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By: chelsealynae
Torchy's Tacos
So, let me just start by saying- I. LOVE. TACOS. And I have pretty high expectations for said tacos. AND I tend to get a craving for them when most places are shutting down. Well, lo and behold to find that Torchy's is open til 10 on weekdays and 11 on weekends! When I got there, Queen was playing. The guy behind the counter asked me about my day like he genuinely cared. There's Maine Root in the soda fountain. And the food is also fantastic!Since this first experience, I've frequented Torchy's Tacos several times a month. I used to always get the Baja Shrimp and the Fried Avocado tacos.Baja Shrimp is generously filled with hand battered and fried (but not greasy) shrimp, pickled vegetables, queso fresco and lime. There is a great balance of spicy, acidic and cool flavors all wrapped up in the tortilla. The Fried Avocado is a hand battered and fried avocado with refried beans, shredded cheese, lettuce and tomato. I love the texture and creamy flavors of this taco! It is so good, and I never order vegetarian items. But in the past couple years I've rotated in other flavors.The Democrat is filled to bursting with barbacoa. I was really impressed with the quality of it considering that Torchy's isn't exactly Mexican food. It is very flavorful and not greasy at all. You gotta get the Trailer Park "trashy"- fried chicken smothered in green chile queso and pico de gallo. Creative and delicious- this one is a guilty pleasure!I actually got to Green Chile Pork by mistake one time. Although it's not what I ordered, it is pretty dang tasty. The pulled pork is juicy and flavorful and the green chiles- of which I'm not a huge fan- do not overpower anything. But, the customer service at Torchy's is outstanding. I called to let them know my order got mixed up- just to make sure someone else didn't get the taco I ordered and they put me down for a free taco. I really appreciated their customer care! There is a different taco of the month each month that coordinates with holidays or weather, and they are generally pretty great.And lastly, I always ALWAYS get extra Chipotle Sauce and Poblano Sauce no matter which tacos I order. I could drink that stuff!
By: Heather R.
Kerbey Lane Cafe
If I had been allowed to do so, I would have moved into Kerbey Lane Cafe, like a stowaway on an 18th-century ocean voyage, hiding under tables and venturing forth whenever safe to steal whatever I could. As this did not seem a realistic option, what with my job expecting my return on Monday, I did the next best thing...I came to Kerbey Lane for BOTH days of my two-day Austin trip. Why bother going somewhere else when you have already discovered a place that sells $2 mimosas, migas (eggs with many Mexican-y things over tortilla chips), and gluten-free pumpkin French toast? If you answered, "There is absolutely no reason to go anywhere else," then you are absolutely correct.To begin, the mimosas. These were mimosas in only the loosest sense of the word, as they were really full glasses of champagne with a drop of orange food coloring poured on top. I feel I got my $2 worth.Moving onward, the migas. I had never experienced or even heard of migas before Kerbey Lane, but I am confused as to why more places have not yet discovered the brilliance of mixing all the delicious Mexican things with eggs and tortilla chips. Highly recommended.Next, the gluten-free pumpkin French toast. Yum? I can't really say anything else. Worth ordering. A lot.As I went back the next day, I can also speak to the pork tacos, which were as delicious as everything else. The prices were fantastic, the servers were friendly, and if you can somehow get out of doing your job or area already career-less, I highly recommend considering this as your new place of residence.
By: Eloy S.
Torchy's Tacos
Literally as good as it gets. People always used to talk about how tacos were amazing in Texas and I always just thought to myself "how good can a taco get." Torchy's. Blew. My. Mind. It expanded what I thought were the limits of good Mexican food. I got a jerk chicken taco and a Mr. Pink, both of which had such a strong incredible flavor and fresh meats that it knocked my socks off on their dirt patched ground at this food truck stop. We also got some queso to share with the group and that really set me off right as it had some red pepper floating around and had a consistency that wasn't too drippy but also not too thick as to turn to lard when cooled. oh my god. If you get a chance do NOT miss this.
By: Jim H.
Torchy's Tacos
The people here are so FRIENDLY, open-minded, and willing to work with my girlfriend and I, who are deaf. I have to have gluten free foods, but sometimes I forget to carefully look at what I order.I originally ordered Fried Avocado and The Indepedent... not realizing they are fried in battered! When they brought it, I apologized to them for my fault in not asking about the batter. They were just fine with it and went ahead to make it without he batter!And... let me tell you, I'm from CA... it is DELICIOUS! Their chips, corn tortilla, and just the ingredients themselves... mouth-watering. Plus the love from the workers makes this taste even better :)Thank you Torchy Tacos!
By: Vincent G.
Torchy's Tacos
My sentiments towards Torchy's are like that of a lover. To me, it is perfect. It keeps me on my toes and coming back for more again and again. I love discovering new things that Torchy's brings to the table-- like it's Roscoe waffle taco piled high with a fried egg, fried chicken, bacon, and drizzled with ooey gooey maple syrup, that is undeniably the best breakfast taco I've touched my lips to. I don't need any other taco restaurant because Torchy's is the Renaissance Restaurant. Most recently, I was blown away by the Trailer Park ("trash" style, aka covered in queso), Baja Shrimp (they didn't skimp!), and vegetarian fried green chile varieties.
By: Eric A.
68 Degrees Kitchen-Classic Italian-Inspired Restaurant
I scheduled reservation; the parking was easy, 68 degrees located next to Deep Eddy Cabaret which I had not been to in years, so it was fun to walk by a familiar Austin establishment as we entered the restaurant. The food was excellent, I had the Grilled Trout, and my date had the chicken parmesan. The atmosphere was elegant but relaxed, and it made for a very nice evening. When you have chosen a new place to dine especially in a new relationship it really can make or break the evening what restaurant you choose. I can recommend 68 degrees, and I wanted to take the time to say thanks for a great evening. All the best Eric
By: jcrasco
Carrabba's Italian Grill
We've been going to Carrabba's for years...they really know how to use that grill. After my wife was diagnosed with celiac disease, the manager offered to let us bring our gluten-free pasta in...just call ahead about 30 minutes in advance so they can put on a pot of clean water. They've been great about working around these food allergies, even to the point of the owner fixing us special mashed potatoes and marsala sauce. That level of service is just amazing. We like the food, but we really LOVE the people. They've been such a blessing--who knew you could get gluten free Italian food?
By: Julie B.
Torchy's Tacos
I. Love. These. Tacos.I love tacos in general. But Torchy's Tacos are some next level sh**. Do people cuss on Yelp? Idk. I'll censor it to be safe. Hi, kids.Seriously, though. The Mr. Pink and the Crossroads are incredible. Flavorful, cooked perfectly, with the right amount of kick. The Mr. Orange and the Democrat are also great. The guacamole is some of the best I've ever had. I've ordered it multiple times and it's always been fresh, with huge chunks of avocado. Can't go wrong with the Green Chile Queso and Street Corn. And the Diablo Sauce. YES.
By: Will S.
68 Degrees Kitchen-Classic Italian-Inspired Restaurant
I have been for lunch and dinner, both were outstanding meals. For lunch I had the Caesar salad and fettuccine for dinner the salmon they have many more options I noticed other tables enjoying along with my friend who had Linguine and Tuna so I look forward to my next visit. Great option I don't think anyone would be disappointed going to this locally owned restaurant on Lake Austin Blvd where Mangia Pizza was located for years as a point of reference for any longtime Austin residents.
By: L G.
Cedro Ristorante Pizzeria
Will definitely be a repeat customer. Food and service were excellent, and price is great. Enjoyed calamari appetizer (very nice) and fichi pizza (excellent), and we shared two desserts: a chocolate mousse (good) and crème brulee (excellent). Staff was friendly and attentive, and the décor is very attractive. Very nice, quiet patio is available.We were the first official patrons and happily became accidental friends of Cedro!

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