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By: Wini E.
Allegre Point
I've lived at AP since it opened and the customer service, maintenance, eradication of irresponsible tenants, etc has been wonderful. The management (Melinda & Mike) have done an amazing job at keeping the AP environment controlled and comfortable. I highly recommend this complex to anyone looking for a peaceful family friendly yet affordable tiny community. One of the biggest perks (in my opinion) of living literally within 5 minutes of Austin, Pflugerville, and Round Rock is accessibility; there are many shopping centers, restaurants, national and international grocery stores, gas stations, entertainment, medical offices & services, health stores, etc within such close distance. If you're like me when I first moved in and are without a vehicle don't worry, take a 10 minute walk to the HEB bus stop or others if you don't mind getting in a little exercise the bus system will run you to a station that gives you access to the rest of busable Austin. For those of you with children, there are many child care services around and we fall in the Pflugerville ISD which is pretty outstanding, there's an academy right up the road near shoreline as well.college There are also some superb parks and trails in our area.For religious or people of a particular faith there's also a nice variety of worship centers in the area ranging from various types of Christian churches, Buddhist temples, mosques, multilingual etc.Great community for college students like myself also.Obviously I've had the opportunity to explore the area over the past almost 3 years and it's been so worthwhile. You can learn about more of the on-site stuff by talking to management, I really don't utilize the amenties (except Starbucks coffee machine) but there are some great features.One last thing to add is that you'll need a good rental history and credit report to get into over here.It's been nice writing an article, hopefully someone found this review to have value.-Wini
By: quiet_one
Ulta Beauty
Realizing most of these reviews are really old, I decided to give this place a chance. Needless to say, I was more than pleasantly surprised.The second I walked in the store, I was greeted with a "Welcome to Ulta!" even though the cashiers were busy. Two in particular, Stacy (a quiet, tall person), and Emily (shorter, dark hair) were extremely friendly and helped me find a new mascara I absolutely ADORE as well as a few other things (the store still has a tendency to be a little confusing at times, unfortunately, but I know it's not the fault of the people there).The best person there was a quieter girl (unfortunately, I can't remember her name at the moment... I'm sure it'll come back to me later...) who worked as the skin therapist. Emily directed me to her at one point when I asked her a question about skin care products, and I'm honestly so glad I got the chance to talk to this wonderful girl. She smiled and asked me what I was looking for before making recommendations, most of which I was unsure about until she started explaining the benefits and differences of each one. She even asked me about what I am using at home to see if there was anything I should change about my routine.I eventually decided to get the $20 "microzone" she recommended (they're like mini-facials), and have discovered that it was not only more than I expected, but well worth every penny spent and more. I have never felt my skin so soft and smooth before, and in only 20 minutes! I made another appointment with her in just another couple of weeks, and will definitely be keeping it!
By: Terr P.
Hair Nook
Alex is awesome and cares about here clients. She always give 200% in making you look your best. She has always done the impossible with my fine hair. When I let her color it I look 20 years younger and my husband goes wild. I'm never late for my appointment, in fact I'm early. I know Alex has lots of client and that is why I book appointments and show up early. If she get finished with someone else early I'm already their and good to go. If I were to show up late for my appointment it would be me taking a risk of loosing my slot and someone else more considerate getting it. The grown up thing to do is apologize that I was late and see when is the next best time she can fit me in. After all she is running business and we need to show here professional respect and show up on time. At best we should call and let her know your running behind and ask what is the next timeslot she has open, that why we both come out happy..I've never had an issues since I show up early. I don't like making wait on me and I was taught to appreciate others time, especially a professional like Alex.
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By: dood4ad
Blonde Faith Salon
I came across this salon from word of mouth and I'm so thankful that I did! Alyssa saved my hair! I had a major hair crisis about 2 weeks ago and I was able to book with Alyssa a week ago. She was able to bring my dry, damaged hair back to life. I had a great time at the salon while I was under hair construction. My experience was great. The staff was friendly and they have the most comfortable shampoo chairs. I am so excited to book my next appointment! I also have to mention that EVERYONE walked out of the salon looking fabulous. That's how it should be and I'm impressed by the owners set up of the entire salon and have already recommended this salon to many friends!! PS- Y'all are doing a wonderful job on your social media accounts. Keep it up because had I not seen the endless before and after photos I would have been hesitant. I love seeing your hairstylists work.
By: kaitlyn.moore.5036
Azuma Leasing
I have used azuma for a about a year and a half now. I have never had any issues, payments are online and easy. My husband and I were moving and needed to cancel our lease. The woman I spoke to was very helpful. The phone call lasted less than 5 minutes and everything was set up for the pick-up for my washer and dryer. Even the deliverer was a wonderful nice person and was in and out in minutes. I had a question regarding my invoice after the canelation. Jon Wells was extremely helpful in answering my questions I was not clear on. He was very happy and helpful. I loved having someone energetic to answer the phone at 8:30am with an understanding to my confusion. The qestion and problem was solved in a matter of minutes and turned my bad morning into a fantastic one. I would highly recomend Azuma and would use them again in the future.
By: Jesse C.
Austin Massage Clinic
Barbara was amazing. I reluctantly made an appointment after my Chiropractor told me that my issue was muscular and I should schedule a massage. I arrived and met Barbara, she is such an awesome person. She made me feel very comfortable and we discussed what was bothering me and how she was going to go about treating my shoulder. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced and I know that sounds nuts. She fixed my shoulder pain and over the next couple days it was completely gone. Had another appointment with her yesterday to help my other shoulder and it was wonderful. I absolutely recommend Barbara, she is a huge blessing to our community!
By: Me M.
Blonde Faith Salon
I went in as a natural dark blonde, and made it clear I wanted to be a light blonde I came out with my hair barely lightened due to the fact there was not enough heat on my hair . It cost over $260 that included a trim $200 for highlights $60 for a trim that's the most money I've ever paid in my life. I'm 50 years old, so that's a lot of hair jobs. This is a nice place but the prices are beyond rock star cost. I go to Hollywood (celebrity hair stylist) and have my hair done by a true experienced hair dresser of 35 years and he charges $150 with a complete color change includes trim and a express keratin blow out. Crazy! Be sure to talk to them about cost!
By: sarahpmpro
Faye Hair Design Inc
Fay had cut my hair today. I love my haircut. It’s beautiful when I wear my hair curly it’s perfect & when I pressed it. My last haircut was seven months ago maybe longer. I have thick curly hair. I do like to wear my hair curly & smooth press. I had haircuts were if I wear it press smooth you can see mistakes the stylist had made. I truly hate that when it happeneds ...Which is why I waited so long.She understood curly hair shrinks when dry so she took caution to cut less so when my hair is dry the length will be what I want as well. Thank you Fay for listening & the haircut.
By: scinaustin
Azuma Leasing
I've used this company for 5 years and I've never had a problem with the service. The good thing about this company is the customer service. You call their 800 number and speak to an actual person in the US. Anytime I've called in all the customer service people have been super helpful and very nice. I also like the email notifications. I get a reminder every month when the bill is due. I find email billing easier to keep up with than mail so this is an added convenience. I'd recommend Azuma to anyone in need of a washer and dryer. Easy, convenient and you can do everything online. A++++
By: fudy53
Hailey Design Salon
I walked in with bad hair and came out with a great new haircut. Fariba has been at the recently reopened shop for about 4 months and she is fabulous! She examined my bad haircut and she listened to what I wanted. As she worked, she explained what she was doing and asked for my feedback. Fariba kept saying she does not speak english very well, but I totally disagree! She is amazing. The price was inexpensive for a shampoo and cut. I didn't request styling so do not feel I can give the 5 star rating. I'll definitely return and also plan to take my dad next time he needs a cut!

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