's employees at this location is very hit or miss. With an average of four employees behind the counter at any given time, they *could* all be easygoing and competent, but what's more likely is that at least one or two aren't on the agreeable or capable side, and the worst case is all four (this doesn't happen often) have the same difficult attitude and poor experience level. I'm actually OK with them not being fast or making honest mistakes - if it takes 15 minutes more to make my coffee than it should all is forgiven if the person handing me the drink is friendly and offers a quick apology. An official apology isn't even necessary, just a smile and a little body language that says "sorry, my bad" - it's the unfriendly attitude itself that's the problem. I can't say I won't go back there after the latest umpteenth time something like this has happened, it's just frustrating to me that this sort of service has become an accepted norm at this location of CC's Coffee House.
By: raynaacoy
CC's Coffee House
GNATS!! Everywhere! My boyfriend and I went in to study but couldn't concentrate long enough to get any work done because so many gnats were circling us! Coffee was good, service was ok but the gnats made it a terrible experience
By: pearlclassicinc.
Highland Coffees
One of a kind coffee, surely drop by again. Thanks!. Great experience!.

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