By: hammond_mom
Room For Dessert
Ummmm.... yummy! I cannot believe that something so rich and decadent tasting can be organic! I've tried Room for Dessert several times, and I've never been disappointed. I've enjoyed their chocolate cupcakes, carrot cupcakes, chocolate mousse, black/white cake, brownies and cookies. I had a business meeting Tuesday, and I took several pastries to the meeting. It was the sweetest meeting we've ever had.
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By: Bonnie B.
Dawns Sweet Tooth
Dawn's did THE MOST AMAZING JOB for my daughter's 1st birthday cake. I ordered it sight unseen and it was exactly what I wanted. Not only was it absolutely gorgeous, but it was super fresh and tasted heavenly. My baby's cake was so important to me and having it turn out so perfect really made our day all the more special. I will never buy another cake from anyone else! THANK YOU!!!
By: whitneymphotography
Treat Me Cupcakes
Treat Me cupcakes has the absolute BEST cupcakes I have ever had in my life. They are so delicious and have the perfect amount of cake/ icing. Other places have way too much icing and don't even pay attention to the taste. Treat Me's cupcakes are cute and so yummy! I would definitely recommend this place for a wedding, birthday party, or just a daily treat! :)
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By: Kathy M.
Dawns Sweet Tooth
Love this bakery !! The cakes are always fresh look amazing and taste even better !!!!!!!!!Love that its close to home and the hours are great. The service is wonderful and they are so nice.Great addition to Central. Thanks,Kathy M.
By: no1contractor
Sweet Wishes
Love their cupcakes. Probably one of the most fun things is that they top each cupcake in such a way so that if you buy a box of assorted ones, you can tell which is which from what is on top of the icing (Andes Mint, etc).
By: suzanne.alban.7
Room For Dessert
Just left Room for Dessert with some of the best gluten free peanut butter cookies I've ever tasted. What a novel idea when so many people are diabetic or have gluten allergies. Well worth the trip. Great prices too.
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By: dj.wilson.31
Coffee & Dough
Coffee and Dough on Coursey in EBR is the BEST DONUT SHOP IN TOWN. Now they serve Beignets....Honestly best I've had in Baton Rouge area. A must stop and visit!!!
By: rouxroux
Our Daily Bread
Good food!! Notice lately though,not giving as much, need to come down on price or fulfill order.
By: briank13
Starbucks Coffee
This is one of my favorite starbucks. The only problem is you are not allowed to tip the barista.
By: elizabeth.mendoza.39501
Sweetime Bakery
Good people. The German Chocolate cake was great. My parents come here often! :-)

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