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By: djkylebrown
Pizzaville Usa
Thank you for requesting to join out little group of Kern County wedding professionals. I checked out your profile on facebook and it doesn't indicate how you are connected to the wedding industry here in Kern County. We would love to have you as a member but first could you please tell me a little about what you do? We have been to Pizzaville several times in the past and enjoyed their service and food. our favorite is their sauce on their pizza. however this time was a different experience, The sauce was a great as ever however we ordered two large pizzas 1 with pepperoni & sausage and the other with double sausage. when we got our order about 25 minutes later (acceptable time) I noticed the one with only sausage had only sparse amounts of sausage, some slices only having 1 or 2 nuggets of sausage. when i asked the counter guy (who made the pizza himself) about this he said it was double Sausage. not very happy about this at all. as a bonus on at least half of the pizza the cheese only went half way up the the crust. This was a special we ordered and came with chicken and wedges the we didn't get until after we finished our pizza and remembered about the chicken and wedges. When I returned to the counter and asked about this we got right away. This hasn't happened before so i will most likely be back. however really not impressed with the level of customer service their on Wednesday Night at around 8:30pm Our order # was 127 is case anyone from Pizzaville wants to check in on this. Thank you for taking the time.
By: Ava P.
Pizza Hut
The quality of the pizza from this location has gone down significantly throughout the years. I mainly order for delivery now and each year, it really does seem like the pizzas contain more dough than anything else.Even when I order a pizza with extra cheese, it feels that it's barely enough to be considered normal amount of cheese. The pizza is nothing special, but at the same time I know what I am ordering so I have no expectations either. The wings are wings. Overall, the value is not all there but it's okay once every so often. What I do not understand is that they charge you a "Delivery Charge" but that does not help support with the tip for the driver. So what exactly is a delivery charge if it does not go to the driver? That does not make sense to me. I always make sure to tip the drivers well as they are always very nice and kind.Delivery time is stellar as they normally have the pizza delivered within 45 minutes from the time ordered. Very impressed with that.
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By: Rick B.
Little Caesars Pizza
July 13th I really wanted to focus tonight on crazy new worker there at 2 Little Caesars there in California and made our visit they're very pleasant expedited very well with friendliness believe his name was Eric or Erin tall young fellow coming from a management position myself even tried to upsell with the power of persuasion some mostly some if not all the orders before me very impressive and courteous the restaurant was clean and the food feeling thanks Aaron for all your help did a great job five stars
By: cktaggart
Santa Barbara Pizza & Chicken
Santa Barbara Pizza and Chicken is a locally owned business that has been serving delicious pizza since 1989. There is a reason for this.....Fabulous Food and Fantastic Service. Try their Breaded Baked Chicken or one of their Specialty Pizzas. I love the Tidal Wave (the combo) and their Western BBQ Chicken Pizza. Wow....I'm getting hungry now! Give them a ring and they will be to your door in 25 to 30 minutes
By: kanakiliki
Mountain Mike's Pizza
We order the gluten free pizza that is offered due to our daughters gluten allergy. All I have to say is after several other tries of gluten free pizza mountain mike has mastered the taste and crust! We love the Robbers Roost with white sauce you can't go wrong it is prepared the same each time and the taste is delicious. I recommend this to many especially if you have a gluten allergy they get it thumbs up!!!
By: mcgeath64
John's Incredible Pizza Company
I really like this place food was great service was excellent I always had employees asking me if I needed anything if I had questions they were more than happy to answer my questions. 1 thing I could not believe that you can get your hand stamped and go back later I'll be back there again Thank You credible Johns I had a great birthday
By: melshrum
Cataldo's Pizzeria
I was browsing the yellow pages for Pizza, when I spotted the Ad for Crossroads, which contained a photo of their craft; I was impressed by the hand tossed look, and the quantity and quality of ingredients. The pizza was even better than it looked. The service was platinum grade A+: I am definitely a return customer here.
By: aserna49
Bakersfield Pizza Company
Best chile verde in town! Better than Delano where I used to drive all the way there to get some! Must try the chile verde potato wedges! Simply Genius!!! Will go there every week for the pizza and atmosphere alone! Always have the games and fights on too! Thank you Empire Pizza for saving Saving Bakersfields hunger!
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By: Pablo R.
Papa Murphy's Take N Bake Pizza
I only gave 3 stars because when i went in it was miserably hot no ac seem to been broken despite the horrible work conditions the employees were very helpful and had positive attitudes , let me add pizza was great thank you guys sorry your working in such heat hope they fix it soon
By: kattie.reyes.1
Round Table Pizza
I love pizza and I've tried many different places but round table tastes better than Little Caesars and Pizza hut. Not only does it taste better but you get a larger amount and deliver was quick. I'm a very happy customer and I would definitely recommend Round Table Pizza. <3

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