By: Angie B.
Bosthorus Resturant
Last night, our family of 4 had a great meal at the new Turkish restaurant on York Road. We ordered three appetizers—the falafel, baba ganoush, and Turkish “cigars” filled with cheese. We loved them all as well as the fresh pita that accompanied the baba ganoush (and our one complaint—they didn’t give us nearly enough—but they were quick to bring more when we asked). The texture of the baba ganoush was chunkier than I’ve had before, which I loved, but my oldest son didn’t love it as much as a smoother dip. The falafels were much smaller than I’ve ever seen, but they too were delicious—soft, tender, and perfectly flavored. They were served with hummus that was also thicker than the hummus I usually eat, but good and flavorful. My youngest son thought the “cigars” were especially divine. It’s hard to go wrong with buttery phyllo dough around a creamy cheese filling!For entrees, we had one chicken kabob, two mixed platters (with chicken, beef, lamb, and meatballs), and one adana shish kebab, ground veal and lamb on skewers. The boys (my 2 sons and husband) all agreed the adana shish kebab was the absolute best. They described it as well-spiced, but not too spicy, and tender. I enjoyed the chicken—it was seasoned and cooked perfectly. I just wish that there was more of it (and the pieces themselves were on the small side)! Most of our plates were dominated by rice and vegetables—which were great too.At the end of the meal, the owner came over to introduce himself, ask about our experience, and offer our boys chocolate wafer bars. He seemed genuinely interested in ensuring customers are happy and was passionate about his restaurant. We certainly hope he succeeds. Although the dishes we had were the same in name to those we get at other places, they were distinctly Turkish style (and so delicious!). There is definitely a need in our City’s restaurant scene for a place like this, and hopefully other Baltimoreans will agree!
By: Blessing L.
Mystic Tavern
If you are a beautiful lady and have a nice shape please do NOT come to Mystic Tavern. The owner wife babysits him all night and make you feel uncomfortable as if you want him. Marvin Kosh is friendly and outgoing meanwhile his BIG UGLY wife and her loud childish friends sits and mean mug anyone HE speaks to. So Ladies if you have a nice shape pretty face DO NOT GO TO MYSTIC TAVERN. The Wife should stay home or go to another bar or take some customer service classes. Overall its a nice bar to visit drinks are awesome food is great. Wifey please adjust your attitude no one wants your man. We just want to have a good time. Searching for another bar so sad how black women are so hateful to one another. As a women/wife I'd never sit in a bar ALL NIGHT LONG just to watch my husband's every move. Insecure is a sickness get help please.
By: jennybialik
Phoenix Rising
If you are looking for a clean, safe and friendly place for your older loved ones, you should consider Phoenix Rising. I work for a referral agency and have found the staff at Phoenix Rising to be professional and friendly. The owner (Mr. Tanner) is very helpful and efficient at helping to make the transition from nursing home or family home to assisted living facility an easy, stress-free one. Clients are happy and comfortable. Family visits are encouraged and always welcomed. When working with new clients, Phoenix Rising is always first on my list.
By: maria0614
Phoenix Rising
I recommend anyone looking for a place for their loved ones to live, then look no further. I have been to many facilities and this one is ranked in my top five. The facility is clean, the neighborhood is quiet, and the staff are friendly, very professional and have a passion with working with the elderly.
By: mommade
Hamilton Tavern
Best burger in Baltimore. I'd do bad things to get that burger. Sometimes the wait for table and the Resurrection Ale on tap can cause you to do bad things. I'm not saying I've ever done a bad thing on or near Hartford Road in the vicinity of Hamilton Tavern but, damn, that is a mighty fine burger.
By: Monique S.
Claddagh Pub
I come here at lest once a week. The food and the service is great what more could you ask for. The bartenders are all so sweet and fun! I also think this is one of the cleanest bars in canton. So if your looking for a good time, amazing food and an all around great exprance claddaghs is the place.
By: shirleygunner
Mugs' Bistro by Chef Todd
OMG the best Roast Beef Cheesesteak Sub I ever had. I knew the food was good, but I had the Roast Beef Cheesesteak Sub today and it was OUTSTANDING!!!!!! Going back Monday for more. Check this place out, you will not be disappointed.
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By: rtornow
Cafe Einstein
Great authentic German food. Relaxed atmosphere and a grat wait staff. I really felt like I was home in Germany enjoying an evening out with friends. It's BYOB but that's no problem with three liquor stores right around the corner!
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By: Diane W.
Royal Menu
Today was my first time ordering from Royal...they was very friendly the delivery guy was nice and friendly great service order came fast. And the food was awesome will be ordering again soon keep up the good work ����
By: rt4444
Wiley Gunters
I had lunch here today and the spinach Cobb salad was amazing! I loved the atmosphere and the service was top notch! It's a really fun bar too!! I love this place! I definitely recommend checking this place out!

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