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By: Larry P.
Gomez Landscaping
Hi. My name's Larry P. I contacted several local landscape companies for help with about 40 plantings, half of them small trees such as mimosa, goldenball lead tree, Texas redbud, and mountain laurel, as well as shrubs and flowering plants. All companies sounded at least somewhat promising.However, I liked speaking with Mr. Roberto Gomez by far the best, and his company's work was just exactly what we needed. He's a no-nonsense professional and very genial. Listening closely, he heard what our needs were, gave us what was a very accurate estimate, and two days later everything was planted beautifully, even though they needed to break solid limestone for several of the plantings.They needed only about six hours total to do all the plantings. The speed and efficiency with which they worked was perhaps the most impressive thing of all. That six hours, by the way, also includes removing the embedded stump of a 50-foot red oak tree that had to come down recently because of the drought. Over the two days, we met two of Roberto's crews, all of whom were dedicated people of good humor and also very respectful. Their whole operation is very worthy of admiration and respect itself. We are very satisfied and highly recommend you give them a chance to help you with your landscape needs.
By: Vicki H.
David Fisk Landscaping
I have worked with Dave on several landscaping projects on my home over the years. He prices are fair and he does not vary from the original estimate. He and his crew show up when he says they will and finished the jobs on time. He re-landscaped my front yard a few years ago and it still looks great. I even won Yard of the Month! Recently, he and his crew trimmed the many live oaks around my property. They cleared the roof of limbs and did a general clean up of all the gangly out-of-hand limbs and branches around my yard. It looks great and they did the trimming correctly so as not to harm the trees. His crew then chipped up the branches and placed the mulch in my flower beds as I directed. They cleaned the debris off the roof and even cleaned my gutters! Above and beyond! I also had them replace the grass in my backyard and they prepped and leveled the soil properly. It now looks lush and lovely. I have not had a decent yard of grass in years and now I am able to enjoy my pretty backyard. Dave follows up and checks in to make sure I am happy with the job, and I am! I will definitely call Dave Fisk for any future landscaping projects.
By: Jeanette R.
Perfect Cuts of Austin
Hi my name is jeanette rodriguez these guys ran me off the hwy in july 23 2016 i have damages to my car it was a hit and run i chased them all the way to 360 exit they were going at least 100 ml till he finally. Relized i was not giving up i did call 911 as a hit and run me and a passenger. Were injured when perfect cut driver pulled over he said he was sorry and the company. Would. Pay for. My damages. So i called 911 back and the dispatcher. Told me if we exchange. Information. A police officer. Didnt need to come if my car was drivable. So i was. Kinda scared of this. And i was right now the company. Perfect. Cuts is denieing. My claim i did get attorney. Tony nguyen we been going to chiropractor. For 4 months. Now i was told there is nothing. I can do its all here say i been trying to get 911 records now. To try to do this my self i dont understand. How this company. Can get. Away with this and how a attorney. And take a case for. 4 months and send us to chiropractor. And no body. Gets anything. My car is falling. Apart. Pls if any one can give me advise pls email. Me at thanks for reading this pls help ����
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By: Earl R.
David's Landscaping
I have used David's Lawn Care service for 7 years now. Smartest decision I ever made. They do a great job, in a timely manner, are very professional, and do it for a fair price. If you need something beyond the standard lawn service just ask them and they will give you a fair quote to perform the extra requested service.If they find something broken in your yard such as a head on an in ground sprinkler system they will tell you what they found one and where and they have the ability to refer you to one of their value added partners who can give you a quote to fix your problem that problem. Give them a call and you will not regret it.
By: Donald R.
David Fisk Landscaping
Dave Fisk is an unusually competent and thorough landscaper. He does what he promises and always delivers a little extra. He is on the job site supervising his crew instead on leaving after the work starts. He communicates well and always shows up on time. He protects the yard and cleans up thoroughly. He has a great attention to detail. His results are more than satisfactory.He now works as a branch of Tree Trends.I suggest that the 3 extremely negative reviews all posted within a few weeks of each other are part of a vendetta to destroy this man. It didn't work.
By: Jim H.
Lawn Sculptors
We have used Lawn Sculptors for about 15 years and have always had a great experience. Our two properties have full irrigation systems, and Shane and his team designed and built a 2 acre irrigation system with 27 irrigation stations over the 2 acres. The professionalism and quality of work are evident in the work and pricing has been extremely fair to the homeowner. We use Lawn Sculptors for an annual "health check" of our irrigation system to maintain the irrigation in peak condition. Highly recommend this company.
By: jenny488
Arrow Tree Service
Arrow Tree Service did a wonderful job on our trees! I am really impressed! I had a huge mess in my yard (fallen trees and limbs, a baby tree that was dying and our garden needed serious help). Mike was friendly, efficient, cost effective and did exactly what I asked him to do. I have been to my front yard at least 5 times just to look at it again... it really looks great! You are awesome - Thanks again
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By: Frank H.
Alejandro's Lawncare & Landscaping
They installed our sprinkler system and grass about 2.5 years ago. The sprinkler system developed a leak recently. I have called them several times and always get the answering machine. A nice young lady did call back once. But since then there has been silence. The owner apparently does not have the common decency to call me back and schedule a time when he can repair the sprinkler system they installed.
By: Felice G.
Lynn always does a fantastic job on my hair! She has been doing my hair (highlights and haircut) for over 7 years! I followed her to this location from where she used to do my hair in Cedar Park. I'm so glad I knew where to find her when she left the other location! I would definitely recommend her for anyone looking for a true professional at a reasonable price!!!
By: Bich L.
I things the lady say not right . Her hair beautiful , not look like she's say . Not way too ears sort . I love her hair , I thing she jealous this salon . I follow this salon for many years I love it . Very happy with them . Love them when you come this Salon .
Tips & Advices
Irrigation system advantages:
  • Lowers water bill and maintenance time with scheduled watering
  • Evenly distributes water
Irrigation system disadvantages:
  • Professionally installed systems cost between $3,000-$4,000 for a quarter-acre lot.
  • Some do-it-yourself systems cost up to $1,500 but are difficult to install.
  • You may need to call a professional electrician and plumber, adding $300-$600 to your project.
Some plants can stand up to the cold weather, like kale or pansies. These can be planted in the autumn or early winter. Other plants need to wait until the soil is warm and ready. Plant perennial flowers in mid-autumn or mid-spring. If you're planting from seed or sprout, you can generally find information about planting conditions on the package.
Why get artificial grass?
  • Cuts down on lawn maintenance
  • It's environmentally friendly since there’s no need to water.
  • Artificial grasses may be more attractive than real grass in drought-stricken areas.
Why stick to the real deal?
  • Artificial grass has a high upfront cost - $15 to $20 per square foot.
  • It can be difficult to install.
  • Inexpensive options might look unnatural.
  • It gets hot in the sun.
First, determine which pests you're dealing with. Mounds or tunnels indicate moles or voles. Apply castor oil to your lawn; they'll find another digging spot. Determine which bugs you have by pouring a bucket of soapy water onto the lawn. The bugs will surface so you can identify them. Milky spore and nematodes keep grubs and other bugs at bay. Insecticidal soap also works. The best way to prevent pests is with good yard maintenance. Certain bugs prefer overwatered lawns or yards with thatches. Regular mowing, watering, and dethatching discourage pests from moving in.
Fertilizer isn't always necessary, but it can keep your lawn looking lush and healthy. Use fertilizer with slow release nitrogen so it doesn't encourage weeds to grow. Keep in mind that overfertilizing can spur weed growth. However, under-fertilizing can result in weak grass, which gives weeds more space to take root.

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