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1022 S Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21230

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Shoe Repair

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  • Always reliable, always quick

    I've been taking shoes and purses to Bill Graves for the past few years. He does an excellent job of repairing whatever I give to him. You would never be able to tell where a repair was made. He's friendly, quick, and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend.

  • Excellent Service at Bill Graves Shoe Repair

    I was a witness to this occurence. Contrary to the previous writer this Master ShoeMaker provides his customers with excellent service. Unfortunately this guy is being dishonest. He was a raving maniac and was extremely unreasonable! He actually went to his car and put something in his pocket. Anyone would call the police for a maniac like that! He was condesending and after all of that the actual owner of the purse was reimbursed and very satisfied. It's a shame that this person has to stoop so low and lie. What a shameful claim. This is a case where the customer is not right.

  • Terrible Experience

    Just had one of the worst experiences with a business owner I have ever had.

    Took a purse in for repair. Came in for the pickup, and it was not there.

    The owner came down to settle the matter and initially offered nothing more than his word that he would find it. His best guess seemed that, "they gave it to the wrong customer."

    Frankly, a word when it comes to a $500 purse is not good enough for me. After much arguing, he eventually wrote "lost bag" on a ticket and said "he was through with me".

    Inspiring no trust in me, I asked him to sign the tag to prove it came from him. He continually refused to say how he planned to get the bag back, or what his plan was for replacing it.

    Then he called the police down in a report of an "irrate customer". I was far from irrate. I was insistent that he tell me his plan for getting the bag back, and how long he would try before paying for a replacement. He refused to answer any questions, and suggested, "You just came down here to play." All I wanted was to hear his plan and his timeline. Had he done either, I would have left a happy (if not annoyed) customer.

    I waited outside for the police to show up hoping they would take a report of the incident. I did not expect their help in a civil matter, but I still wanted a document proving that there was an altercation.

    Now I have little hope of ever seeing the bag or any restitution

  • Terrible Experience

    I came to update my review with the fact that we did get some compensation. Having read a retort from one of the store's employees (I'm assuming Bill's daughter) I feel compelled to respond as follows:

    1) I didn't go to my car until after the police were called. I fail to see how you claiming I put something in my pocket was any cause for Bill to call the police on me.
    2) The only 'witnesses' were employees who included Bill's daughter, and the guy that gave the bag to the wrong customer.
    3) I repeatedly asked what Bill would do to resolve the situation and his only answer, ever was ""I'll take care of it."" That's simply not a good enough answer. I raised my voice once Bill began to dismiss me and my concerns and suggested ""I came down there to play.""

    ?Actual owner' isn't 'satisfied'. She was relieved to get anything, and you reimbursed less than 1/2 the price of the bag.

    This is argumentative nonsense I expected to read after dealing with your store.

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