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By: Tara S.
Urgent and Family Care at Avery Ranch LLP
I had a great experience here at Urgent and Family Care. Let me first share what happened with me- its an long review so please bear with me. We first went to other urgent Care and we had to come here when the first one did not want to work with us but I am glad we came here and it is going to be our urgent care going forward. So here is the story: It was Saturday and my 3 year old son had started bleeding in his ears so we thought we will utilize the Urgent Care of Kids at Round Rock for a quick check up. I checked my insurance website and they were not listed there as In-network. But sometime providers are not listed even though they are in network. So I called up there to make sure my insurance was accepted. The guy on phone told me that they generally accept my insurance company but to confirm if it will work with my specific plan, he asked me to come to the facility with my ID and Insurance card and he will be able to verify it. I took my son there. The two guys at the front office were cordial and were about to check my insurance when a lady working there told us that they can't check the insurance until they put me on schedule. A schedule in urgent care! I mean we go there for urgent need but anyway the guy told me they can just enter my information and see if my Insurance will work. I was okay with it but they lady again interrupted and handed me 5 -6 pages of forms and told me that I first need to fill those out and then only she will be able to check the insurance. I requested to verify the insurance information first and told her I can fill all the forms later because they would be of no use if my insurance wouldn't work and I will have to go to other urgent care (there is couple of them nearby). But the lady wouldn't budge although the two guys were ready to work with me. At this point my patience ran out and I walked out. Then I went to "Urgent & Family Care at Avery Ranch" and they verified my information immediately and provided us the care we needed. The staff, Nurse and the Doctor were very professional and super nice. They have all the equipment and very clean rooms. We were in and out of there in 30 minutes and most importantly with peace of mind. In Short, they were my second choice due to distance from my home but after the experience I had with them, they are going to be my first choice!
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By: Mike K.
Pahala Ventures
I took my daughter to AEC on Anderson Mill because of an ankle injury while playing soccer. I found the staff very informative, professional and they all seemed to enjoy their job. My daughter was immediately taken to a room where she was examined by Dr Shih and a cold pack was applied. She then was promptly taken for a x-ray. Dr Shih showed the ankle x-ray to my daughter and myself and explained the anatomy of the ankle and what injury had taken place. An ace bandage was applied and crutches provided. The whole process had taken maybe 30-40 min. I know we would have waited much longer in a big emergency room. I would not hesitate to return to AEC for emergency care of my family.
By: hellen.acord
First Choice Emergency Room
A co-worker told me how awesome this medical care center was, so I went, (foot was in bad shape). Got in, in less than 5 minutes. Everyone there was AWESOME! Doctor took his time with me, (answered every single question, no matter how insignificant it sounded), x-ray tech and nurse were super nice. Receptionist and office lady were very sweet. 1,000% satisfied. Thank you, everyone!
By: tsmadden12
Urgent and Family Care at Avery Ranch LLP
Awesome place with great staff and Dr was very nice and helpful. Thank guys for taken care of this lonesome traveler.
Tips & Advices
Emergency care facilities can treat infants and children. Roughly 16 percent of emergency patients are infants and children, so the medical professionals at these facilities typically have strong experience in pediatric emergency care.
The average wait time will depend on the type of emergency care facility.. Wait times typically average less than 20 minutes at an urgent care facility. At a hospital-based emergency care facility that treats life-threatening conditions, wait times can take as long as an hour or more.
Board certification is not required for emergency care facilities. However, the top facilities are often board certified. At hospitals, many emergency care centers require that their physicians be board certified as a qualification for employment. Two boards that handle this type of certification are the American Board of Medical Specialties and the American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine.
Emergency care facilities include those that offer urgent care, and some urgent care facilities offer certain primary care services. At these facilities, patients are usually evaluated upon arrival, and a determination is made as to whether the problem requires emergency care, urgent care, or primary care.
Some medical tests and scans are performed at emergency care facilities. These facilities may perform select X-rays and blood tests if this is deemed necessary to assist your treatment. However, the range of medical tests and scans offered is much more limited than those offered as part of standard hospital care.

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