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By: Lou R.
Texan Eye Care
Had a surface ablation in March 2017 to correct a vision problem. First saw Dr. Walters who did the surgery. Would describe him as kind, courteous and up front with answering all my questions. No complaints. Have been seeing Dr. Sylvian Ung for my post op/follow up checks and have been most impressed with her. I have been an RN for nearly 40 years and have seen many, many doctors over the years and observed their interaction with their patients. I must say that Dr. Ung really is exceptional with her communication skills. She greets me in the waiting room with a handshake and escorts me to the exam room. She makes eye contact when speaking to me, and takes time to ask about me and my family. She may be in a hurry that day, but you will never know it. Dr. Ung takes her time to truly listen to what I have to say about any concerns I might have. She also explains things very thoroughly. I could go on, but you get the idea. Great job, Dr. Ung and keep up the good work!
By: Joe S.
Eye Physicians Of Austin PA
My wife and I are current patients of Dr. Wollan; but, have been patients of Dr. Pierce and Dr. Dai as well. Dr. Dai and I were "classmates" at Rice, "44" years apart. Although I have "given up" on cosmetic surgery, I rely on EPA for control of glaucoma, bullous keratopathy and other eye maladies. "The wife" (an East Texas term of endearment) and I love "Sandy", Laura, Shayla, Christinia and Susie and other support personnel. I have one "recommendation". When I was in the "law bidness", if I received a pejorative "review", I immediately erased, and refused to "post" it. I also have a prediction: "The Patriots by "3"; but, only if the "equipment managers's" eyes aren't dilated!"EPA"--"Zum Wohl", Er Lebe Hoch!!Joe S. and "M.A." 1-28-2015
By: Laurie G.
Eye Physicians Of Austin PA
I had laser cateract surgery on my right eye on Jan 21st and it seems to have been a great success. Dr Pierce and his team couldn't be more professional or more considerate and compassionate. I will be having the right eye done on Feb 4th and look forward to much better vision than I've had the past year. After 60 years of wearing contact lenses, it seems strange, but wonderful, to not put them in each morning. Many thanks to all concerned.
By: Arlene W.
Eye Physicians Of Austin PA
I was more than happy with Dr. George Thorne, Jr. when he performed my cataract surgery. Yes, they were in the middle of their construction project and yes, the wait could be long. However, growing up with a mother who was losing her vision to RP, I know how important eyes and vision are to a person. I felt it was more important to trust my surgeon and his staff than worry about the time I spent waiting.
By: Royce Z.
Austin Lakes Hospital
Had problems for several years trying to explain my sight complications. For the most part my vision was good while being tested but always, during the day, through tiredness and overuse my sight would be very unclear, fuzzy images and just unusable. Austin Eye discovered I needed cataract repair. Finally I found a group to solve my problem and now I see better than 60 years ago!
By: Debbie B.
Eye Physicians Of Austin PA
Absolutely the best eye care in Austin. Dr. Thorne is a wonderful Physician and goes out of his way for his patients. Sometimes there is a bit of a wait but that is only when someone needs extra time with the Doctor for something important. Be patient; one day it could be you that requires that extra time. Many thanks to Dr. Thorne for all he has done for me.
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By: Stephanie G.
Texan Eye Care
My appointment was quick & fast! Friendly staff and great Eye Doctor! Clean inside & out- I would recommend this eye clinic to everyone I know! It's been the best place I've ever gone to as far as eye clinics! Great place and great staff.. very positive and helpful. Appointment only took 40 minutes!
By: Shirley S.
Eye Physicians Of Austin PA
Beautiful facilities with first-rate equipment. More importantly, every person who works there is friendly and accommodating. They are efficient and caring.. Dr. Wollan is great! Easiest doctor appointment by far!
By: John R.
Premier Eye Care
Excellent eye care by Dr Brent. He diagnosed my glacoma more than 5 years ago and has kept my vision stable since then. He is very thorough and explained my condition well.
By: Dede J.
Texan Eye Care
For over 15 years, now at age 67 now - Texas Eye Center has taken care of everything for my eyes. From chronic eye conditions, to surgeries and my vision. Excellent!
Tips & Advices
While the first appointment is the most comprehensive, the majority of appointments with an ophthalmologist begin with a basic eye exam followed by a refraction to test if glasses are needed. Other tests might include an eye muscle coordination exam, a check of pupil response and peripheral vision, slit lamp microscope test to look at the anterior segment of the eye, and an intraocular pressure assessment.
Most eye doctors will charge different amounts for their services, but a basic eye exam with an ophthalmologist can range from $50 to $300. Additional tests and treatment will add to the price.
Ophthalmology subspecialties include strabismus/pediatric ophthalmology, neuro-ophthalmology, retina/uveitis ophthalmology, cornea/anterior segment ophthalmology, ophthalmic plastic surgery, and reconstruction.
Ophthalmologists can diagnose macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, ocular albinism, vitreous traction, cataracts, astigmatism, myopia, retinoblastoma, and many more.
The most popular ophthalmology procedures are cataract, laser eye treatment, and glaucoma surgeries.

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