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By: Joe Z.
Cox Solutions Store
So apparently I have to pay an Early Termination Fee because I am moving out of Cox's service area for my intern in Houston. I specifically asked when I set up the account that if the situations come that I have to move to a different area that they don't cover would I have to pay any kind of termination fee. The rep told me know. Now that exactly a year later I have to move to another state they told me that the price lock was signed for 2 years and that to cancel early I need to pay the $120 ETF. Pretty much I was lied to straight to my face and they aren't holding anybody accountable. I went ahead and report them on BBB.org.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Update: So after taking matters into my own hands I was reached out to by Cox and was told that I will be credited the ETF. So now I will see if they actually follow through when the final statement comes in.
By: goldengirl.layla
Cox Solutions Store
I give them two stars, but I am paying for 4 stars or better! It's just not a good value. As soon as At&t gets u-verse to my street, I give them a try.
By: rouxroux
Cox Solutions Store
Always get the problem if I have one fixed and if I have a question it's always answered.

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