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By: rcduncan
Ruben's Auto & Body Shop
My car got banged in the front corner by an anonymous hit & run. There was a bad dent in the body, and the headlight popped out. I didn't want to file for insurance because this would probably cause the insurance company to raise my rates. (This happened to me once before.) I took it to Ruben's Auto & Body Shop. I told Ruben that I didn't need it to look perfect, but just do his best for a modest price. Ruben did high-quality, prompt and inexpensive repair. I brought it in at 4:30 PM on a Monday, and it was ready by noon the next day. It looked perfectly restored to me except that the color was just slightly off--a barely perceptable flaw. Ruben said that he could have made the color match perfectly for a bit more money, but I was quite happy with the inexpensive repair. It was exactly what I wanted! I would recommend Ruben's auto body repair service to anyone. He can do perfect restoration of damaged vehicles for people who are covered by insurance, for whom cost is not critical; but he also can do excellent near-perfect work for people on a budget like me.
By: Susan C.
Sutherland Auto Body
Had a fender bender with my vintage vehicle.Went to Sutherland's for body work.Body work and paint super...BUT damage to the heating system was caused by what two professionals stated (one I was sent to by Larry) "It looks like a tool with defined edges punctured this. There was no rust in the area and the puncture was new" This was noticed after the van was directly driven home and garaged for approx 2 weeksdue to bus is driven only in excellent weather/traffic conditions. Larry said no way was this caused at the shop and it was probably a rock...The professional he sent me to said otherwise and so did the place where the van will be taken to next to fix the puncture. Sooo check your vehicle in,out ,underneath before you drive off. Wish I drove the van with the dent and bumper damage. Larry your pride outways your word.The damage was in the exact area where the body work was done. This damage was obvious to two professionals and Larry still denied it happened at his shop stating"I know everything that goes on here"
By: Billy W.
Austin Impact Center
I took my car there because of the dent caused by a small accident that morning. I did not want to spend more than 100 dollars on fixing the dent. However, they told me it will cost me 600 dollars to fix the dent by replacing the bumper. After knowing that I only want to pay 50-100 dollars for the dent, the mechanic fix the dent by pushing from inside and the dent was 85% fixed. The mechanic even told me a place where I can pay 250 dollars to get it fixed by a less professional way. After a few hours, I became calmer with the newly caused damage. I decided not to pay for the dent. Therefore, I really appreicate that the mechanic fixed my car dent by hand without charging me anything.
By: Omu B.
Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting
MAACO is kinda known as the cheap place to get a car painted. Last year an employee wrecked a company van. Multiple quotes came back and they were in about the middle, but they promised a faster turn around. They came through, and did very good work. So... when I wrecked my car about a month ago, I took it to them. 6 days later I had my car back. Nearly 5 times faster than the last two time I wrecked a car. Say what you want, but these guys Do great work, quickly, and they are very customer friendly. Take it from a guy who has a propensity to get in auto wrecks!
By: Renee D.
D Town Body Shop
Had the vehicle taken to D-Town. They provided a wrecker to pick the vehicle up. Then the insurance adjuster worked with D-Town to approve the estimate. We did not have to be involved with anything with the insurance or the body shop. D-Town also repaired the vehicle completely and it was very clean when I picked it up. It was also repaired days before the insurance adjuster thought it would be and was repaired completely as the estimate stated. \\r \\r Will always use D-Town and recommend that everyone else does also.
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By: David M.
Big Boys Collision Center
Just had my first experience with an Auto Body Shop. I DO NOT recommend Big Boys Collision Center, Inc. on Slaughter in South Austin.Told me the car would be done on Tuesday, then Thursday then Friday Morning. I arrived on Friday Morning only to find out the car is still not ready. They can't seem to do what they can do.Oh, as an ironic side note. Sign inside the lobby says "Free Wi-Fi". I ask the receptionist what the WiFI Password is, she replies "We don't have Wi-Fi". Welp!Get it together people!
By: lcmslutheran
Two-Day Auto Painting & Body Shop
I can't say enough about these guys. I have been there twice with minor dings on my car. They told me to go ahead and pull my car inside the shop and they proceeded right then and there to fix the dings. Then, on top of this they would not take any pay for it! Needless to say, when I had prolonged repair work I took it to them and they did a timely, fairly priced job on it. I would rate them six stars if you had them.
By: Beth T.
Master Repairs Body Shop
Masters Repairs did an amazing job on my Honda twice - for two different accidents. Their attention to detail and expertise is outstanding! The body repair and paint finish of my car was truly restored to its original look, each time. Customer service was extremely helpful and attentive!! They worked patiently with the insurance company and offered honest advice. I am very satisfied and I highly recommend them!
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By: Dave T.
Terex Auto Body
I have a chevy silverado, older model where the paint in the middle of the roof wears through. They did a great job of matching the paint and the spray job was flawless and on time and no games. What they said was what I got. I also had them work with a glass co to replace the windshield at the same time. They charged me a small service fee for this, I thought it was all pretty reasonable.
By: David D.
C & S Body Shop
I have taken both my vehicles to this business and I continue to be impressed with the quality of work they do. The very first time I dealt with C & S Body Shop I was sold on their excellent customer service. The owner does not ask for payment until you are completely satisfied with the completed work. I have since gone back for other jobs and each time I have been very satisfied.
Tips & Advices
Using a variety of tools and processes, many of which require specialized training, auto body mechanics primarily repair cosmetic and structural damage to vehicles after accidents occur. They can also enhance a vehicle’s appearance and performance by replacing and adding new parts to a vehicle’s body.
This depends on the severity of the work that needs to be done. Something such as paintless dent repair for a few small dents can take an hour. Whereas auto body repairs for damages caused by a major accident can take multiple days to correct.
All auto body parts can be repaired but there is a threshold for the level of repairs possible. Parts can be damaged beyond repair and would need to be wholly replaced.
Auto body parts can be made from a wide variety of materials, usually based on what the part’s purpose is. Vehicle frames body panels, bumpers, roof racks, and other items that need to be strong and durable are usually constructed from steel, which is known for its durability and resistance to rust and high temperatures. But aluminum is quickly becoming a popular material of construction due to its lightweight yet durable nature. Body kits and other aftermarket parts like spoilers and hoods can be constructed from one form of plastic or another.
Yes, the vast majority of car makes and models have aftermarket parts available for many of their components. But higher-end vehicles typically have less aftermarket parts available since they often use specialized materials and manufacturing processes that are difficult to duplicate for many aftermarket manufacturers.

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