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By: devleena.ghosh
Austin Impact Jeet Kune Do
Austin Impact Jeet Kune Do (AIJKD) is a distinguished Martial Arts Academy, founded and managed by Sifu Forrest Caudill, that, unlike other establishments, acclimatizes its own curriculum based on each student's requirements and their strengths and weaknesses. The discipline can be described more as a demand-driven one rather than one that is product-driven.Sifu Forrest Caudill is in the direct and unbroken lineage from Sijo (founder) Bruce Lee, to Sifu Inosanto, to his instructor Sifu Chris Kent to Sifu Forrest.I affiliated myself to the institute aspiring to add a little potpourri to my workout regime, which was an intrinsic requirement of my fitness goals. Truthfully, I was a little apprehensive as I had never enrolled in any form of martial arts before.Astonishingly enough, I felt at home from day one. Thanks to the very warm, accomodating, and amicable instructor and peers, AIJKD has gradually matured into a kinship from a mere assembly of Martial Arts enthusiasts. Yet another reason for fresh students to feel at home is that each of the drills is demonstrated over and over again by Sifu Forrest and rehearsed exhaustively prior to proceeding to the next drill or the next phase, as much as that you can re-play it in your sleep. Veterans guide you a lot too in comprehending the modus operandi and significance behind each drill.My personal favorite would have to be the Trapping drill. It is one of those contact drills that heightens your reflex to touch and prepares you to take on any surprise attacks that you might have not seen coming.What I took back from the classes were a heightened level of self confidence, strength of mind, unique, innovative, and very essential self defense mechanisms, and improved sparring know-hows. AIJKD training helped me immensely in removing my mental block towards sparring and installed that voice inside my head, that keeps screaming "Yes !!! You CAN take on anybody who attacks you and make him never even remotely think about it anymore !!!"
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By: stonypacheco
Sanders Black Belt Academy
As a 30-year senior level corporate professional, I needed to continue my JKD Martial Arts training in a newly settled city. My former Sifu was back in Dallas & I set out to find a school (kwoon) that taught JKD & Qigong in a manner identical Bruce Lees' idealism. It was a hard search, but fortunately, my wife & I visited Sanders Black Belt Academy (SBBA) for a free introductory class. We were totally impressed with Sijo Sanders true Martial Artist expertise and his Master (+) ranking in a number of styles & forms that we signed up that very night. Sijo Sanders is founder of Nei Wai Chia Kung Fu, which teaches intensive defense for "Real Life" scenarios utilizing traditional Chinese and a wide number of ancillary forms that incorporate strategically developed defensive techniques which neutralize the best attacks of a wide range of MA forms. We have so much fun with our training, even though much of it is rigorous exercise regiments & detailed hands on training, that when we miss a class, we both are anxious to get back to the kwoon.SBBA is not a sport school, but a "Real World" experience also teaching the healing arts of Qigong, Tai Chi, and Eastern medicinal philosophy. We are a family of students, both young & senior, who welcome all & nurture new students of all levels. At 53 years of age myself, along with my wife of 35 years, we have increased our energy & flexibility. We walk with much more developed confidence, which is noticed by family, friends and business associates. It is an honor to study under Sijo Dr. Larry Sanders, a true Master of Martial Arts & a Great Human Being who promotes positive energy for all.S. Tony Pacheco - Black Belt Club
By: rew_of_austin
Austin Kenpo Karate
Austin Kenpo Karate is a great place for my 8 year old son. Sifu Schroeder, proprietor of the establishment, and his staff are caring with children and run a clean, professional establishment. I have consistently found interactions with Mr. Schroeder and his staff to be courteous and professional. In nearly a year of participation, not once have I been greeted or treated poorly by he or his staff. Mr. Schroeder incorporates age appropriate discipline into his training regiments. As a result, his students are motivated, enthusiastic and thrive in his sessions. I chaperoned a field trip Mr. Schroeder hosted with his students at the end of summer in 2011 to Fiesta Texas. Many (if not most) of his students and several parents attended the trip. Conversations between all during the 10 hour event were nothing short of positive. If you're serious about looking for a quality, structured introduction to Kenpo Karate for your child as an afterschool program give Austin Kenpo Karate a chance. Do something healthy for your child they will truly enjoy. AKK is located conveniently in north central Austin close to many elementary schools and afterschool pickup programs are available and reliable.
By: mackarnos
Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
I've been with Paragon Austin since the day they opened and I'll be there till they close. By far the best training and instruction that I've ever had. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and well versed.There are 3 Black belts and 2 Brown belts so definitely no lack of experience and for the price its unbeatable. No ego's just a friendly place to hang, learn and train hard.If your not sure if it's your thing come in and try it for a week for free. Couldn't hurt.

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