By: Damian G.
Immigration in America - Law Offices of Edyta-Christina Grzybowska Grant
First I would like to start off with, I rarely find businesses or people worth taking the time to write a review for. In addition, most of them are bad reviews to protect people. I am taking the time to write this review because people need to know, this is the office to go to if they are ready to fix their immigration status. Edyta-Christina earned every word of this review. She truly is an expert and professional in her field of work. Edyta-Christina takes pride in her work, she will accept nothing less than a perfect Immigration packet to send to Immigration Officers. She will ask you for a lot of pictures, documents, bills, and anything that will assist showing proof of your immigration status or in my case, relationship status. It will be exhausting finding all these requested documents and other forms of proof, it will take quite awhile to gather everything together, BUT I promise it will be worth it. Edyta-Christina's expertise truly showed when we first arrived to the USCIS Office for my wife's Parole in Place appointment. Our name was called and my wife was issued her Parole in Place at the window, making her status in the US officially Legal. We did not have to do an interview or anything extra like other applicants did, due to the application Edyta- Christina sent in being perfect. Our second visit was for my wife's green card. We did an interview together with an Immigration Officer, for a total time less than 30 Min. He truly did not have any questions for us other than confirming information that was in our adjustment of status packet. Everything he needed was in our packet, making it easier on the officer to make his decision. He also said "your Lawyer did a great job with the paperwork". A week later, My wife received a letter in the mail stating her the decision was made and she was approved for a 10 year Green card. I will never forget Edyta, she is truly an amazing person, and you can tell she truly cares about her clients. Thank you Edyta.
By: Peter L.
Immigration in America - Law Offices of Edyta-Christina Grzybowska Grant
I am an Irish national who came to the US under the Visa Waiver Program to visit my US Citizen partner . We subsequently married and applied to adjust my status to that of a permanent resident. We knew nothing of the process beforehand so decided, given that we are a gay couple and the recent changes to the law, it would be better to use the services of an Attorney. We searched high and low and spoke to several different Attorneys but none impressed us as much as Edyta-Christina Grzybowska-Grant. We decided on retaining her over all the others due to what we first saw as her friendly, approachable, efficient manner and her excellent knowledge of the law (we had a couple of potential complicating factors to our case.) Thank goodness we chose to hire her and trusted our initial thoughts!! She was the most amazing attorney and successfully helped us get my green card in a very quick time-frame (less than 3 months from application to approval) Without Edyta, this process would have been daunting, stressful and we would definitely have done something wrong. She is so knowledgeable not only about the law but also about USCIS systems and processes. She saved us from being apart and without her kind and supportive help when we needed it, we would have been lost. I can not recommend her highly enough and I will definitely suggest to anyone considering using her services to do so. You will not find a more compassionate, professional, organized and knowledgeable attorney.
By: Isma D.
Immigration in America - Law Offices of Edyta-Christina Grzybowska Grant
I got my green card recently, 11 days ago and for 10 years. I am flying like a bird. The process was so easy and quick. While applying for that, I got some difficulties filling the forms. I started looking for a very good immigration lawyer who can help me with that til I found Ms. Edyta. Reading the surveys of her clients gave me hope and I called her. She is professional, available to listen, to answer tones of questions, to explain very well all what has to do with a client's case. None of the forms and the paperwork I sent have been rejected . She gives advice. you feel that this lady really loves what she does and respects her job. You feel her honesty and sincerity. She tells you what may affect your file that you take into consideration all the instructions and apply them from A to Z. She has an excellent knowledge with all what has to do with the immigration field . I really and highly recommend Ms. Edyta to any person filing for an immigration case. Trust her and you will never regret. I was so comfortable dealing with Ms.Edyta. I am so satisfied with the result. Happy to be her client. Thank you so much and I wish you from the depth of my heart a successful career. Isma
By: Ann M.
Immigration in America - Law Offices of Edyta-Christina Grzybowska Grant
If you are looking for an Immigration Lawyer or Attorney to help you with your “Green Card” or “Adjustment of Status” or other related Immigrations issues, please do not hesitate to consider Edyta-Christina Grant legal services. We highly recommended her, because we found her to be trustworthy, sincere, and helpful. Most importantly, she displayed a high degree of professionalism and great passion for her work. Like you, we were concerned about finding a right lawyer. I searched and stumbled across her website and read a few reviews posted by her clients. I remember that I spoke to her on the phone for the first time as a stranger, and she patiently listened to my case. She explained to me the process and briefly advised me what my options were. My husband and I immediately made an appointment to see her. Edyta advised us step by step with the preparation and filing of our application for Adjustment of Status in May 2014. We had our interview in Aug 2014. I received the approval letter from USCIS a week after the interview, and granted a 10 years visa. We are very thankful and grateful for Edyta’s legal advice and assistance. “Edyta, you are the Angel God sent us - not a doubt"
By: d.j.b.
Greene Benjamin R Law Offices Of
If you want a consummate professional with your best interest at heart, you gotta GO GREENE!!!After researching and going to consultations with 13 of the top lawyers in Bakersfield I choose to go with Mr. Greene to handle my family court/custody matter. Mr. Greene was able to be the strong arm I needed to get me what I wanted for visitation with my 13 month old son. Mr. Greene is thou rough regarding filing of papers, promptness and his ability to break down a case and reach an agreement that benefits his client best.But, not only did Mr. Greene help me with my family matter, he also became my lawyer in a criminal matter. Mr. Greene fought to make sure I stayed out of jail and that the outcome was favorable to me.In all and all as a Masters educated African American male (with a slightly troubled background) I would suggest any and everyone to try Mr. Greene before spending thousands of dollars on an individual that May get you the same or even worse result.Mr. Greene's staff is polite, organized and pays close attention to detail in order to have Mr. Greene well prepared for your case.When I think of the law protecting our environment, I GO GREENE!!!
By: David Z.
Azemika & Azemika
Without a doubt the best divorce lawyer in town. He got my case done fast and got me such great results. I got referred to Nick Azemika by several people before I hired him. At our first meeting, I was convinced that I was hiring the right lawyer. He seemed so knowledgeable because he has been doing it for so long. When we went to court, it was obvious that he has been practicing family law for years in our town. Even the guards at the metal detectors showed him so much respect. When the judge came out, he was talking to Nick like they have been friends for years. He got me everything he promised me. He was always communicating with me by email and phone whenever I would ask any questions about my case. I just loved having Nick as my lawyer. He made a very difficult time in my life a lot easier. I would not hesitate in hiring him for myself again (God I hope I never need to), or refer my friends and family to him.
By: Zachary M.
Immigration in America - Law Offices of Edyta-Christina Grzybowska Grant
After contacting a number of Immigration attorney’s I had the opportunity to talk with Edyta Grant. She was the only attorney who actually provided concrete information regarding the Fiancee Visa process: pitfalls to avoid, durations of time, and what to expect during our first introductory phone conversation. Hiring Edyta for her services is one of the best decisions one could make when embarking on this process. I am not the least surprised by the remarks and amazing thanks from so many happy couples and individuals! Because of her, my Angel (now my wife) and I are together, Edyta helped in many ways create such a speedy turn-around for my Love’s arrival in the United States, she is there to assist you through the whole process. Many thanks Edyta…. I would recommend Edyta to anyone in search of one the best Immigration attorney’s likely to exist in the entire West Coast. You won’t be disappointed.Regards,Zachary
By: richmidd
Azemika & Azemika
I had Nick Azemika as my divorce lawyer. I had 2 other lawyers before him, who messed up my case so bad. I hired Nick because I heard about him from several people I worked with. The difference between him and my 2 other lawyers was like night and day. He fixed everything the other two messed up. I loved his personality. He was always communicating with me. The attorney for my kids was recommending to reduce my time with my kids because of some lies my ex wife was telling her about me. Nick was able to get records to show they were lies. He was so angry at the attorney for my kids that he once started shouting at her in the courtroom about how incompetent she is. He was so angry about what was happening that you would think they were taking his kids away. I had several people ask me in the courtroom who my attorney was. Judges love him and his brother.
By: Dylan W.
Immigration in America - Law Offices of Edyta-Christina Grzybowska Grant
If you are looking for an immigration lawyer, we highly recommend Edyta Grant. She is very professional, knowledgeable, reliable, and very friendly. She help my husband and I to prepare our application forms and gave us all the information needed to complete our evidence packet. She also made us very comfortable by explaining each step to us carefully and in great detail. Any time we had any questions, she responded to us very quickly, covering any concerns we had. When we went to the immigration interview, the immigration officer knew of Edyta and was familiar with the professional quality of her work. We are very grateful that she was able to help us and would recommend her to anyone needing her services. We will definitely be using her professional services again when the time comes. Thank you Edyta!
By: anthonyandsandra
Immigration in America - Law Offices of Edyta-Christina Grzybowska Grant
Edyta is incredibly knowledgeable, personable, and efficient. She delivered outstanding results in an impressive time frame. My wife and I are so grateful that we found her! During our "immigration process" Edyta always laid out every possible scenario that we may encounter, and she made sure that we gathered every bit of information that would guarantee that our paperwork was approved as quickly as possible. As a result, we were never surprised by anything, and we always felt confident in submitting our information and well prepared for every meeting that we faced. I would recommend Edyta to anyone facing immigration issues. She WILL deliver results, and you will enjoy getting to know her in the process!Thank-you Edyta! (We could never thank you enough!)
Tips & Advices
When it comes time to choose a lawyer, you should start by searching close to home. If you do have attorneys you are familiar with, ask who they believe would be best for you. After going through personal references - especially from individuals who had similar needs - you should broaden your search through public information resources. You can call your area's attorney referral service or check legal organizations like Martindale-Hubbell. There are other resources available online, such as yellowpages.com. You can check websites for client reviews and other third-party forms of approval.
If you sign documents and you come across a word you don't recognize, or you need help to navigate important employment or real estate paperwork. Also, during times when personal matters intersect with legal proceedings, you might need to have an advocate to prevent your emotions from getting in the way. If you've been accused of a crime or are in a terrible financial situation, you can find an attorney who will work with what you have available.
When you hire a lawyer, you're agreeing to work with someone over a certain period of time. The more forthcoming the lawyer appears to be with individual needs, the better.
  • You need to ask questions about how the attorney will communicate with you and what responsibilities you hold in the relationship.
  • The attorney should let you know the best channel for quick communication and you need to inform him or her when you want updates.
  • You should also ask questions to get to know the attorney as an individual in order to ensure this is a person you can trust. Ask about their legal philosophy and how he or she views the lawyer/client relationship. Ask as how to keep fees down or what daily disruptions you should expect from a long legal battle.
You need to ask about every possible fee that will come up when working with an attorney. You should request a list of all costs in advance so you won't be surprised by additional expenses like overhead. Also determine exactly when you will start being billed. You want to inspect paperwork carefully. If the attorney charges you for his or her experience, you need to make sure he or she will perform tasks personally and not hand it off to an assistant. Find out if the attorney has a flat fee or charges by the hour. Many civil lawyers work on contingency. Make inquiries about how the lawyer plans to provide service for your money and what you can do if you start to feel unsatisfied with his or her performance.
You can ask how many similar cases they have handled and if they have special skills or training that applies specifically to your needs. Lawyers can't mention clients by name, but you should ask for basic details about identical past cases. You should check their office for the appropriate certifications and diplomas. You can also ask how long he or she has practiced law and request information that demonstrates the practice's success. Look for precise details such as percentage of cases settled out of court.

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