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By: Jodi C.
Bella Vista Apartments
People can say what they want about the property, but the truth is, we have worked very hard at cleaning up the property while working along with the Clermont County Sheriffs office to ensure it stays that way. If you have any doubts about applying there, call the sheriffs office and ask them what has been done with the property in the past 7 1/2 years. If people move in and follow the rules they have not one problem. As far as office staff goes, we expect people to follow the rules, and to be honest, the rules are very simple to follow. Our goal is to help people that need the help. It is absurd to say that we go after people on zero rent, that statement was absolute ridiculous. When people move out they are charged accordingly for cleaning and for damages. Most of the time people move out and leave their unit in good condition, yet there are a few who take advantage of the system and and move in and dont take care of the apartment they were fortuante enough to recieve. As with anywhere you go there is always a few bad seeds and it comes with the territory. To say that it is like living in jail because staff watches tenants every move (which is far from the truth, as they are busy doing their jobs), when the staff sees things that are going on and they report it to the office it is because they work hard at their jobs to maintain the property and keep it cleaned for the other tenants that are grateful for a place to live. Every tenant is treated the same, if you dont follow the rules you will lose your housing, if you do follow the rules then you have no problems. If you truly need a place to live and need the assistance then by all means please apply, however if you are just looking for a party place apply elsewhere. We do not tolerate shenanigans nor do other tenants that just want their right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises. For the record, we had our HUD REAC inspection of the property and scored a 94, that info can be found online for anyone wishing to review it. So when you read the negative reviews consider the source.
By: Chad H.
Bella Vista Apartments
People can say what they want about the community but to be honest u know when u move into a income based apartment it is not gonna be perfect u cannot be that picky when ur in need of help personally Mildred has helped me through all that I've been going through if u stay to yourself and do what u need to do then u won't need to worry about what everyone else is doing

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