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By: evieharkins
Bangor Pet Resort & Spa
I'm a stay at home puppy mom to two young adult Boxers. They get daily walks and have one another to play with but it it's not the same as when they get to go to day care.I couldn't be happier with Bangor Pet Resort & Spa. As soon as we're half way there the Boxers start bouncing all over the car and their excitement is obvious. Once we're in the entry and the little gate opens, they're gone without a glance back.I love the fact the all of the employees love dogs and if one of my dogs did something extra cute I hear about it when I go to pick them up. They even post short videos of the dogs playing on Face Book. It's nice being able to see all the dogs interacting so well.I had a weekend trip and couldn't take them with me so I boarded them here. I was a little worried since they've never been kenneled. My male is very anxious being crated or being enclosed in a room by himself.When I picked them up, they were happy to see me but acted as if I'd only been gone a few hours instead of a few days. I love having a safe fun place to send my babies.
By: nancylouwho
Bangor Pet Resort & Spa
Bangor Pet Resort is a wonderful place to be a dog! Peter performed a miracle by incorporating our lab mix, Ruby, into his playful and happy group of canines. Ruby's background makes her very anxious around other dogs, but not when Peter and his calm, kind and capable assistants work their magic. We discovered BPR last summer when we were in Maine, and I was glad to be able to take Ruby back there twice again this summer. The second time, as soon as she realized where she was, she ran to the door - tail wagging and smiling with her whole body - and never looked back. The frequent video clips allowed me to see her in among the other dogs, enjoying being part of the pack, throughout her stay. Ruby and I BOTH look forward to next summer's visits. The fact that we stay in Waterville and that I prefer to drive to Bangor than go anywhere else says it all!
By: bill.tiernan.90
Bangor Pet Resort & Spa
We boarded our 2 1/2 year old lab mix for 5 days in July and it was a WONDERFUL experience. She had never been boarded before and is fearful or aggressive around other dogs at home, but Peter has a keen insight and intuition about dogs and was able to have her comfortable in his active, happy pack in no time. The fact that he posts multiple video clips daily of the action at his well-appointed kennel allowed us to reassure ourselves that Ruby was well cared for and happy in our absence. If we didn't live 2500 miles away in Colorado, Ruby would be a regular guest at Peter's amazing Bangor Pet Resort and Spa.

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