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By: Steve W.
SunPower by Sun Solar
When we first looked into getting solar panels for our home a few years back, it didn’t seem to make financial sense. We do care about offsetting some of our carbon footprint, but what we really were looking for was monthly savings and with the price of solar back then there was no way. Since then, I’ve seen our PG&E bills get bigger and bigger every year, so this year I had finally had enough. I’ve seen SunPower by Sun Solar and Jeff and Scott on TV for a while now and I liked the idea of their “we educate, you decide” approach. The last thing I wanted was to invite a used car sales guy into my home. Scott was great! He looked at our power usage and bills and was able to get us a system that not only offsets all of our power usage, but even produces extra power so I can get that electric car I’ve been eyeing. Plus the system is saving us almost $100 per month! And that’s at current PG&E rates, which I’m sure are only going to go up. The whole process took about 2 months, which I think is par for the course as solar installs go. I highly recommend Sun Solar!
By: Digital T.
EIG Solar
We are thrilled!!! EIG got our solar up and running quickly and it looks great!!! We contacted several solar installers and learned it might be months before they could install a leased system. Then we spoke to EIG Solar. They provided us with not only an option to lease solar but with options to purchase the system as well. I never imagined we could afford to buy solar but EIG provided us with really simple and easy financing options that made it possible for us to buy our own system and for us it wasn't a hard decision. Owning our own solar system was by far a better investment then leasing. I have to admit I don't think I ever looked at my meter before, now I can't walk by it without looking to see how fast it is spinning backwards!!!! Thanks EIG Solar
By: Kirk R.
Solar Heaven's Solutions
I called Jose and he came out , checked out my home and circuit box; was reasonable on the price. So, I had Solar Heaven write up my plans and I installed the solar myself, with some help of course. I highly recommend solar heaven for the do it your selfers out there. They hook you up with all the right folks to get your solar done right. Get some help for goodness sake! :)
By: Kristin M.
EIG Solar
Energy Independence Group installed my solar in 2013. Since then I have save a ton of money. They helped my family find the right solar equipment with great financing. They made it easy and gave really good advice! I didn't feel pressured at all..
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By: Taylor F.
California Solar Dealer
These guys hooked up a battery to my old solar panels, the power has gone out twice since they came to install and we are so gratful for their work! God Bless.
By: Chris D.
California Solar Dealer
Troy's the expert on Solar. We've lowered our bill considerably. It's a no brainer decision to go solar with Troy Solar Built

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