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By: jstonesue
American Treework
STAND BEHIND THEM WHEN THEY HAVE A SAW IN THEIR HAND - THEY GO CRAZY AND SAW OFF TOO MANY BEAUTIFUL 'GREEN' BRANCHES FULL OF LEAVES. NOW MY FRONT OAK TREES LOOK LIKE BLOODY BONSAI TREES. AND GEORGE DOESN'T KNOW THE DEFINITION OF 'ON TOP' AND OVER'. I told him to take off all the twisted branch off the top of my carport, HE TOOK OFF EVERY BRANCH OVER THE CARPORT WHICH MAKES THE TREE LOOK LOPSIDED. INCOMPETENT and he never doubled checkd with me to MAKE SURE HE understood my directions. The ONLY THINSG they did right was remove 5 large dead branches, 2.5 cedar trees and trimmed branches 'touching' the house, but I STOPPED them form 'removing my front branches that they said 'Well in six months they'll be touching they house' I said I DON'T CARE I WANT A WOODED LOT. Well, it's been six months and they are NOT TOUCHING THE HOUSE. What a lie. I hate how they ruined my front wooded lot. Now my neighbor said you can see all the way down the street! I am a new homeowner and new to tree trimming AND I TOLD HIM THIS. Not ONCE did he double check with me to ask about all this severe trimming. Too many green branches on the ground. See for yourself my before and after pictures above! I am angry and VERY disappointed! Use Big Country Trees, he is a pro arborist and told me, 'I ask my customer what do they want it to look like when we are finished'.
By: Larry B.
The Hisey Company LLC
Wonderful service, all the staff was helpful and worked none stop. Always asking if we/I was happy with the work, making sure that I understood the work order. Once the work was completed, they walked around with me again and made sure that I was happy with the work. They wouldn't even take my check until I walked around with them to make sure that everything was finished and I was happy.Great job guys, I will def use your company from now on!
By: Lauren J.
The Hisey Company LLC
Wonderful work, they took down a large dead tree that was right next to my house and fence. They took the whole thing down in a matter of hours, it was very impressive! They also cleaned all the trees on my property, at which I was amazed at how much dead wood they cleaned out of my trees. Now my trees look fantastic! I am glad I hired these guys over a smaller company, they did amazing and left my yard clean like they were never here!
By: Abby H.
The Hisey Company LLC
Company did a great job at my house, staff was helpful and professional. I couldn't be happier and I will definitely be using them in the future! The most important thing for me was that the staff answered all of my questions and valued my questions instead of making me feel silly or dumb for asking them. Thanks for all of your help and your hard work, you made it very easy to say I will use you again!!!
By: Connie R.
Good Guys Tree Service
Raul and his crew were prompt and professional. They put on such an eye popping show of skill while cutting down our Bradford pear that our neighbors stood around to watch! Everything was cleaned up and hauled away. They also trimmed the rest of the trees in our yard. I will have them back in February to trim my Crepe myrtles. I highly recommend this team.
By: ronhab
Good Morning Tree Company
I have used Good Morning Tree Co for my personal residence and some business properties. The tree pruning is first rate and they know what to cut and what to leave. The property always looks far more attractive after they do their magic. The crew does an excellent job and they leave the site clean. I would recommend without reservation.
By: R F.
Good Morning Tree Company
Good Morning Tree Company did an outstanding job in trimming our trees. They did everything that we asked and than some. After finishing, they left the work area very clean. The trees are level all the way around and look very nice. I would highly recommend their services to my friends.
By: keatingshivleydemo
KS Keating Demolition Company
not sure why this system isnt updateing the phone listings .. we decided to use our main number for all of texas instead of having so many differnt phone numbers .. thanks Keating Demo , DALLAS 512-301-1130Austin texas work 512-301-1130 301-1130 301-1130 the 972 # is no longer in use .
By: sarah.webster.3954546
Austin Tree Surgeons
These guys are good! The tree trimming crew has been doing this for over a decade (not day labor). The estimator, Jessica IS a certified arborist. They did not charge me for an estimate, and got me on the schedule for the next day, and they are open M-F 8-5.
By: Jim L.
The Hisey Company LLC
Did a wonderful job! Had 5 acres of oaks cleaned up. Did wonderful, the trees look amazing. I never thought my trees could look so good. They cleaned dead wood out all the way to the very top, and now my trees look amazing, thanks for a job well done.
Tips & Advices
Do your due diligence and always ask for proof of insurance and certification before agreeing to any work. You will also want to be on the lookout for telltale signs of scams and be cautious of any company that:
  • Will not provide you with a certificate of their insurance policy or only has general liability coverage
  • Declines to give you a written estimate for the job
  • Gives you bids that either seem very low or very high
  • Contacted you out of the blue to see if you needed their services
  • Has complaints against it from business bureaus in your area
  • Asks for payment before starting work
  • Doesn't have a fixed physical address
Tree service companies are also great places to get your wood if you happen to have a fireplace. Many tree businesses offer free delivery and stacking of hardwoods, such as maple or birch. These can make for the best firewood because they burn slowly and don't produce as much smoke as other types.
If you want to add to the greenery in your yard but you're concerned about the right species to plant or where to put it on your property, seek the advice of an arborist.
If a storm hits and damages your residence, a tree service professional is usually on your list of people to call for help after first responders and your insurer. A professional service can completely remove a tree or just prune and saw off its branches if a storm damages a tree. After sawing or destroying the tree, professionals can then remove any of the dangerous debris from your yard by hauling it off.
Some bugs burrow through the bark and damage hardwood and softwood trees. Depending on the species of trees in your yard and the region of the country you live in, aphids, the infamous emerald ash borer or other pests could destroy your healthy trees.

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