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By: Bonnie W.
Texas Autoplex
My grandson and I test drove a 2010 Nissan on Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016. In order to obtain insurance on the vehicle, I left a check for a $500 deposit with the owner, Sam Fava, and was to take possession of the car on Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016. I got a cashier's check from my credit union on Thursday and went with my grandson to get the car at Texas Autoplex. After giving the sales manager the check and signing the paperwork, we went with the sales manager to get the car. Upon locating the vehicle, it was determined that the battery was dead and the car would not start. Since my car was parked close to the Nissan, I volunteered to use my car to jump-start the Nissan. The Nissan started easily but when it started, white smoke poured from the front and back of the car. My heart dropped since I had just turned over a $6200 cashier's check and signed paperwork indicating there was no warranty. We were told that the dealership would have the car checked and notify us of the status. We were also told that all the money (including the deposit) would be returned if necessary.After numerous calls by my husband to the dealership on Friday, Sept. 30, he was finally able to speak to the sales manager and was told that they would not sale us that vehicle and that someone could come get the cashier's check. They were not able to return the deposit at that time because the owner was out of town and he would be the person who would return that deposit. My husband and I both have called multiple times and spoken to Sam regarding the return of my deposit. Due to health issues, we have not been able to go to the dealership to get my deposit back. I spoke with Sam on Monday, October 31, 2016 to request again that he mail that deposit to me and was told it would be in the mail shortly. A text from Sam on Nov. 7 indicated that I would have the refund by "tomorrow" (that would have been November 8). I have still not received the refund of my deposit. I realize the deposit is to guarantee that the purchaser does intend to purchase the vehicle and is not returnable in case the purchaser decides against the purchase. In this case however, I think the deposit should be returned.I have sent a complaint form to TX DMV. I originally was very impressed with this dealership (no pressure to purchase the vehicle or extended warranty) but would definitely not do business with them in the future.December 27: finally got deposit back so will raise review to 2 stars
By: Thor C.
Pana Motors
I've bought a lot of cars over the years, from dealerships big and small, private parties, you name it. I happened to be looking for a very specific toyota tacoma double cab with the TRD offroad package and Pana motors just happened to have what I was searching for. The only minor inconvenience was Pana is just over 2000 miles from home. I contacted Jay and let him know I was highly interested in the truck and that I would be flying 2000 miles to basically purchase the trick sought unseen, and needed his word that it was mechanically sound and had no issues. Jay assured me that it was in fact a great truck, his shop fixed a few small issues with it, and he put a brand new set of tires on it. So I put down a small deposit and booked a plane ticket. Jay picked me up at the airport and we took the truck for a test drive. The transaction was smooth and quick and I was on my journey home, for about 30 miles when the black cloud that follows me struck again. It was late and I was stranded 8in the freeway 2000 miles from home. Phoning a buddy isn't an option, so I called Jay. He went so far out of his way, sending one of his mechanics to the shop after hours to gather tools, and stop at the parts store to get parts, so that I could get safely back on the road. On top of taking care of the issue, Jay called daily on my 3 day trip back home just to make sure everything was ok and that I was having a safe trip home. In this day and age, it's rare to find not only top notch customer service, but human compassion. He very well could have said sorry, as is, no warranty, not my problem... it's not like it would do me any good to go around bad mouthing his business, no one in Oregon is gonna care about a dealership in Texas! but Jay is an honest stand up guy, and even though I may only be a one time customer, it didn't matter. He treated me as if I we're a friend that he would see every day.
By: Mellie B.
Texas Auto Ranch
I bought two vehicles, and my only regret is that I bought one of them before finding Texas Auto Ranch. I called and left a message Monday morning and received a call back from the owner, John Phillips. I pass by his lot every day coming and going and noticed that he always seemed to have lots of nice looking stock on hand.I was in the market for a late model Infiniti and noticed that he had several on hand. When John called me back, I delivered my typical "This ain't my first rodeo speech," so as to let him know that I was not going to be a push over. John was very humble and friendly, it was immediately apparent to me that working with him was going to be fun and easy.After speaking on the phone a few times, curiosity finally got the better of me and I stopped by after work. John is a man's man who loves to talk about fishing and his kids, and we got along famously. He presented me with several options, and earned my trust by revealing several aspects of the deal that are normally kept from customers. It was an educational experience, even for someone like me whose bought several cars and has friends who have their dealers license.The car had some minor imperfections, but John made some calls and got me taken care of. As it turns out, this is not his first rodeo either and he is incredibly well connected, and apparently incredibly influential with his business contacts as he was able to get me some nice freebies and discounts.Having purchased 10 cars since moving to Austin, most of them at Austin Infiniti, I had a good basis for comparison for rating a car buying experience. John and Texas Auto Ranch are far and away the best I've ever encountered, and because of integrity, his personality, and his willingness to go above and beyond, he's earned a customer for life.
By: mexports
Specialty Motors of Austin
Thank you for your help and support! I purchase a car back in December and I'm very please with the car the service the price and everything ! My mother was in the need of a car and I visit a couple places and I regret, we where trying to get a car with $800.00 down and everyone treat us really bad! Like we where crazy ! It never cross my mind to go back to Specialty motors and after two days of searching for a car I decided to take my mom there, when I walked in their office all the guys in there knew my name and they make me fell welcome I ask one of the guys if they can help me with $800.00 dollars and they show me a 2007 Nissan Altima, my mom was very impress and worried about the payment, I ask them about how much the payment will be and just for the record a similar car at another place was about $560.00 per month and they ask me for $3000.00 Down, wow anyways when I ask about the payment their response was I don't know but I promise you to kleptomania it as low as possible so we went on a test drive when we come back they got all the numbers up front $800.00 down yeah!! And my payments at $379.00 so for that reason I promise them that I was going to write a review about it and here I am!! For those guys at Specialty motors I give thumbs-up, thank you very much and I promise that every time I'm in the need of a car I won't make the mistake I made this very last time I will give you guys the opportunity just the same way you guys give it to me and my mom!!
By: William P.
Audi South Austin
The staff seems really nice before you buy, but once the transaction is done, they don’t stand behind their sale very well. I paid $550 to have my car registered out of state (I also paid to have it shipped to my home), but the registration was botched and my car was not legally registered when it arrived. I went through a lot of time and effort and finally had to have my insurance agent go directly to the department of motor vehicles to have it done right. Even then, my car sat for 5 days, because it was not legally drivable until was able to get my agent involved. I made my disappointment known in paying all this money for zero value received and asking to have at least part of the fee refunded. Craig, one of the managers, said he would consider it, but then delayed and delayed a response. I had to keep calling him back; it was never the other way. He finally said they were not prepared to do anything. You would think after 53 straight months of record Audi sales nationally, profits would be robust enough to easily afford a small refund, if not for fairness’ sake than to preserve goodwill. Unfortunately, it seems that record sales can also breed arrogance. In the end greed won out. My advice – get everything and writing, don’t rely on promises, make sure everything is exactly as you want it before money changes hands. Better yet – just shop someplace else.
By: lindayoung..
Henna Chevrolet
I brought my 2008 Malibu in for service, having several potentially severe issues, since the engine light was coming on periodically, the Service Airbag light, the low tire symbol, etc., and the battery was dead when I tried to drive it to the dealer. I called and spoke with the Service Manager, and described all the problems and my concerns, and told him I would bring it in when we got it started. We tried with humper cables, but it wouldn't start, so I called OnStar and they sent someone to give it a jump. The Manager had given me the name of the service person who would have been briefed about my car, and we delivered it to the dealer for service. We were able to get a loaner, which was very helpful, since I had a very busy work schedule that would have required me to get a cab--my husband's work schedule was full aleady, so I appreciated the use of the loaner. The work was compleated, with some of the issues covered when they found that the cable tot he car battery had gone bad, and subsequently the battery was in need of replacement, which they did. Some electrical problems (passenger side electric door locks) were handled through warranty. I was totally pleased with the service, and Joe was particularly helpful and professional. All the Service staff were pleasant and professional.
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By: Kelly L.
Maxwell Ford
Great Salesman makes Maxwell Ford a GREAT dealership ! i wanted to review one of the best salesmen I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Mr. Carlos Ortiz at Maxwell Ford helped me to acquire the perfect vehicle at the perfect price !!! He listened carefully to me as I described what I was looking for in a car as well as the budget I needed to work with and I got a vehicle that surpassed all my wishes at a price that fit my budget perfectly!!! I was so impressed with his patience, and sincere desire to find a car that I would be happy with on every level. I have had many salesmen in the past work me over due to their desire to sell me a vehicle based on THEIR desire to either move a vehicle, earn a commision , or any of a number of selfish reasons that made it clear to me that my needs were not a priority. Carlos would rather not sell me a vehicle at all than sell me the wrong one. I was so delighted with the excellent level of customer service that Carlos provided that I referred my boyfriend to Carlos and now both my boyfriend and I have excellent new vehicles we enjoy driving and are delighted to own !!! There was never any pressure, just honesty, courtesy and dedication !!!! Thank you Carlos Ortiz !
By: michaelccanham.
Henna Chevrolet
I originally came in with my (2005 Chev Cobalt) 5/23 had some kocking lifters in the engine. Well, to find out it was going to be more then the car was worth to fix. So, I asked Felix to call Joe Cortez from Used Cars. Felix in service was fantastic, very good man excellant customer service. Well, Joe showed me a 2007 Chev HHR, I was in a crunch so had to purchase this vehile. But, he should have gone 50/50 with me at service when there as a bill remaining. The service bill was $380., he only took $ the bill he should have helped with a minunm of 50% of the service bill. Being I was going thru the trouble of buying one more used car, from the same dealer that sold me the 2005 Chev Cobalt-that the engine blew up.? I just didnt undertand, why he couldnt have helped on the Service bill. Paying the servie chrage of $380. or going 50/50 with me. After, all I have bought 5 or 6 cars from Henna in history.Your man in finance (JEFF) in used cars, needs to slow down when talking th customer. I always, felt like was trying to rush me out the door with the transaction. He needs to smile and act like he cares fo the customer.
By: jonivs
Thompson Motors
This is a great place to buy a USED car. I bought a Toyota 4-Runner Limited from them about 21/2 years ago and it is almost paid off. I also have not had any major problem with the car. worst thing I ghave had happen is I have had to have a brake job and change the oil a few times in the almost 3 years now....All I can say is the company is wonderful. You tell them what you are looking for and even if they don't have oit they will find it for you even if it is at another place. I agree they do call you on the day your payment is due but I BELIEVE that is a plus with all the things we have going on and how busy everyone is.... ALSO when you do have a problem your payment is going to be late and you CALL them they help you out in the best way possible... They truly want to help you and not REPO your car,...THE BEST WAY I HAVE HEARD IUT SAID IS "IF I REPO YOUR CAR HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PAY ME, IF YOU CAN'T GET TO WORK? true words.I would buy another car from them again and I would reccommend them to anyone looking for a car.Thank you Don, Tommy and Carlos!!!!SEE YOU SOON....
By: Denise B.
Pana Motors
I went with a girlfriend to buy a car from Jay Blackwell, Pana Motors. I was obviously an outsider (not the car buyer), totally observing everything around me. First stop, the restroom. OMG... Great A+ and we are talking where mechanics roam, WOW! Oh... to note, I am a female, so very picky in that category. Jay, the owner, said he would meet my friend at 2:00PM and rolled up at 1:55PM with time to spare. He actually rushed BACK from San Antonio to Austin, just to ensure that he was on time for the appointment, another very impressive note. Again, I'm an outsider watching the entire car deal transaction and I've never seen such great customer service from not only a car salesman, BUT we are talking THE OWNER of Pana Motors, Mr. Jay Blackman. I personally grade Pana Motors an A+, 5 Stars, and my only regret is that I live in San Antonio and NOT Austin. I would love to send my friends Jay's way to ensure they all my friends receive the best of service.

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