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By: Karen S.
A Touch Of Te'
I would like to echo the sentiments shared in the previous reviews. As many women know, especially women of color, it can be difficult and stressful trying to find a good hairdresser. This is even more stressful when you are new to an area. Well my anxieties were completely alleviated by Ms. Shonte. She is truly a blessing - professional, skilled, and takes a real interest in the health of your hair. First of all, she accommodated me - a first-time client - on very short notice, and was very flexible with scheduling, expressing a willingness to come in early if needed. She began by asking me what my issues have been, both with my hair and with previous stylists. Based on that, she recommended various techniques for maintaining and protecting my brittle hair. I did not have to wait a long time to be seen, and she had me in and out for a relaxer, trim and style within 3 hours. Her shampoo was thorough, and my hair looked full and healthy when she was finished. Although this was my first visit, I feel confident that I have found my new hair home in Baltimore. Thank you Te!!!!
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By: Valerie P.
A Touch Of Te'
I met Shonte while wearing braids I wanted to do something different but relaxers broke my hair off horribly Shonte looked at my hair confidently told me I did not need a relaxer let her do my hair I went to Shonte and she talked to me about hair care I was very impressed not to many hair care professionals get into hair care as far as hair health and Shonte did the end results were amazing I would of never thought my hair could look so nice in its natural state Shonte restored my confidence in going to a hair salon I was so tired of getting relaxers thrown in my hair and even though I would explain the issues that I am the hair professional attitude Shonte did not give me that she talked with me asked me questions concerning my hair problems and told me what would be the best regimen for my hair if I were to have any issues I know she's the type of stylist that would address and tell me how to care for my hair I think Shonte and her partner shaniece work wonderfully together and make a great team I am so glad I met them
By: Jasmine M.
Phresh Hair Salon
I heard about this place from Instagram, and Google reviews. Im pretty sure the girl Neish would've slayed my hair, but they didnt open on time. I set my appointment for 10am (thats what I was told when I called to schedule). When i got there no one was there, so i said, "maybe she said 10:30, and not 10." So i waited. Long story short, I left to drive all the way back to Manassas, Virginia (that's where i live). I waited there until about 11:25 or so, and went right on back to my car to leave because, even if they did open at 10:30, no one was there, and when i left, there was at least 5 or 6 people standing outside waiting just like I was! Waste of a drive. So then I try calling after I left to see when someone would finally answer the phone, because now Im like, Okay, was my appointment for another friday, im confused? Finally someone answered the phone at 12:45! She said they open at 10:30am, and she said she seen my appointment listed, but didnt even apologize & was rude. Womp!
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By: Shannon M.
A Touch Of Te'
A few years ago, I had the pleasure of finding Shonte to do my hair. She was one of the first stylists that promoted healthy hair growth, and took her time; however, I didn't fully appreciate and value her talent given different obstacles I was trying to overcome in life. Throughout the ups and downs I faced, I realized it would be best to re-write my wrongs and leave Shonte a much better and positive review compared to the one I left in the past:Ladies, please don't hesitate to see Shonte. It took me to go to other stylists who left my hair damaged and uncontrollable before I realized Shonte is the best and would not put your hair at jeopardy. The different techniques that she uses allowed my hair to grow and be healthy. I apologize again to you Shonte for my past review, and I want you to know that you are valued for ALL of the work that you do and the cooperation you showed to me despite what happened/was said in the past. Words will never describe my gratitude!Shannon M
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By: Crystal L.
New York Dominican Beauty Salon
Beware if you're a natural sister. I went into this salon which only had one other customer. I'm thinking great, but one of the beauticians forcefully try to make me purchase a kertin treatment that was overpriced. Once she realized I wasn't going to purchase the product she start speaking Spanish to the other beautician about my hair not knowing I set my phone app to Spanish so I understood the conversation they were having about me and my hair.while getting my hair washed, my hair started to tangle,so another beautician had to wash and condition my hair. My hair was forced through a med sized comb instead of a wide tooth-comb, yanking out alot of my natural hair. After that torture I was sat in the beauticians chair with my hair still dripping wet alittle product was applied then more heat torture was inflicted. Blow dryer& flat ironed. Now my hair still smells burnt after two weeks. Wow all of this just for a different look.
By: Am A.
Bella Hair Salon of Canton
Well! It took 2 visits from me in same week to get my hair colored! Very good customer service & a nice friendly environment. Service wise… Mmm.. one stylist messed up my hair and another fixed it and did nice work! So for me I will make sure to ask for Ms. Katie next time ;) I went to Bella salon to have my hair colored for Mother's day last week, I wanted a full baylayage highlights all over my hair with Caramel highlights but unfortunately I ended up with half and half colors! The top half was black ( my original hair color) and the half down was brassy orange! :/ I went back to have my hair fixed by another stylist ( they recommended her) which was very good. She was so understandable and clear, I showed her what I want and we discussed it and she recommended a solution to fix what I had at that moment (the disconnected half and half colors!) and Wow she did very good job :) Well done Katie and Thank you.
By: samanthajluvlife
Donna's Hair Salon
Super experience, highly recommend!I have been living in Baltimore going on two years now, moved from New York to complete my residency with Johns Hopkins. One of the few things I dreaded leaving behind was my salon. Like most I bounced from place to place trying to find someone who knew what they were doing. I discovered Dona's when I purchased a Groupon for mink eyelash extensions (not even considering them until I saw them on my girlfriend). So, the day I went Dona and the girls were doing up do's for a brides group. After Natalia finished with my eye lashes (they look amazing and everyone notices!!!) I saw how fantastic the bridal party looked. For sure, no salon in Baltimore could match what Dona did. I had to give her a shot after seeing those results. I can comfortably say, cut, color or style I will never go anywhere else as long as I live here. Hands down, best hair salon in Baltimore!
By: Lynette L.
A Touch Of Te'
I have been searching for a stylist who is professional, honest, caring and knows her stuff. I can honestly say that Shonte is all that and more! From the first day i sat in her chair she was honest with me about what was going on with my hair. It was a mess!!! To say the least!!! Brittle, dry, broken,uneven and the list goes on. So Shonte took full inventory on what was needed in order to bring my hair back to life. Its been almost 3 month's since Shonte has been my stylist and i can already see a huge difference in my hair! When my hair looks good, i feel good. I have started bringing my 15 yr old daughter and her friends upon request. They love it! And we all know how hard it is to please teens....that speaks volumes about how much talent this lady has. All i can say is A touch of Te is a cut above the rest and both her and her staff are truly a blessing.Thank you Shonte your the best!!!♡
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By: Tia G.
New York Dominican Beauty Salon
Reviews of Rebecca Ferris Facebook Reviews »"Love my fabulous highlights! Walked in needing a hair rescue and walked out with big smile on my face and perfect highlights. THANKS a million!"—MeganGoogle Reviews, Rebecca Ferris Google Reviews »"Rebecca saved my life. I came to her with a dreadful perm, hair much too dark and a bad haircut. She cured me…"—Adele Reviews of Rebecca Ferris Facebook Reviews »"Love my fabulous highlights! Walked in needing a hair rescue and walked out with big smile on my face and perfect highlights. THANKS a million!"—MeganGoogle Reviews, Rebecca Ferris Google Reviews »"Rebecca saved my life. I came to her with a dreadful perm, hair much too dark and a bad haircut. She cured me…"—Adele Thanks to Leidy... I luv my hair and my color. I had the best experience ever. They were very professional.Tia
By: susan.panny
I have been coming to Raisa at Corbin Salon about once a month for years. Raisa does a superb job! These are old feet ! I can't get them into my focal length to see well enough to do my own pedicures anymore. As a physician, I know how important keeping your feet in good condition is to general health and wellbeing. I can give no higher compliment than to say her pedicures surpass "spa" pedicures, they are "medical" pedicures. Not only does she make my feet and toes look nice but she has the medical aspects covered. She manages calluses and cuticles and keeps them healthy. She used to do pedicures for my husband, too, and fixed a number of major foot problems. And, by the way, her manicures are great, too! And we always have an interesting conversation.

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