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By: Victoria M.
Dr. Maureen Alexander
I had an absolutely amazing experience at Dr. Alexander’s office. I called to make appointments for my children and myself because we were all having allergies and irritation, and I needed an updated prescription for my glasses. I am a mother of two young children and it is never fun going to the doctor’s office. When we walked in to the waiting room, we were greeted by a warm smile from the nurse. I signed us in and sat down with my kids to fill out our paperwork. Of course that didn’t last long and my curious 3 year old began talking to the nurse and asking her questions. She was very polite and friendly which was a big help as it gave me time to fill out the paperwork. We were invited back to the exam room shortly after arriving. My 3 year old was first and sat in the chair. Dr. Alexander came in and introduced herself to us. My 3 year old is use to us going to the doctor for shots and she immediately told Dr. Alexander that she didn’t want any shots. The doctor was very reassuring and calming and told her not to worry, which really helped put my daughter at ease. The doctor showed pictures to my daughter to see if she could tell what they were from a distance. It took a second for my daughter to get the hang of what the doctor wanted her to do and where to look, but Dr. Alexander was very patient and friendly. The doctor even had to put eye drops in my daughter’s eyes and it went great! While her eyes were dilating, it was my turn in the chair. I had my one year old in my lap which made it challenging but both the nurse and doctor were patient and accommodating. One of the things I really liked was that when I was telling the doctor about the issues I was having with my eyes, she showed genuine concern and took the time to explain what was wrong and things I could do to help my eyes feel better. My 15 month old was the last to have his eyes checked. The nurse came in to help the doctor put eye drops in his eyes which was difficult but he got over it quickly. The doctor was having a hard time looking in his eyes because he kept moving. She had a variety of toys she brought out to keep his attention which worked for a little bit. I told her I was still nursing him and I could try to sooth him like that. She was perfectly fine with it and encouraged me to try. I worked like a charm. She didn’t make me feel self-conscious and she was able to complete his exam while I nursed. All of the rooms were clean, neat, and welcoming. Needless to say, I couldn’t say enough positive things about my experience here and would strongly recommend them. We will definitely make our appointments here in the future.
By: juless83
Dr. Wier is a great psychiatrist, but I will be leaving his care due to his receptionist. She has been not just short but flat out rude and insensitive, called me names, and has gone so far as to hang up on me without ever asking why I was calling. I have never met someone that treated people with such disregard in my entire life. She has no business being in the health care industry, especially one that deals with people that are already unstable. It seems as if her sole goal is make people cry or snap. She will not connect you to the doctor, and belittles you when you show up for an appointment. I know I am not the only one that has had to deal with this. I urge all of you to voice your concerns to Dr. Wier. His other receptionist is great, I have no idea why he hired this additional woman, but she needs to go before all his patients do. It is a shame to have to lose a doctor you really admire and trust because dealing with this woman is unbearable.As for Dr. Wier, he is a great psychiatrist. He really works with you to find a treatment that works for you. If you have already found medication that works for you and are just switching doctors, he listens, reads your files, and doesn't make you restart the whole process (which in changing health insurance companies I ran into that problem a lot with doctors wanting to start the diagnose process all over rather than listening to what has and has not helped you in the past). His appointments are a little shorter than some as he seems to deal more with people that have seen a psychiatrist for years and are already set with a treatment plan or are also in other forms of therapy, BUT if you do need additional time just to talk you can schedule it and he will gladly listen to you and help. He is very caring, compassionate, and understanding. I know some people at times need to just be able to talk for a hour or more, and if you need that additional therapy he will give good recommendations for doctors and centers that specialize in your condition. As for someone who knows medication, listens to you, and works with you, Dr. Wier can't be beat.
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By: Don C.
MedSpring Urgent Care
I went in for upper respiratory issues. I had pneumonia. I have COPD and have had pneumonia a few times. I know what pneumonia feels like. I told the dr. That I had pneumonia and I would like an x-ray and antibiotics. Not that I'm trying to tell the doctor her job I just know what pneumonia feels like. They did all the pre stuff like temperature and pulse rate and all that. My oxygen saturation was at 93 to 94. The doctor came in and insisted that I take his nebulizer and steroid shot because he was very very concerned about my oxygen saturation. I told her I would like to just get an x-ray and some antibiotics. I felt like she was just upsetting this other treatment. I am guessing she gets paid on flat rate and commission. She kept insisting so much that I went ahead and did it. Then she asked me if I still want to get the X-ray and kept insisting that I need to go to the emergency room even though my saturation for oxygen was not below the 92. I said yes on the X-ray and no to the hospital. They came back in after the X-ray and said you have double pneumonia. I said yes I knew that I told you that. And then she called in the antibiotics and such. It cost me an extra $85 for the other stuff that she did. When I told him I needed a doctor's excuse the next day they dated the excuse from the night before at 8:30 when I went in when my work didn't start till the next day at 7:30 in the morning. Then they could only do it for 3 days. So the third day is not covered. It is a Friday before the 1st of January and so I get next Monday after all for the 1st of January but now I will not get paid for it because I have no doctor's excuse for that day. I will never go back to this place again and I recommend that you read all these reviews before you do. So disappointed that it's just about the money. Donald Corder
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By: Bong M.
Saint Davids Medical Center
I had my Pteregium removal and graft done in their OR/Surgery section with my Eye Doctor. Days before the surgery RNs called me a got all the pertinent information about me and my insurances. Well, that's the most important part of the calls. How are you gonna pay this hospital :). Then time came where I had to ask the time of my surgery... Guess what? These RNs don't freakin know. One of em tried to give me a number to call back. One of em transfer my call to another dept where she can't give me a tentative time. Then another one said.. most patient showed up here at 8 am... What kind of crap is this? Their excuse was.... well Doctor's schedules changes all the time so we have to give u a number to call the afternoon before your surgery... Wooow... you call this professional environment. Then what matter worst is that... I've never given any instructions about not taking any foods or drinks the day of the surgery. I had to argue inside the prep room about all of these. They have to confirm with my Dr that it's still ok to proceed. Procedure was done very well. The only complain i had was for us to drive to his clinic for contact lens right after surgery. My driver was not really familiar in Austin and I have to give direction while am still drugged with painful left eye. SCREWED-UP!!!!1 star for scheduling surgery1 star for the first rude RN named Sharon5 stars for the 2nd RN who prepd me4 stars for the procedure itself. had to take 1 for the lens1 star for 3 RNs who called me1 star for the RN who followed up on me.Would I recommend this OR/Surgical unit? If you have a V good doctor then yes.If you don't know your doctor then... Hell NO!
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By: Qing L.
I have lost 20lbs total in this program. I have been thinking of going back to my original size before I had babies for a long time. Medi-Weightloss helped me get there within 3 weeks! After that, I decided to keep losing some weight with the program. This is a medical and nutrition based weight loss program which targets fat in the body. In my case, the weight I lose is 85% from fat. It is not a hard process for me, since they provided a very practical grocery shopping list with more food options than I expected. No frozen pre-package food. This program teaches me how to eat real food and keep a healthy lifestyle to reach my goal weight. Their Nurse Practitioner Chris is very knowledgable and helpful. I have also learned a lot from Nutrition Counselor Robin about how to make tasty but low calories food for my family.I enjoyed every appointment with this clinic. Highly recommend for people who want to see the true result.
By: Rebecca A.
Mididoddi, Ravi, MD
I'm writing this review from the perspective of both my mother - a patient of Dr. Mididoddi - and myself - as a family member of one of Dr. Mididoddi's patients. My mum is a kidney transplant patient who experienced some difficulties, including hospitalization, in the first few years after her transplant. During one of these hospitalizations, my mum had the good luck of being seen by Dr. Mididoddi. He took the time to familiarize himself with her history and the facts and circumstances that caused her hospitalization. Upon meeting with her at the hospital he was compassionate, competent, and knowledgeable. Dr. Mididoddi continues to be my mum's favorite doctor. He is concerned about my mother's overall well-being and not just the health of her kidney. Dr. Mididoddi has done a wonderful job of referring my mum to additional doctors, when necessary, and strives for a cohesive and balanced approach to her healthcare.
By: Bill K.
Young, Ryan Carter, MD
I trust Austin Retina Associates with my eye care. Fifteen years ago I experienced a critical retina separation in one eye. My vision was eclipsed as the retina was separating. Dr. Lyle Koen of Austin Retina Associates met me in his office on a Labor Day holiday weekend within 15 minutes of the time I called his office to report my symptoms. He acted very quickly to save me from blindness in one eye, and now I have 20-20 vision with my normal eye glasses in both eyes. Now, I see Dr. Ryan Young at Austin Retina Associates. At the time of my last two annual check ups Dr. Young took plenty of time to listen to my questions, answer them and to examine my retinas and to evaluate the health of my eyes. Dr. Young and all the staff are professional and helpful. I am grateful to excellent doctors and staff like those at Austin Retina Associates for my healthy eyes.
By: pearlcollins97
Interventional Pain Associates
I started looking for a pain management doctor after I had been hospitalized several times for high blood pressure. No one could say if my blood pressure was causing headaches or if the headaches are causing the blood pressure.I found Dr. Saleemi and she determined my headaches being caused from an old injury to my back and neck. After treating me, my blood pressure went down considerable and my headaches went away. I had have migraines for more than 10 years and they were gone after a few month with Dr. Saleemi's treatments. I wish I met her sooner. She has given me a life back and I cannot say enough great things about her. Any problem I've had has been taken care thanks to her. In addition to a wonderful doctor, the office staff is wonderful and very friendly. Thank you so much for everything Dr. Saleemi!
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By: lourdesw.
St. David's Medical Center
The Cafeteria at St. David's has great food!! The people working at the food stations are always helpful & polite. The only complain I have which has become a big issue is: There are 3 cashiers that are always rude. One of the cashiers name is Shirley and she is mean and over charges customers. She never smiles and argue's w/the customers then she turns around and talks behind their back. Another cashier by the name of Veronica acts like she is the mngr and over charges customers as well. She also calls everybody Hunny. And lets not forget Jessica, bad perm, bad attiude, and over charges customers. I do my best to avoid going into their lines.Three stars for the food, the people who manage the food stations & the cleanliness of the cafeteria. No stars for the cashiers. Customer service needs improvement.
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By: Daniella M.
Prisacaru, Genoveva N, MD
I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Prisacaru at Seven Hills Women's Health. She is intelligent and so well read and the best communicators of medical information that I have ever seen, with a natural talent for breaking down any difficult topics.Each interaction with her during my pregnancy was an opportunity to learn and take away a treasure chest of unique insights. Behind her brilliant mind is a very caring individual. Many people are intimidated by her because she is so incredibly smart. I am grateful and fortunate to have been her patient. Let aside, she saved my life twice. Once in ICU, when I was admitted with severe pelvic sepsis, and second time when she operated on me for my fourth cesarian section. I am one of her living legacies.
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