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By: Rob B.
Sav-A-Lot Movers
Total lack of Professionalism, the attire of the movers, used a rented Uhaul. No company branding anywhere. My furniture was damaged and also a wall in my house. When I called about it I was first given the run around, then told prove it. I sent an email with pictures to the corp office heard nothing for days so I stopped payment with credit card. Only then some 20 days later did I get a response which basically was they would give me 60 cents per pound for my furniture, or pay or go to court. DO NOT USE THEM!! SAVE YOUR FURNITURE!!
By: Sonya M.
Suburban Relocation Systems
My husband and I relocated from D.C. to Oregon last fall and made the mistake of entrusting Suburban Relocation Systems with our move. It seems that the driver, Avi, decided to make several previous deliveries in the pouring rain and neglected to do anything to protect the items in his truck, with the result that several of our possessions arrived damaged or unusable. Most upsettingly, our vintage credenza suffered extensive water damage, and our expensive (by our standards, anyway!) foam mattress arrived completely soaked. To add insult to injury, the movers then unwrapped the mattress, allowing it to seep water all over the floor, and completely neglected to mention the issue. Had I not walked into the bedroom and noticed the standing water on the floor, they would have left it to ruin our floors and us with the task of removing and disposing of it. Our experience filing a claim with them has been equally jaw-dropping. From our claims processor's cavalier response that "Unfortunately accidents can happen that is why they are called accidents", to their deafening silence when we inquired about hopefully recovering a picture box containing framed art prints which we discovered was never delivered, to their failure to process our claim within the 120 day window required by federal law, Suburban Relocation Systems has been a nightmare to deal with. But, hey, if paying people to damage your property and then ignore you is your thing, then by all means, work with them. Who doesn't love sitting down after a long day of work to file consumer protection complaints?
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By: fadi.takla1
1 St Choice Movers
Great moving company will use them again, they came under budget, and did a wonderful job.I recommend Fred and Brian
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By: Aakriti J.
Suburban Relocation Systems
Worst Relocation services ever. Only the people who come and pickup your stuff and those who drop them off are better, somewhat professional rest the team who you deal with over the phone sucks!The sales departments while signing you up makes false promises and others who you contact via email and utter idiots. Make false promises on delivery date and cost and insurance and penalty they are going to payoff is all rubbish. You will get tired of chasing these guys but they will never get tired of punishing you to choose them for your relocation. Its better to dump all of your stuff rather than getting it transported by them
By: Khalid C.
Suburban Relocation Systems
After a lengthy wait I was able to receive the compensation that was right. The service could have been better.
By: Katie H.
Suburban Relocation Systems
By: Daniel M.
Suburban Relocation Systems
I lived in a 4th floor walkup apartment that could have thrown off the movers sent from Suburban relocation systems. But they had no issues with the stairs. They arrived on time which is always nice. Their packing skills were great too. They carried my furniture down 4 sets of stairs way too easily. They delivered everything in great condition all the way to my new place. Only experience makes a company provide such effortless services and these movers had years of experience.
By: Simon S.
Suburban Relocation Systems
The quote Suburban relocation systems gave me seemed quite high in the beginning. But the distance they had to cover was great as well. So I hired them anyway. I realized later why they charge that price. Their movers are no newbies. They showed up right on time and wasted no time while packing everything. Their lightning speed really made up for those extra few dollars they were charging. Everything went very smoothly, even the delivery. I really have nothing to complain about. It really was a small price to pay for the amazing job they did.
By: Gabriel G.
Suburban Relocation Systems
Suburban relocation systems made our move look too easy. This company is legit and they take their work very seriously. The van pulled up at my doorstep right on time. Punctuality is always very impressive. My impression about them only got better when I saw how efficiently they worked. It took them just under 3 hours to finish the whole pack and load process. Each piece of my valuables was packed with such great care. The four men wasted absolutely no time sitting around. They didn’t even ask for a break. They delivered everything on the first date set for the delivery. An old mirror was broken during the move but that’s it. Everything else traveled very well. I couldn’t have imagined a smoother move.
By: Brandon M.
Suburban Relocation Systems
We hired Suburban relocation systems to move our belongings last month. It was so good to see how brave and energetic these men were. A 2nd floor walkup was no big deal to them. They disassembled our beds and carried everything else to the van waiting outside. In 3 hours, they were off. They delivered everything just on time. All our belongings made it to our new move safely and we had to nothing during this move. It was the easiest move ever.
Tips & Advices
The simplest cause for hot tub jets to stop working is when they’re twisted to the “closed” position and need to be twisted back open. If you’ve recently refilled your hot tub and the jets are not working, there could be an airlock in the plumbing lines--a more difficult issue to fix. Someone with understanding of electrical components should turn the power off and then let the air escape, or bleed, from the lines by loosening “bleed screws” on the end of the pump. Other reasons that jets may stop working include calcium buildup from hard water, and issues with the pump power.
The average lifespan of a hot tub is affected by how well it’s taken care of, as well as the quality of the product. When maintained properly, top-tier brands are expected to last 15-20 years. If neglected, even an expensive hot tub might only last 5 years.
Low water flow is by far the most common cause for a hot tub to overheat, and luckily it can be easily remedied by topping up (filling up the water level using a hose). Another reason a hot tub might overheat is that the spa filter is dirty.
Before you begin looking for a hot tub leak, turn the power off. After that, the first place to check is the pump--a leaky pump is common, and easy to recognize from the water pooling below. If this doesn’t show anything, examine the union fittings, which can often come loose and need to be tightened by hand. If this fails to find your leak, you will need to visually inspect all the valves and plumbing—especially the connections on the pipes.
The cost of maintaining a hot tub should be fairly manageable: about $500 annually in chemicals and filters, plus $30-$50 monthly for electricity. If you have to replace a hot tub cover, however, that could cost anywhere from $200-$400.

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