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By: Riotgurltfp ..
Integrated Fighting Arts Academy
5★4★3★2★1★ 5.019 reviewsriotgurlTFPriotgurlTFPin the last weekI have been attending classes for about 3 weeks. I am taking the conditioning, and eskrima classes. I have never attended group classes for exercise. I am a very self conscious girl with hang ups nothing can make go away, or so i thought. This school is incredible. The students are incredibly accepting of new people, and are always more than willing to help make you feel more at ease while training. This is not easy training! My body is already changing, and my endurance is improving as well. I was stuck in a rut that i couldn't push myself out of. My own workouts at home were not challenging me enough. This school has really given me the kick i needed! The eskrima class i signed up for on a whim, and now i find myself practicing more than an hour a day at times. Learning self defense is very important to me, and this is an amazing class for that.
By: Mike W.
Integrated Fighting Arts Academy
A mighty fine school run by a 30+ year practitioner. I've never come up with a question or problem that Frank couldn't solve, and he's the best instructor I've ever met. This place has been an mma school since before mma had a name. The classes are broken up into boxing, grappling (both ground and standing), and weapon arts, but they mix together on a pretty regular basis. There are also two bonus conditioning days per week to get everybody into proper fighting shape. There's no contracts or up-selling or any of that nonsense, which is nice. The school has good culture too. New people get brought up to speed without getting beat up, there are plenty of advanced students to get some good work in with. It is a class, though, not a fitness club, so show up on time and ready to work.Cheers, Mike.
By: Todd D.
Retro Fitness
I had never been in a gym before that goes out of its way to be so friendly and helpful. The place is very clean (including the locker rooms) and the equipment top notch. The club provides all of the equipment and amenities you would expect to find at a big-box gym, but with a family owned personality. Did I mention it's only $20 a month!
By: Sallie L.
Life Time Fitness
I really love this gym! Yes, it's a little more expensive than other gyms, but what you get for that price is awesome. Gorgeous locker rooms, granite everywhere, indoor AND outdoor pools! A really nice spa and salon, a huge selection of equipment that is spread out so you don't feel cramped. Overall, it's a very classy and impressive gym.
By: June L.
24 Hour Fitness
Front desk is friendly and helpful most of times. The club management is really effective. There was once some issue with the swimming pool temperature and the management and the technician worked effectively and fixed the heat pump problem promptly.
By: Rn W.
Eastside Austin Elite
I love this gym for JiuJitsu and Russian Sambo. I've also tried their yoga classes. The yoga studio is my favorite. I don't know why but it's super relaxing and peaceful even though there is a full on boxing gym right next door. What a cool place.
By: William H.
24 Hour Fitness
Not really a fan of this location. Gym looks pretty, but the people that work here are rude generally and it's always too crowded for me. Also, I rarely ever see anyone with a towel cleaning up after they use a piece of equipment.
By: Jaime G.
Lifted Fitness
Hi my name is Jaime Garza and just finished first half of Lifted Fitness and want to show u what were all about and how we plan to make a difference in the fitness industry
By: austinhair
Life Time Fitness
Really great fitness club. Pricey, but great. The personal trainers are extremely knowledgeable. Would give it 5 stars if weren't for the hefty price tag.
By: Art M.
Planet Fitness
The place is clean and the staff are really friendly and the rates are low I just wish they had a cardio theater or pool but all in all its a nice place!

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