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By: Kristen M.
First, I had to wait an hour for a simple urine test. Second, and most disturbing, after peeing in the cup, you are asked to sign paper work BEFORE being able to WASH your hands!!!! Do you know how many people have touched their junk/urine before handling those pens??? So gross!!!! They are obviously incompetent when it comes to sanitation. How are these people allowed to be in the medical field??
By: lance.boudreaux
After waiting over 30 minutes for anyone to appear at the front desk, the woman who did closed the window without acknowledging any of the customers in the waiting room. She then proceeded to have an angry personal phone call. Eventually she said to the person on the phone, "I guess I have to go deal with these people." Once in the back, the phlebotomist was very pleasant.

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