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By: Heather R.
Kerbey Lane Cafe
If I had been allowed to do so, I would have moved into Kerbey Lane Cafe, like a stowaway on an 18th-century ocean voyage, hiding under tables and venturing forth whenever safe to steal whatever I could. As this did not seem a realistic option, what with my job expecting my return on Monday, I did the next best thing...I came to Kerbey Lane for BOTH days of my two-day Austin trip. Why bother going somewhere else when you have already discovered a place that sells $2 mimosas, migas (eggs with many Mexican-y things over tortilla chips), and gluten-free pumpkin French toast? If you answered, "There is absolutely no reason to go anywhere else," then you are absolutely correct.To begin, the mimosas. These were mimosas in only the loosest sense of the word, as they were really full glasses of champagne with a drop of orange food coloring poured on top. I feel I got my $2 worth.Moving onward, the migas. I had never experienced or even heard of migas before Kerbey Lane, but I am confused as to why more places have not yet discovered the brilliance of mixing all the delicious Mexican things with eggs and tortilla chips. Highly recommended.Next, the gluten-free pumpkin French toast. Yum? I can't really say anything else. Worth ordering. A lot.As I went back the next day, I can also speak to the pork tacos, which were as delicious as everything else. The prices were fantastic, the servers were friendly, and if you can somehow get out of doing your job or area already career-less, I highly recommend considering this as your new place of residence.
By: Art M.
Whole Foods Market
You can get any and everything there! Nothing can be compared to this Whole foods. Sandwiches, build-your-own salads, prepared meals, tacos, Chinese food, pizza, the awesome juice bar and the list goes on and on & Variety, volume of people, food stations and choice are unbelievable. Among-st all these they haven't forgotten their Visual appeal as well. Their cafe is as awesome as well. Just walking through the store and taking in the selection is an experience in itself, and it can easily get you crazy and mind-boggled if you are a foodie !!! Plus, they have a lot of nice & healthy recipes available on their website. This flagship store is an amazing foodie Disneyland.he he (I really get crazy on what to eat or not)
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By: Kay P.
I shop at this HEB at least once a week and each and every week, though I ask the packers to pack my bags light (I am an 80 year female and I have to unload those bags when I get home!) they never do. I believe it is a lack of proper training in customer satisfaction and I suggest to the supervisors that they look into this practice. Just now they had put a half gallon milk, a large bottle of lemonade plus two large bottles of Dr. Pepper in the same bag. Give me a break!
By: George H.
Kerbey Lane Cafe
Loved my first experience here! I came here with a visiting friend to get some queso with dinner, and it did not disappoint. We both fell in love with the Kerbey Queso - it had just right amount of thickness to it and mixed wonderfully with the guac. It was also served with salsa, and eating the chips with both the queso and salsa together was magic. We both have been dreaming about the queso ever since.
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By: dfwdean
Came here for brunch, got a cocktail, ordered the brunch Jerk Chicken and the Shells&Cheese with the sausage.Place is very busy and very popular: staff seem a little stretched.The Devil's cocktail was tasty: the Shells&Cheese was undercooked (or very very very al-dente) with bland cheese sauce, and he jerk chicken was forgotten by the kitchen. It eventually showed up. Tasted like chicken LOLOh well.
By: catheymiller
Hot Mama's Cafe
Healthy delicious food! I have been enjoying Two Hot Mama's creamy cilantro salsa for years. Now I can buy it and other delicious salsa at the the actual restaurant. We enjoyed crispy corn tortillas topped with grilled vegetables, rice, corn and black bean salsa...YUM YUM! Each diner can create their own culinary masterpiece. Which suits my family to a tee.
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By: Bl H.
Corner Store
Some of the employees act like they are the customer and you owe them greetings. To yell out, you're welcome, to a customer that is leaving is arrogant as hell. The customer shops there and you are not doing me or anyone else a favor by taking my money. I think I will take my business around the corner to the, glad to have you as a customer, 7 Eleven.
By: Susan P.
This store is horrible and don't ever buy their money cards they are worthless,yet they keep your money. The Chinese manager actually while on the phone with the card I purchased and actually. threw. the card at me an threaten to call police,as she put it. PLZ stop using this 7~11 off 10th AN Lamar Austin Txt. Vergil Piwonka
By: Jackie R.
Juan In A Million
So freakin' good. They have me spoiled and comparing every taco shop in Austin to their deliciousness. Highly recommend taking a trip to east Austin for some breakfast tacos. It's worth the drive. This place moves tacos like no other. You'll understand why once you take your first bite. I'm in love! Keep making Austin proud.
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By: foodie
Foreign & Domestic Food & Drink
Since arriving in Austin in July, I've been driving around the entire city patronizing only the best local restaurants. My experience at Foreign & Domestic, now places it in my Top 3 places to eat in Austin! Very unassuming storefront nestled in quaint neighborhood producing a superior product. My kind of place for sure!

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