By: Vicki H.
David Fisk Landscaping
I have worked with Dave on several landscaping projects on my home over the years. He prices are fair and he does not vary from the original estimate. He and his crew show up when he says they will and finished the jobs on time. He re-landscaped my front yard a few years ago and it still looks great. I even won Yard of the Month! Recently, he and his crew trimmed the many live oaks around my property. They cleared the roof of limbs and did a general clean up of all the gangly out-of-hand limbs and branches around my yard. It looks great and they did the trimming correctly so as not to harm the trees. His crew then chipped up the branches and placed the mulch in my flower beds as I directed. They cleaned the debris off the roof and even cleaned my gutters! Above and beyond! I also had them replace the grass in my backyard and they prepped and leveled the soil properly. It now looks lush and lovely. I have not had a decent yard of grass in years and now I am able to enjoy my pretty backyard. Dave follows up and checks in to make sure I am happy with the job, and I am! I will definitely call Dave Fisk for any future landscaping projects.
By: glorialu
Texas Income Property
I am writing a review on Texas Income Property because I have them manage my 5 investment/rental properies in pflugerville. I call myself an "accidental investor" because when I first moved to Texas it was for work with the high-techs companies in the 1990's. After a few years, I then was contracted to other parts of the USA for various projects. I never sold my house in Pflugerville, but I hired Texas Income Property to lease it out, and have it managed. When I noticed that I was actually making a profit on this rental house (rent price covered more than my payments - which was great), I decided to actually buy more rental properties. Well, Texas Income Property MANAGES whole real estate portfolio now and they are very, very good at what they do. Reliable and prompt service is what I've come to expect and I get it every time. I couldn't say enough how pleased I've been year after year with their services. I don't think I've had a vacancy longer than a month in the last 20 or so years I've done business with them. So very good in my opinion! If I could give them more stars I would!
By: Clinton M.
Sienna Properties
This is the first home my wife and I have ever leased. We retired to the Buda, Texas area and could not find the exact home we were looking for to buy so we decided to lease a home for a year or two till we found the home that met our retirement needs. Our real estate agent helped us locate the home we live in currently and introduced us to Sienna properties. Eric and staff have been very professional and has helped us with all our needs. Any issues we’ve had have been corrected in the most timely manner: Toilet would kick on and off, problem solved with in 24 hrs. Garage door opener would not let the door lower all the way and would reverse. Problem corrected same day within approx. 4hrs. Thermostats could not regulate the temps in the house. Ac and heating company were out in 24hrs to check and reprogram units!!If we do not understand something about the home we leased they are always there to assist us with any questions we may have. They have been number 1 in our book on helping us in our retirement transition from Sugar Land, Texas.
By: Cammie T.
VA Nails
I visited VA Nails on 2 Feb 2016, at first glance it was a little scary, the familiar faces were no longer there. Change can sometimes be challenging , although I decided to give it a try. I noticed "New Polishes" "New Products" and a "New Attitude". My total experience was Wonderful and Renewing, just what I needed. I was overdue for a Mani and Pedi, I left there feeling Brand New. Give Chau a chance!!! The New Owners have years of experience and cater to their clients, along with the new line; they offer a refreshing drink, not what I was accustomed to. I had forgotten Pedicures were meant to be pampering. Leave your past experiences at the door, you to will be pleasantly Surprised. I will be returning, Chau is very thorough in his applications, a perfectionist !!! I have not had a pedicure this meticulous in years. He also has a firm grip and hands that evenly apply pressure while your service is received, rejuvenating to say the least. I loved this lovely couple.
By: Julie M.
In Fashion Nails
I am usually not one to write reviews, but I guess that this salon is under new management so I wanted to make sure that the reviews were up to date. This is a great place to come and relax! They offer a lot of options for manicures and pedicures including gel, hot stone, paraffin wax treatments, and lots more! They really value their customers here which is a big difference from other salons I have been to. One night I was finishing up my manicure around 7pm (which is when they close) and the rest of the ladies had left. Two women walked in and asked for pedicures and the owner called the girls who had left so that the two women could have their pedicures. I just thought it was a great demonstration of their commitment to their customers. Drop in and I'm sure that any of the girls will take good care of you! If you like to schedule appointments, then I recommend Sandy. She's great : )
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By: Laura S.
Recar And Associates
I had a rough start with Recar getting repairs done for my rental home but often it is all about who you speak with! I was finally able to work with Traci @ Recar. She represents the company at her best! Working for AT&T in customer relations myself for 12 years, I have become quite expectant of great customer service. Customer's want to know that you care. They want effort on the company's behalf at the very least! Traci showed effort and then executed a plan in resolving my issue's. She listened to my issues that were not only ignored but unresolved for quite sometime. I have a whole new perspective of Recar and when it is time for the purchase of my home I will go through a company that I can trust ~ Recar! Thanks Traci! You are amazing and I appreciate all of your help! :) I hope your company realizes what an asset you are!
By: cecismith
Texas Income Property
Being an outside of state owner, it is comforting to know that my investments properties are being taken care of. The team at Texas Income Property does just that. I've always gotten the rent mailed to me on time, and the few times I have visited Austin to check on things, the properties I own are well maintained and in great shape. That says a lot, and it is always comforting to know that ALL of my properties have good tenants. Even when I had to evict a tenant, the ONLY time - thank goodness, it was FASTLY done, and rented out quickly. Texas Income Property is on top of things when it comes to getting the tenants to PAY ON TIME. Because when they don't, it can be tough on the owner when I tried myself to be the landlady.Texas Income Property is the best in town when it comes to managing properties!
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By: Amber T.
A Carter T Lund Salon
Today is September 3, 2015....Wine in hand...sitting in the best salon in town (A Carter T Lund Salon)...about to be pampered and hide the proof that I'm not 20 years old anymore! Carter is going to work his magic and all will be right with my world again. ����Seriously! This man knows his hair chemistry and color. My crazy finicky hair obeys when Carter is in charge. I trust and value his opinion and expertise to the point that I pretty much walk in, sit down and let him decide what's going to happen. And I have yet to be disappointed. His staff is always courteous and professional and still I feel like one of the family here. Do yourself a favor and come see him or his wife Charlie who is equally amazing in he own right or book an appointment with any of the other very talented stylists.
By: Cora C.
C & K Nails
Absolutely love this place! I came here with my mom to get the massage at C & K Nails on a Saturday afternoon. As soon as we got there be on time by the way, we were seated and taken care of. The massage was perfect and it was exactly what I needed after such a stressful semester. My mom also enjoyed it very much. Next, we got a nice facial so my face felt very smooth and clean. Besides, we were given tea and biscuits while we finished our manicure and pedicure. Especially, their manicure, pedicure always come out beautiful and they really take their time. Paul and Sammie were very accommodating throughout and made our first-time spa experience a very pleasant one. Overall, I am very happy with this place.
By: erikanieto
Regional Finance Corporation of Austin #2
I recently visited Star Perfumes, and found so much more than I expected. Everything from perfumes & purses to jewelry and unique home decor makes this boutique an excellent place to buy your next gift, or simply treat yourself! The owner was incredible gracious and very knowledgeable about all she sold. I was so impressed with the quality of her gifts, that I walked away with a new pair of glasses and a beautiful purse, although I originally just planned to drop-in and "window shop." When shopping, it is so important to remember how special and unique the little boutiques around the corner really are. Star Perfumes is definitely one of them, and I encourage you to drop-in when you can!

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