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By: Ashleigh O.
Deville Ink
This is an award winning shop that produces quality art. As for piercing... I have been pierced at DeVille Ink (Tony is a master piercer and the owner and Josh goes above and beyond). Microdermal implants, lip, nostril, second navel, you name it! They explain everything - the entire process including aftercare. They are also there if you have any problem with the piercing. Sometimes people don't care for the piercings the right way, the body doesn't take to the piercing, dermals get bumped very easily, etc. They have been on call to answer any of my questions. They have even fixed old shop's mess-ups. Their jewelry is top of the line and they sell it for such a reasonable price. I have researched each piercing prior to getting them done and I would not go anywhere else. They honor their quality work and are there to help out (like changing jewelry) even after the piercing is done - no matter how long after. They will also consult with you before you get your piercing done. The first time I went to get pierced there, the consult confirmed that they were the place to go. I've also had Tony do cover-ups and have had hours of tattoo sessions with him. Not only is he talented, but professional and knows his stuff. I am so happy with the art I have. He has fixed a lot of junk work, but also created new pieces that are just gorgeous and flow with my body and the rest of my ink.KC DeVille does amazing work as well. Her art is beautiful. I suggest visiting them, looking around at the shop and talking to them to get the full DeVille ink experience. It is well worth a visit.
By: beebop.shoowop
Charm City Tattoo
I have been worked on by 8 different tattooists and the single artist that is "Charm City Tattoo", Jacki Randall, is one who I would recommend wholeheartedly above the rest. Making an appointment with Jacki provides an experience in body art that takes place in a personal setting, you aren't one of five bozos getting inked by five other bozos in front of a television, which is too common an experience for people looking to get (especially) their first tattoo.She is an artist of many facets i.e. painter, cartoonist, musician, and she is very far from what would be a disappointing tattooist - basically, she has been an artist for much longer than only tattooing, and it shows in the quality of her tattoos. I have gotten 4 tattoos from Jacki and I will keep coming back to her for work. She also has a much more experienced/professional understanding of "health code" when it comes to tattooing, having been accredited from the state of Oregon (one with a higher standard in this regard than the state of Maryland..speaking as a proud Marylander I would not be tattooed in many other shops around the state).Basically this artist truly knows what she is doing and provides an ideal experience for your next excursion into the realm of permanent body art. I highly recommend entertaining yourself with her website, scroll through her portfolio etc.
By: traceytendabuttuff.toney
Saints & Sinners
First impressions are lasting. The first Impression of this shop was the clean, fresh smell and the floors of the recieving area. The staff is professional and welcoming. A deposit is required which was not a problem because it ensures that u are serious about your appt and allows ur artist to be fully prepared for u when that day arrives. My tattoos were both "do overs" of previous work. My artist Christian is the absolute "truth" in breathing "new life" into tattooos. He is a true artist and works with u to make sure ur vision is interpreted. I was so impressed with his work that I had 2 tattoos re-done in 1month!!!! I must also add his personality and demeanor are as good as his work!!!This is the place for future tattoos and lots of refferals...:)
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By: Kknoerlein A.
Read St Tattoo Parlor
I got my two tattoos there and loved them both. Charlie took two images and merged them together that made me teary eyed because it was exactly what I wanted and the importance of them was captured perfectly. He's the best. Place was clean and fun, staff was nice and very reasonable prices. I'm planning my third and fourth one very soon and hoping to have Charlie again. Love them.
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By: James B.
Tony's Tattoos and Supplies on Wheels
I just got a tattoo from Tony's I will recommend this tattoo parlor. The artist was very professional very very clean and a comfortable environment he made me feel at ease. He did my niece's name on my hand and my family is very important to me and he took pride in doing my niece's name and the work is very very good. I'm most definitely pleased with my new tattoo
By: Deborah F.
Tony's Tattoos and Supplies on Wheels
I have had a few tattoos and I have to say that the quality of the equipment and the workmanship is absolutely fantastic . He even has tattoo supplies for sale as well like tattoo machines,needles, tattoo ink, and other items just call and he will hook you up with whatever you need. I will definitely go back for all my tattoos.
By: Danielle M.
Deville Ink
This is and will be the only place I go to for tattoos or piercings. Both of my tattoos I got done there and I'm in love with how they turned out. Everytime I go in there there's happy people. If I could give more than 5 stars I totally would
By: mfisher7
Tony's Tattoos and Supplies on Wheels
They do excellent work and will even come to you at your home or business if needed!! I couldn't be happier with the tattoo work I had done by them. I highly recommend you use Tony if you are in the Baltimore area.
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By: Tabitha jusmee B.
Tattoo Charlie's Place
S/O to RAMPAGE for the great work she DOES!!! All of the ART i have on my body are done by Tattoo Charlie's.. Friendly,CLEAN, BADASS WORK... #Nipples
By: lilbird1
Charm City Tattoo
Just a note to let folks know this is a one artist shop. Please call for availability. Work is not interrupted for the phone or the door. Thanx!

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