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By: Fred W.
PowerHouse Home Improvement
I had been dealing with a shower floor issue for months. The grout was cracking and it was becoming obvious that water was seeping into problematic areas. I finally decided to hire a contractor. Within minutes of looking at the project Joel was able to identify many of the underlying issues that caused the initial problems. Throughout the demo of the shower floor more issues and sub par work was discovered and Joel took the time to make sure I understood exactly what was happening and what needed to be fixed in addition to do the work properly. As one could imagine this delayed the time in which the project was completed which was not ideal but necessary to prevent future problems. The cost of the work was fair and Joel took a personal pride in the quality of the final product. I am very happy with my new shower floor and feel that it it looks better than when I first bought my house which was a fresh rehab.
By: Anne C.
MJ Home Services & Flood Restoration
MJ Home Services…professional and reasonable. I discovered puddle of water in my basement last month and wondered where it came from. I tried to find out for sure, but was stumped. In the end, worried about the stuff I put down there which have sentimental value for our whole family, I called in the pros. They came in all courteous and determined. Within a couple of hours, I was shown the cause of the “leak”. Water was seeping in from the house’s foundation! They educated me on what that meant and gave me a quotation. I agreed and immediately, they got to work. The speed that they worked with was just amazing. They had it contained, dealt with and buttressed in no time. Wanna keep water out? Call MJ Home Services.
By: Harold M.
MJ Home Services & Flood Restoration
I contacted MJ Home Services for our basement waterproofing and I appreciated how they made me a priority despite their hectic schedule. It was a bit difficult finding a free time between my schedule and theirs, but they became flexible in order to make the appointment right away. When they arrived, they gave me a free estimate and they were very detailed when explaining what was going to happen. They also answered all of my questions without any hesitation. Once I agreed, they began the work and barely had any breaks all throughout. They finished the work even under a strict time frame, since I was about to sell the house. I could not be more appreciative for their professional help! Thanks!
By: Jennifer M.
MJ Home Services & Flood Restoration
Much thanks to MJ Home services! My two boys were always in good health until one day, they started sneezing continuously, getting irritable eyes, and colds. I suspected they were allergic to something. I recalled their recent past play where they practiced in the basement. It must be the basement, I thought. I did a little research about the case and was led to believe that the growing molds in our damp basement was the culprit. I immediately contacted MJ Home Services, which I saw online, to fix our basement. They attended to my requests quickly and started the work. Just in a matter of days, changes with my boys’ health were readily observable. No more kiddos sneezing, yey!
By: Adria M.
MJ Home Services & Flood Restoration
After some heavy rain, it has become usual for water to leak into our basement. It was awful because it doesn’t get cleaned properly. Even worse, mold and mildew would grow. From the upstairs we could start to smell the foul odors, so I knew I had to do something about it as soon as possible. I went online to look for a reliable and affordable company who could do the work, and MJ Home Services seemed like the most adequate for our needs. They came over to help us with our mold and flood damage, then eventually waterproofed the basement. Fortunately, we no longer experience floods and our basement has remained dry. Thank you so much for your amazing work!
By: Charles B.
MJ Home Services & Flood Restoration
Rainy days always caused me a lot of trouble at home due to all the leaks in my basement. I was okay with all the clean-up at first but when it was becoming a routine already, I knew I just needed to get my basement waterproofed. For this job, I trusted only MJ Home Services. The entire consultation process was a breeze, even more the actual basement waterproofing. They worked quickly and efficiently, finished all the work way earlier than I expected. Plus, their rates were also really affordable considering the quality of their work. I am truly grateful! Now, my basement is clean, safe, and dry! Thank you very much, MJ Home Services. Hats off!
By: Owen L.
MJ Home Services & Flood Restoration
MJ Home Services has always been my go to company when it comes to my basement waterproofing needs. I worked with them first for my basement waterproofing and I’m calling them every now and then for maintenance. In all the works I had with them, I have never been disappointed, not even once. That’s why I am always at ease everytime they go at my place to work because I know that they always deliver quality work. Plus, their staff are all nice and I feel safe with them inside my home. If you want a reliable and reputably basement waterproofing company, this is it. Thanks for wonderful services everytime, MJ Home Services!
By: Mary L.
MJ Home Services & Flood Restoration
We never knew that water was leaking in our basement until there was this terrible smell coming out from it. It was already too late when we found the problem. Behind the big cabinet, there was a huge crack and water was flowing in. We did not have a choice but to have our house excavated by MJ Home Services. It was terrible to dig out a part of our backyard, but we did not have a choice. We were told that if it rained hard, the basement would have been submerged. Thank you to everybody at MJ Home Services for the professional job they did for us from the very beginning to the end of the project. We are truly grateful.
By: Clinton M.
MJ Home Services & Flood Restoration
I badly needed repairs for my basement after years of neglect. I really didn’t know that the situation of the mold can get extremely bad if it wasn’t controlled. Since I rarely used my basement, I wasn’t aware of the problem of mold or mildew growth. MJ Home Services provided a great repair and mold removal service along with their basement waterproofing. It was easy to call them and I was pleased that the consultation was free. It made spending for the actual services a lot easier. They were very easy to talk to, and for the amount of work they did, I was happy at how affordable it all was.
By: Grant P.
MJ Home Services & Flood Restoration
2.MJ Home Services handled my roof repair after I discovered rain water leaking into my attic. The initial call was just for the repair of my rooftop. But after that job was done, the team at MJ Home Services gave me the best deal for cleaning and mold removal in my attic. They were very easy to talk to and was very helpful in every way possible. It was a great experience working with their team, and I have already guaranteed to call them for everything else I need done in my house. They provided results that went above and beyond of what I expected from their team.

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