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  • A Complete Transformation

    I can't say enough wonderful things about Elke and her team. The Spring is a warm, supportive environment that will help you transform your life if you want it. You will be asked to do things that seem impossible, but if you follow the advice given I promise that things will change. It's a combination of following her recommendations and being committed to that process -- whichever direction it leads. Last year at this time, I was terrified to eat and terrified to leave my house in case I had digestive problems. Now, I can't tell you how wonderful I fell ALL OF THE TIME.

  • A Wonderful Healthcare Experience

    If you are looking for a transformation from feeling ok to feeling great, Elke and her wonderful team will help you achieve that. It might take a while, and for me at least initially the regimen of supplements was difficult, but after sticking with it I can say that the results are worth it. I feel more alert, active, and focussed, and my digestion is working great! I recommend her services very highly.

  • Healing from Within
    being real

    I have been under Elke's care, at The Spring, for almost 2 years now. It was a bit of a struggle at first, accepting that my body was needing so many supplements and that I did not experience immediate positive results. But Elke and her warm and caring staff encouraged me over the tough times to 'stay with the program' and I am very glad that I did. Most of the symptoms that I came to the clinic with are gone and I understand my body much better. I still spend more money than I wish I needed to on supplements, but I know they are pure and beneficial to my well being and at least I am not taking drugs! I imagine I will be under Elke's care as long as we are lucky enough to have her in Austin. She is a talented and gifted healer if given the dedication to her advice and reasonable financial committment to allow time for healing from within.

  • Unsatisfied

    I'm unsatisfied by Elke's approach. I think if you are looking to lose weight, would like to maintain your health, and/or have more basic health concerns, she would be fine. But if you are struggling with more complicated issues like allergies, underlying digestive issues (that don't clear up with good probiotic supplementation), endocrine problems, hormone issues, and/or immune problems, you need to look elsewhere. In those instances, I don't find her practice to be sufficient to help - it certainly did not help me. She gives supplements - know that when you go to see her, you're going to be paying $$ for pills. But in my own personal experience, you have to understand biochemistry well enough to know what the supplement is going to do inside the body. And NO pill is going to solve complex health issues alone. If pills were all we needed, there wouldn't be any sick people left to treat. Again, please do yourself a favor and see someone with a heavier background in medicine (not necessarily an MD) and/or biochemistry if you are struggling with complicated things.

    Without getting into too many specifics, I have met a few people who have gone to The Spring, and none of us have been impressed. One individual I have met has even been harmed by seeing Elke - luckily, upon cessation of supplementation, this individual's problems cleared up. But not before they paid $200 for visits + supplements. I personally was not harmed, but I also was definitely not helped.

    I've seen a few alternative practitioners in town who practice the payment plan that you will find at The Spring. Basically you have to pay for 12-15 sessions and you get a discount if you pay up front. I don't like it, as I don't believe a good practitioner needs to see you every week to make progress. Sometimes the body takes 1-5 months to respond to a treatment plan and/or vitamins, herbs, etc. - meaning that sometimes you need to follow the regimen for awhile before a follow-up.

    If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't have seen Elke. I don't find the techniques she uses to be helpful, as I was struggling with fatigue and immune problems. Again, not all of us are going to glow radiantly after we finish a parasite cleanse or detox a heavy metal. But I found her via citysearch, so I leave this review up here to provide an alternative opinion to all of the glowing reviews you see here. And to say with all certainty that you need to make an informed decision before you see any practitioner - not just read reviews online from complete strangers. Ironically enough, the best healer I have found in the city has not a single review posted online. Interpret that as you will..

    With all the new people moving into town, I wonder if this practice banks on new clientele to keep the business going. As opposed to repeat clients. That may be a bit cynical on my part, but don't say I didn't warn you if it turns out to be true!

  • I'm not sick anymore!

    I would highly recommend visiting the Spring and seeing Elka, Brady and Lisa! They are always there to answer any of my questions and give me positive reassurance. I don't think I would have recovered so quickly without them and my weekly visits. It helps so much to know and see your progress every week and to keep you on track.

    I've been struggling with digestive issues and abdominal pain my entire life, and recently severe muscle and joint pain. After meeting with Elke at the Spring I immediately knew that she was actually going to help me instead of writing me a prescription for pain killers and wishing me luck. I never knew that my food allergies were causing so many other problems besides just my stomach aches. Who knew I had high levels of mercury either?! I used to spend my days worrying if my stomach was going to be upset, questioning and dreading everything I ate. I was always playing this risky little game of what's going to happen if I eat this? Now I actually get excited about food and I haven't been sick once since I've started seeing Elke!

    This is the best I have ever felt and I'm still making progress! The Spring has transformed my life completely and I could not be happier with the results.

  • My pain is gone!

    I came to The Spring for help after a car accident left me hurting all over for months. Elke quickly got my health back on track and I am glad to say I am pain free today! This is a wonderful place for health and healing- I recommend it to everyone!

  • If you want to feel better, this is the place for you!

    I spent years seeing brilliant doctors with the best of intentions for Celiac disease, Crohn's, and chronic migraines. I still felt awful about 90% of the time. I was exhausted. My life had become a confusing autoimmune puzzle full of missing pieces. Elke used her knowledge and precise, cutting edge testing to find them. This lady is amazing. When I follow her personalized program and nutritional recommendations for me, I feel GOOD 90% of the time.

    My toddler son and I have been seeing her for 7 months. She has helped him avoid surgery for a condition of his own. His growth and behavior have greatly improved. He feels better on her program, too, and it shows! Elke is a true, caring professional. As are Brady and Lisa, they all make a great team. I feel very fortunate that my family and I have discovered The Spring.

    Come see for yourself and find out what it's like to feel good again!

  • when you really want good health

    My goal is to be as healthy and vibrant for as long as I can. Elke is helping me do this. I am generally healthy, but last year due to stress, I developed a case of shingles. THE WORST PAIN EVER! Elke identified it, and immediately put me on immune-boosting supplements and diet. Over a year later, I have not had any recurrence and enjoy great health again -- better than before. While everyone around me has succumbed to the flu this winter, I sailed through without even a cold. Her technique is individual and she approaches it without pre-conceived ideas -- letting the body show her. You get a real personalized program. Thanks Elke!

  • Amazing!!! Elke, Brady, and Lisa are awesome!

    I'll admit that I was a little bit skeptical 6 months ago when my wife told me that she was going to go to a ""natural"" type place... I didn't know what to expect. However, results don't lie. After 6 months of seeing Elke, my wife is a new person! Her traditional doctors had misdiagnosed her for over a year, treated her with all sorts of medications, gave her MRI's, and thousands of dollars of tests that didn't help in the least. Actually a lot of it just made her feel worse. Elke recognized her issues immediately and has been helping her heal. Today, she is a new woman! I'm a believer!

    That being said, today was my first visit to The Spring... The staff are all incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and made me feel at ease. I gave a little of my background to Elke and after her testing - she was able to tell me what issues I had and I had to agree! I'm excited to see my own personal health get better though this natural, healthy, and positive method. Thank you!

    I have given 5 Stars because I have seen the results. Walk and don't run to The Spring!

  • True Healing is at The Spring!

    This is absolutely the only place to go for true healing. Once I got on Elke's program, I was able to get off my prescription medications that were just masking my symptoms, and take care of the underlying issues that were causing the symptoms in the first place. Her methods are totally non-invasive and the staff makes you feel right at home. I went in for a couple of issues, and while we treated a few at a time, the others vanished in the process, not to mention, I also lost weight!! This is really the only place to get on the road to better health!!

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