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By: Angie B.
Bosthorus Resturant
Last night, our family of 4 had a great meal at the new Turkish restaurant on York Road. We ordered three appetizers—the falafel, baba ganoush, and Turkish “cigars” filled with cheese. We loved them all as well as the fresh pita that accompanied the baba ganoush (and our one complaint—they didn’t give us nearly enough—but they were quick to bring more when we asked). The texture of the baba ganoush was chunkier than I’ve had before, which I loved, but my oldest son didn’t love it as much as a smoother dip. The falafels were much smaller than I’ve ever seen, but they too were delicious—soft, tender, and perfectly flavored. They were served with hummus that was also thicker than the hummus I usually eat, but good and flavorful. My youngest son thought the “cigars” were especially divine. It’s hard to go wrong with buttery phyllo dough around a creamy cheese filling!For entrees, we had one chicken kabob, two mixed platters (with chicken, beef, lamb, and meatballs), and one adana shish kebab, ground veal and lamb on skewers. The boys (my 2 sons and husband) all agreed the adana shish kebab was the absolute best. They described it as well-spiced, but not too spicy, and tender. I enjoyed the chicken—it was seasoned and cooked perfectly. I just wish that there was more of it (and the pieces themselves were on the small side)! Most of our plates were dominated by rice and vegetables—which were great too.At the end of the meal, the owner came over to introduce himself, ask about our experience, and offer our boys chocolate wafer bars. He seemed genuinely interested in ensuring customers are happy and was passionate about his restaurant. We certainly hope he succeeds. Although the dishes we had were the same in name to those we get at other places, they were distinctly Turkish style (and so delicious!). There is definitely a need in our City’s restaurant scene for a place like this, and hopefully other Baltimoreans will agree!
By: mommade
Golden West Cafe
Meh. Meh. Meh. Sub par food, with the exception a of a few sandwiches. We are gluttons for punishment though and returned more than once since we live around the block. However, we drew the line on our last visit and probably won't be returning. I'm fine with hipster servers, but the older gentleman host/manager would not seat a party of five of us in an empty restaurant at 530 pm. He told us it would be a 45 minute wait. Since I waited tables for years, I'm well aware that he only had one server on and probably didn't want to put that server in the weeds (though there were only three tables in the restaurant). His attitude was the worst part unapologetic or even remotely interested in serving us. So off we went. Never to return. Also- don't order the fresh baked cookies, they never come. My husband ordered them three times (the last time being a joke) and each time the server either forgot to ring them in or they were out of cookie dough.
By: Donald F.
Pleasant Gardens
Pleasant Gardens assisted living is the best place for my sister.The house is organized and well managed and the residents are clean and well fed. The caregivers who work in this home love the residents, protect their privacy, ensure their independence and spend time with them. The staff are well trained, certified and pass a background check before being hired, which really puts my mind at ease because the last assisted living my sister was in had none of this. There are always one or two staff on duty at all times and the manager visits often to check on the staff, the residents and the house (the manager knows all the residents’ names and histories). The house is clean and in good repair at all times—or the staff maintenance man fixes things within 24 hours. I was invited to a holiday feast and I know the food is good (the staff eats with the residents) and there is lots of it. My sister loves to read and she always has books.
By: J B.
Charles Plaza Child Care & Development
My child attended this center and was Kindergarten ready when he left. What I like best about the center is its strong academic program. While most centers allow the children to play most of the day with little structure, this center is the opposite. This center is much more like a school Pre-K program and nothing like a home daycare where you are just paying for babysitting services. There is structured classwork throughout the day as well as opportunities for free play. The center director, Ms. Pearson is undoubtedly one of the most caring, professional, and qualified people I know. She truly loves all of the children so much and that is clear from how she cares for them. The center even goes above and beyond to offer additional enrichment such as Spanish, Gymnastics, Music, Art, and Field Trips just to name a few. If you want your child to be treated well, well-educated, and well-rounded this center is the place to send them.
By: Natalie A.
Charles Plaza Child Care & Development
I enrolled my child at Charles Plaza Child care development when my child was 2 years old, and now she is 3 and a half. The Director, Theresa Pearson, is such a warm, knowledgeable and professional teacher that shows that she only wants the best for your child. I have seen a lot of growth in my child. She loves to read and presents new things she has learned all the time. Because she knows her alphabets, now her teacher is concentrating on phonetic sounds so she will be learning how to read. My daughter is so excited about going to school, she does not want to miss a day. It makes me feel so proud as a parent to see the joy from my child being in such a positive environment. I feel by her being at Charles Plaza Child Care Development Center, it is preparing her for her future.
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By: Chavonne T.
Jerrys Caring Hands
---------- I would like to give this place 1 star because of the current situation but I gave 2 because the facility and the staff and overall Childcare was good. Currently they closed on Sept. 2 becuase of ac issues and were supposed to reopen on the 8th. They have not reopened and they have not contacted the parents. We have paid for childcare in advance that has not been returned and personal items belonging to the kids are locked inside. The center is a ghost town like everyone dissapeared. They are not returning calls, emails nor are they making any. Im sure at this point everyone has already found new childcare. This is horrible business and sad because they havent been open for 6 months. ----------
By: jennybialik
Phoenix Rising
If you are looking for a clean, safe and friendly place for your older loved ones, you should consider Phoenix Rising. I work for a referral agency and have found the staff at Phoenix Rising to be professional and friendly. The owner (Mr. Tanner) is very helpful and efficient at helping to make the transition from nursing home or family home to assisted living facility an easy, stress-free one. Clients are happy and comfortable. Family visits are encouraged and always welcomed. When working with new clients, Phoenix Rising is always first on my list.
By: Marceain W.
Charles Plaza Child Care & Development
I had a wonderful experience at Charles Plaza Childcare & Development. Both of my children graduated from that program and are now excellent students in elementary school. My children started their first weekly magazine there.They learned letters and letter sounds there. They were really prepared for kindergarten when they left that excellent program. I found the teachers to be warm, caring, and informed. An attractive clean environmental that the children really enjoyed.
By: maria0614
Phoenix Rising
I recommend anyone looking for a place for their loved ones to live, then look no further. I have been to many facilities and this one is ranked in my top five. The facility is clean, the neighborhood is quiet, and the staff are friendly, very professional and have a passion with working with the elderly.
By: shirleygunner
Mugs' Bistro by Chef Todd
OMG the best Roast Beef Cheesesteak Sub I ever had. I knew the food was good, but I had the Roast Beef Cheesesteak Sub today and it was OUTSTANDING!!!!!! Going back Monday for more. Check this place out, you will not be disappointed.

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