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By: wonderb0ys
Yaghi's New York Pizzeria
Everyone has an opinion about food, but you got to go to the authorities to separate quality from mere preference. Here's my pedigree --- I grew up in North Jersey, the land of Tony Soprano and generations of working class Italians. I moved to NYC when I was a young man. Everyone knows that NYC is the homeland of pizza. They don't make pizza in Italy, or if they do, they're copying pizza from NY. NYC is the true origin of pizza. As any New Yoker can tell you, 90% of the flavor comes from the century old brick ovens that are covered in soot and char and have the special aroma that can't be reproduced. That said, Yaghi's reproduces it as best as could possibly be expected. I moved here 5 years ago from Manhattan and they're the ONLY place I'll order from. Everyone else has SOMETHING wrong. Too much or too little cheese, too doughy or too dry a crust, etc. Yaghi's nails it on the crust and they are VERY generous with toppings. If you really want a good time, try the gyro pizza -- it's one of those weird hybrids that you'd usually only find in NYC, but Yaghi's has the guts to put it out there in the heart of Texas!
By: deancharles
Pinthouse Pizza
Who would have guessed, the combination of pizza and (high quality) beer makes for a good time. Ever since attending their pre-release party, Pinthouse Pizza has delivered on a quality experience. Apparently, I'm not the only one that thinks so, crowds are oftentimes deep, regardless of the day of the week, and additional brewing capacity was recently added to ensure that the house craft beer will remain well stocked. Kudos to the Pinthouse team for listening to feedback, even constructive feedback - from the ordering system to canceling some of the noise (from all those people), progressing always seems to be forward here. An expansive, and always changing, set of taps pouring some of the best craft beer along with a comfort food genre that's hard to argue with will keep me coming back.
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By: htjohnnyvegas
Salvation Pizza
Can pizza really be THIS good? I cannot tell you how good their pizza is - it is pizza I would fight someone over, OK? If I got a pie to go and got back to my hut and some masked assailant approached me for my pizza, I would literally fight him (or her! Rhonda Rousey UFC Champ!) for it. I am a pretty good sized fella, and am not afraid to defend good pizza. Now if I had say an Austin Pizza or Dominos Pizza, I would surrender it without even a whimper. But that will never happen because I do not eat sucky pizza - when I feed I feed on the BEST: Salvation. Get the clam pie - & don't be a wuss!
By: stephiepete
Promise Pizza
We LOVE promise pizza. It's my hands down favorite pizza place in the Austin area. They use natural and organic ingredients, and they have gluten free options! My favorite pizza there is the lone star - pepperoni and veggies, and their cinnamon knots are super yummy (they don't really eat well as leftovers, so eat them fresh!). Salad is great too. AND, they have Blue Sky and other cane sugar sodas - huge bonus to me!! They deliver but do charge a few bucks for it. My house is out of their delivery zone, but the manager said if they're not at peak time, they would still deliver to me. Thanks!
By: teresa.cipres
Saccone's Pizza
Don't waste your money! I am visiting family here in Austin and they wanted to try Saccone's. I was willing to pay a little extra money for the "Best Pizza in Austin". Well they say don't always believe what you read, and in this case that is very true! We were all disappointed in the pizza, soft and soggy... I love thin crispy crust and this had thin but soggy crust. I wouldn't say it was the worst pizza i've ever had but it is near the bottom. On a scale from 1 - 10, 10 being amazing... I would rate this a 2.
By: stephiepete
Oasis Pizza
Pizza is fantastic and reasonably priced. I love that they're located in Wells Branch - easy for me to pick up. They also have coupons in the Val Pak from time to time. There are a few tables there to eat at, but the ambience isn't anything to speak of. I think they also carry gyros, but I haven't tried them yet. The owner is a very nice man, too. Bonus!
By: William T.
Roppolo's Pizzeria
You know the pizza you see in movies that makes you go, "I want some of that pizza!"? This is that place. So far we've spotted 2 building locations and a food truck, but the one we have stuck by is the building location closer to Congress. It has a rooftop dining location, which is great on a nice sunny day.
By: Zachariah P.
It's really but that great, but make sure to get the buffet because once a year or so, it's nice to have unlimited mediocre pizza. You will probably make a few frequent restroom visits afterwards though. Service moves it from 2 to 3 stars. Nice people.
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By: dfwdean
The Backspace
Nice burn on the crust: the margherita pizza was delicious, as was the cheese board starter.Get a reservation before showing up evenings: Peroni on tap if you're not a wine drinker. Oh, bring a flashlight too, way too dark at night.
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By: Nichole H.
Eat Out In Restaurant Delivery & Catering Service
I have a 4 month old and they will call/text you if you put it in the instructions before knocking and waking the baby. Everytime they have called to let me know they were right out side. They are a mothers lifesaver.

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