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By: Mcleod P.
McLeod's Pets
I've been a loyal customer since they had open and with reading the reviews on here it makes me laugh because if the person that bought a fish from there and lost their whole tank apparently they don't pay attention to what is going on in the tank and treat it properly or it is bs. The one posted Dorothy I didn't see her til last two weeks of July and seem to know nothing about anything in the store so how did she work there 3 months when he didn't open until the end of may. The candd that posted is an idiot and never been in the store because their whole review is bs from what I've seen only about 5% of what he sells you can get at Walmart and the prices are the same or cheaper. The main reasons I go there is most of the supplies are made in the U.S. and as any veteran can tell you a veteran is very thorough and detailed oriented. I have been in there multiple times during a week and he's has been cleaning the enclosures or aquariums. The best one is being uneducated how can a person be expected to be an expert on each and every species when there are thousands of different types of pets being sold in the pet trade. If you would rather believe rumors over facts then don't support any of your local family run small businesses.
By: jimiblack
McLeod's Pets
I don't know what the one guy is talking about. This store is clean and there is no abnormal smell in this store. They clean the aquariums and feeder enclosures every other day so as the other review about this place being clean is right on and there is no feces in the tanks for fish to swim thru.
By: Ethan S.
McLeod's Pets
Forget all the bad reviews. He's a great guy, and is very helpful. Has a good selection of fish and reptiles. I always go there for supplies and fish and they're very good. At least we have a pet store in bad axe, and it's a very good one. Good prices
By: Sarah L.
McLeod's Pets
The bad reviews are bs. Its an excellent store, prices are cheap compared to most pet stores that I've been too. Excellent customer service, and has been able to answer all questions I've had.
By: michael.c.martin.180
McLeod's Pets
I have been in this store almost every day of the week it is very clean an the gentlemen running the store is very nice
Tips & Advices
Pet owners usually sign a waiver stating that any injury or illness a dog suffers while at daycare is the responsibility of the owner. However, most facilities carry liability insurance and pet business insurance in the event of a serious incident. To prevent illness, facilities are strict about requiring proof of vaccination and general health from a veterinarian prior to accepting a dog. However, in an off-leash setting, scuffles or fights might occur. Reputable facilities will often hire vet assistants who can treat minor injuries and under-the-weather dogs.  For anything more serious, a good daycare should make it a priority to get the dog to a vet, and get in immediate contact with the owner.

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