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By: Cheryl H.
Bakersfield Dermatology & Skin Cancer Medical Group
It was the promptest service, Rosie the PA, took a sample of my skin problem, after she had the Dr. take a look. I was informed about how long it would be, for test results. She explained how the removal would done, in stages, very informative. and left me completely informed about the procedure. With pamphlet information also. I did not have to wait, my appointment was seen at the actual appt. time. [that doesn't happen ever]. So very impress with the whole professionalism of this office. Now a days, i can't even get my doctor to inform about my health. Even why a have a new prescription, and what its for. Along with a appt. at 10, yet your not seen till 11:00. So I was so pleased with all aspects of this office. I m surprised there's no more positive reviews for this office.
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By: Russell H.
Kaiser Permanente Vision Essentials at the Market Place
It has been more than two (2) years since my last appearance at Bakersfield Vision Essentials. I noted the following improvements today:1. Far, far easier to get an appointment, with earlier appointments readily available.2. No wait time. At all. Period.3. Still using high quality professionals for the actual examinations. I have left five star reviews for Dr. Chinhyere J. Udonsi elsewhere.4. I believe the selection of men's frames in styles I found attractive had increased--notably, yet their prices had decreased--notably.5. The cost for progressive lenses has FALLEN ALMOST IN HALF FROM TWO YEARS AGO. THIS is the kind of experience I expect from KP Bakersfield. I was not pleased with my previous visit, but find everything to be superb on this occasion.
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By: Carl S.
Kern Cardiology Medical Group Inc
Well a week ago last Thursday. I was given a test on my heart. Then Dr Singh came in. Says I need a pacemaker for my heart. Well that took me by surprised. So days later. I asked for a second opinion. I was given another test. Dr Singh wasn't very nice..about explaining to me about why I need a pacemaker. Sounds tho he doesn't like to be second guest. So on last Friday I did get my pacemaker implanted in my chest. Yes Dr Singh doesn't like being second guest by a patient. There are no such thing as a perfect physician of any practice.
By: alyssanikki1
Advanced Care for Women
Dr. Hoang is probably the beat obgyn ever! I have two other children and didn't care for that doctor at all but went back due to the fact he delivered my first born. I tried advanced care and after seeing the doctor was kicking myself for not knowing about him for my first two children. He takes the time to talk to you; doesn't rush you out and clearly isn't in it just for the money. It shows how much he really cares! Wish I would have known about him for my previous pregnancies.
By: lorraine.witcosky
Bakersfield Dermatology & Skin Cancer Medical Group
I had a cancer on my face. I was concerned about my looks and when I expressed concern this doctor called me personally and answered my questions and showed me that he cared and would do his very best. He did not rush to get off the phone. Although a bit abrupt with his bedside manor, if you get past that, you will find someone who will level with you and do his best. My scar looks good now 6 or so months later. It will always be there, of course, but it looks pretty okay. :o)
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By: Jerard G.
Vascular Health
Rosa has had a great experience with her procedure. She has had both ablated and the symptoms have gotten better as soon as the procedure was done. Elsita is wonderful. She made me feel comfortable and love throughout the procedure because she would talk to me. I thought as I were home and did not feel as if I was having a procedure. Thank you as well Gerardo for being humble and treating me. Thank you to all the staff at vascular health
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By: Al P.
The Spine and Orthopedic Center
I can tell you that with Dr. Moelleken and the Staff and Spine and Ortho have always treated with respect and understanding, they have always been courteous and forthright. I do not think that I would be in as good condition physically if not for their care. I would have given them 5 stars but the chairs in the waiting room were more comfortable for people with spine injuries...Other than this GREAT JOB....!!!
By: kimberlyy224
The Spine and Orthopedic Center
Today, I brought the car in for passenger side mirror replacement due to a collision. The car also needed some body work (same collision) but due to money constraints, couldn't do it. Rob offered to sand down the rust and prime for a great deal (I don't think he wanted to see a car rust away). I would definitely recommend this business if anyone should ask if I know of a great body & repair service.
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By: Rebecca B.
Universal Urgent Care
Been there many times and the nurses are top notch. All the doctors with the exception of Dr Lee are well educated and very sympathetic to the patients problems. He on the other hand... well if he is the doctor on duty go somewhere else. He likes to make the client feel like what is going on with them is beneath him. He is rude and impatient. DO NOT see him!!
By: Stacey H.
Dr. Hans Yu
I came to Dr yu for my first pregnancy and he's the best Dr there is !! Very professional and answers all your questions ! I had a c section because of fetal distress but he was the best Dr that could have done it ! I'm so happy with him and his staff !! I would recommend anyone to him !!! He's the best seriously !!!
Tips & Advices
This depends on the facility. Patients should call to find out if they'll need a referral from their physician prior to making an appointment.
Aside from hyperbaric oxygen treatment, most wound care centers offer:
  • Debridement: The removal of dead skin and tissue surrounding the wound. This can be done surgically, using a whirlpool bath, syringes, enzymes that dissolve the tissue, or wet dressings that dry on the wound and absorb the dead tissue.
  • Dressing: Wrapping the wound in a protective film, gauze, gel, or foam.
  • Compression stockings: Tight-fitted fabric sheaths that encourage blood flow.
  • Artificial skin: A covering that is applied to the wound for several days as it heals.
  • Ultrasound: The use of sound waves to promote healing.
  • Growth factor therapy: The use of materials naturally produced by the body to encourage quick cell growth.
  • Negative pressure therapy: Creating a vacuum around a wound to encourage faster blood flow to the area.
Depending on where the treatment is administered, hyperbaric oxygen treatment  can cost $100- $1,000. After insurance is applied, patients may have a copay of $10 -$50 or a coinsurance fee of 10 percent to 50 percent.
Most wounds should heal within two to six weeks. An individual should seek chronic wound treatment if a wound has not begun to heal after two weeks or is not completely healed after six.
Most health insurance plans cover wound care. Patients should check with the clinic and their health insurance provider before seeking treatment to be sure.

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