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By: Lisa V.
Gregg's Pharmacy
Gregg has always been a personable man. The last time I was able to use his pharmacy was over 10 years ago. I have had to use Kaiser for the last 10 year's and it was ok. I decided not to stay with Kaiser because I found a great Dr and have been given the chance to stay with Gregg. The staff are amazing, they are very knowledgeable, and have even helped me with my transition back. If Kaiser wasn't so hard to prove loss of coverage, I wouldn't have had to wait to get important rx's filled properly. Sadly, you have to do the legwork to prove loss of coverage with Kaiser. At Greggs, that is not an issue. It takes 15 minutes to get your scripts ready, they give great explanations and they also help if you have a question about meds after you get home! The wait time on the phone is non existent. Calling Kaiser is a nightmare. So, if you have a concern, want your Rx's fast, all of your questions answered without even having to ask them, go to Gregg! You won't get better service! If you can't go to Gregg, I will sugeest one other place; El Tejon pharmacy. They are also great. I prefer to stay With Gregg because he has been there for me for over 20 years. He cares about every one of his clients, and he is amazing with his staff. You are treated like family when you walk into his place!
By: David S.
Adorable Amber Baltic Amber Healing Jewelry
My son had been so colic for the past few weeks. I heard that Baltic Amber could help with pain and colic and sooth and calm young kids. I liked that it was all natural and I really needed something fast because I was losing my mind. I was able to call and make arrangements the same day to come pick up a necklace from her home. I love that she helped me find the right fit and was patient with us as we had no clue what we were looking for. She knows a lot about the products she sells and uses them herself and on her family. She has a lot of different styles to choose from and they are all so cute. You will be surprised how tiny these little baby necklaces are. I couldn't believe the difference the necklace made for our son. We actually started to get him to sleep through the night. Thank you so much for all your help. We have already referred several friends your way.
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By: Brittainie T.
Adorable Amber Baltic Amber Healing Jewelry
The best customer service ever. I had so many questions about Balitc amber teething necklaces and Hazelwood necklaces. She was very knowledgeable and quick to reply. Our necklaces arrived a few weeks ago and they are amazing. Adorable and very helpful. We bought a Hazelwood necklace for our son who has eczema and we got an amber teething necklace for our toddler who has not been sleeping well and very cranky. Ever since we started using Adorable Amber's necklaces the eczema is clearing up and the dry patches are no longer res or irritated it is almost gone and he has only worn it for a week. Our toddler now sleeps through the night and is her lovable happy self again. THANK YOU Adorable Amber! I will be telling all of my mommy friends to come to you for their healing needs.
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By: Cynthia K.
Apria Healthcare
This is the worst oxygen provider no wonder Medicare advantage plan uses them. I was with Lincare for eight years, but do to my budget restraints I can. O longer pay for supplemental insurance so had to go with the UHC Medicare advantage plan for Kern county. I did my part Jan. 6 2016 and notified them I had to use Apria, they kindly faxed over the paperwork, not once three times and still this this day Feb 20, they claim they never received it. I am on hold again with UHC trying to resolve my issues. They are giving me the royal run around now they tell me to call Rotech for oxygen.
By: meowps
El Tejon Drug
Wow, how much time do you need to spend in the pharmacy to know if the employees gossip? haha. Especially when most of them are separated from the customers.Anyway, I love the North Chester store. My husband has type 1 Diabetes, and it's usually a long wait at other pharmacies for his insulin and medications. Here it was maybe a ten minute wait. And while we waited the cashier showed us custom shoe inserts, and told us a little about them. And she was really sweet and helpful.
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By: Jd V.
Medi-Stop Home Medical Supplies
If you can get one of the ladies to serve you it is good service with focus on your issues, and they have a broad if not deep product line. However my experiences with the one man working there have been less than exceptional. He makes you feel like you're wasting his time and he wants to move on to more important business. They have the products, they're close by, but wait for one of the ladies.
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By: konni.ellen
El Tejon Drug
Have been filling my prescriptions at the N. Chester location for several years now, and I have always been treated very well by their staff. In and within 10-15 min. max. I choose their business over Rite Aid which always seem to lose my prescriptions, and long waits. I get my compounded medication from the Brundage location and they are also very accommodating.
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By: Kimberly J.
Mercy Plaza Pharmacy
I Love this place!! I have been going here since 2005 so I've gotten to know everybody including drivers, pharmacists, billing staff, pretty much everyone and they have the best compounding in town with free delivery. everyone is so kindhearted and goes out they're way to help me gosh thanks so much!!!!
By: Larry G.
Silver Spray Pharmacy
Contrary to the comments below, the staff was actually very nice. I was able to get the medication I needed that my doctors office sent over in a timely manner. No issues at all. The area is not the greatest, I will say that, but overall the staff was friendly and I was able to get in and out quickly.
By: lillian661
Rj Wedding Photography
RJ Wedding Photography was the best choice we made for our Wedding day memories. RJ took the time to understand the style of photography we wanted, so when it came to the big day he worked like a well oiled machine. We had loads of fun shooting our engagement photos. Thank you so much!!!!

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