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By: trevorf
I Tiger Phone Repair
I'd like to save all of you some time and money. If you have a broken phone or just need something done to it (change color/unlock/etc) you're wasting your time if you go anywhere but here. These guys were incredibly helpful and professional. They were more honest about the process of fixing my phone than I would even expect myself to be in this line of work. I didn't get overcharged for anything. Truthfully, I'm writing this review because I feel like I robbed these guys blind. This is my story:I broke my brand new galaxy s3 somewhere around 4 months ago. I stopped into myPhoneMD first and it was a huge waste of time. They said their supply guy didn't have the screen I needed and the girl there kind of helped me try to figure out how to order it, but I presume they did not see much potential profit out of the situation and therefore sent me packing. My next stop was at iTiger. They immediately told me how crappy of a situation I was in because of the cost of the screen I needed, but they were completely willing to help me in any way possible. We eventually decided I could order my own screen from whatever seller I wanted and bring it in to get installed. They even gave me a phone on loan for the time being. So when the screen came in I brought it in to get installed for a reasonable price (it was prorated because it did not take a full hour). TWO DAYS LATER the crappy screen I ordered stopped working. I brought it back in to figure out if it was the part or the installation that caused this. We discovered it was the part, as there was nothing faulty with the connections (they were fully willing to cover the costs if it was something they did wrong). So after getting jerked around by the company I ordered from and never getting the replacement screen, the guys at iTiger found someone that sells repaired screens at a considerably lower cost than what was being sold online. They ordered it for me and installed it for me yesterday, at which time I returned the loaner phone they let me use for FOUR MONTHS. I'm sure this is not typical, and not to be expected in most situations, but I guess because it had taken so long and they felt bad for that (even though it was not even close to their fault) they didn't even charge me to put the screen on! Nor was I ever charged anything for the use of the loaner phone. I couldn't be happier with the way this all worked out.This is honestly my first review of any product or service, and I've written it as a thank you to these guys. They really went above and beyond to help me out. I've been in there a lot in the last few months and I've seen other things that make me think this really is the only place in town worth going to. There was some lady in there who's speaker stopped working on her phone, so the guys replaced it. However, that didn't seem to be the problem because it still didn't work so they didn't charge her anything! They agreed to take a look at it again on the weekend when the lady had more time. If you've made it through this novel of a review and believe anything I've said, give these guys your business because I promise you will not regret it.
By: coolbrees
Advanced Video
Awesome people, awesome service! The lamp in my Samsung DLP TV blew out this morning; and my first thought was "the Saints season opener starts in 9 hours!" I searched for tv repair with the YP app on my iphone and called the first number I saw. Shelly answered with the friendliest voice. She is wonderful! They walked me through step by step how to dismantle my tv and remove the lamp. I brought the busted lamp right over to their shop and they replaced the bulb within 5 minutes. I went back home, re-inserted the lamp and instantly my tv was back to normal (with 8 hours still left before kickoff). The service I received was amazing! Give these guys a call!
By: Maggie P.
I Tiger Phone Repair
The owner and workers here were simply beyond nice to me!! My phone was fixed and looked brand new and perfect within 15 minutes. The store had every phone case imaginable on their walls to look at and buy. They seemed very competent and 100% convinced that they were supplying their customs with the best service they could provide and I could not agree more with them. I am forever grateful for their kindness and fantastic repair!! This is the place to go for iPhone, iPad, etc repairs, I wouldn't recommend anywhere else!!
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By: Faye B.
Pelican Communications
Im so glad I found this place! Excellent work ! Staff was vey professional and helped me even set up my new phone with gmail and moved all of my info for me! I will def be back!
By: georgiatx
I Tiger Phone Repair
This place has saved my life/iPhone like 5 times. Super friendly and helpful staff and hey do quick work. Definitely recommended
By: Renee B.
Pelican Communications
The best place to shop! Very patient and helpful! they are always my go to for a new phone I am never going any where else!
By: Julia R.
Best Buy
They almost never seem to have what I need. I get that everything is moving towards drop shipping but come on!!
By: Jacque B.
Apple Mall of Louisiana
This site has an aray of handy information. I would recommend this app to all my friends.

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