By: Sharece D.
Barclay Square Apartments
Well I am only writing a review because no other reviews are on here and like me I was looking high and low for reviews when I was first apartment hunting. I haven't moved in as of yet but here it goes.Contacting the leasing agency was great, customer service was wonderful and as of right now any and every time I contact DelMonica June (which is the leasing manager) she always answer back not emails but she'll definitely call you so it's always best to call especially if you want an immediate response.When I first ever went to apply, she was a little late so I was waiting for about 15mins, once she came I was a little irritated but she apologized and had a good enough reason for my wait, anything after was definitely above professional. I applied and 4 days later she called and told me I was approved, you have exactly one week to get the security deposit together and that's the holding fee also, good thing with them is your security deposit can be as low as $500 or as high as first months rent $794 (for a one bedroom), DEPENDS on your credit only way you probably will not be approved is if you have evictions in your background, there's no two and three times security deposit, that made me so happy, you get a move in date the day you bring in your security deposit, if its the middle of the month (like mines was) you're rent is prorated (which means half) and that is due on that move in day after you inspect your apartment (she like to inspect it with you, and that's good because if anything needs to be taken care of she can get it done right then and there instead of having to put in a service request). I'll definitely update once I move in and again 6 months after. Hope I could help anyone looking to move in Barclay Square ApartmentsPs: Oh and its two apartment complexes one on Woodbourne (where the leasing agency is) and the other is about 1 mile from there. So be sure she specify which one you'll be applying for.
By: Derek H.
Landbank Lofts
My lease ended recently and I'm heading out, but I've had a good experience.I lived in one of the loft apartments on the top floor and it was great. I cannot comment on apartment repairs since I never had any. I loved that the apartment had a ton of natural light and a nice view of Baltimore. It's quiet and I felt safe in the area. Safeway is across the street so it's super convenient to grab food (there's a Starbucks in the Safeway). I never had any issues with the people working in the management office.I do wish that I had a washer/dryer in the apartment.
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By: Jazmine R.
Landbank Lofts
My boyfriend lives here and even though I drive I love that everything is in walking distance. I really like the luxurious feeling you get when entering the building from both entrances. Actually I think that the best thing about Landbank Lofts are the marble bathrooms with great showers (water pressure) and after that would be the excellent view of the Baltimore City skyline from the two story windows in his loft
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By: mauriciomomo
Woodhill Apartments
My family and I moved into Woodhill one month ago and in that time, we have experienced more professionalism, respect, cleanliness and pest free living than all my years in neighboring complexes. I can't hear my neighbors fighting anymore! I had to put this out there because I feel so good about finally being treated like I matter. I used to worry about working so late but the security of Woodhill is on POINT!
By: blessedbebella
Woodhill Apartments
Lost my house and had to move into a one bedroom unit. Never thought I could be happy after that but feel blessed to call woodhill my new home. During last weeks storm, the handyman came to my place after hours to fix a small leak. My daughter says she has never received service like that in all the years she been at her building. Fair managers, always helpful and understanding. Isabella
By: bribri1008
Woodhill Apartments
The complex is placed in a nice neighborhood and everything is always kept clean. All of management is awesome they really care about your needs and they work on helping you right away. I work at night and I always feel safe going to my car since everything is well lite. The units are beautiful and I would recommend woodhill to anybody.
By: Merritt K.
Rodgers Forge Apartments
Location is great but the management is terrible. It took days to clear the sidewalks during the snow. Management is nearly unresponsive on maintenance issues. There are a TON of college students so if you are a college student…this is the place for you. If you want a nice quiet well maintained place…this is not for you.
By: kiki73
Woodhill Apartments
Always see Mrs. Irene walking around straignteing the grounds. Always smiling and helpful, i like being here. love the restripping in parking area because it is more orderly. Just noticed a shining bright light was added near outside steps and it gives me a sense of safety and security.
By: danita m.
Cloud 9 Clothing Co
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By: tarapr
Milbrook Park Banquet Hall
I have had several events here and they all were awesome!! The only problem is they stay booked so make sure your plan ahead if you want to reserve here.. MS.LYNN IS BEAUTIFUL..

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