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By: chris.peleshenko
Childbloom Guitar Program
I would like to offer a different opinion of the Childbloom Guitar Program than Mr. Pipkin. My name is Chis Peleshenko, I have taught the Childbloom curriculum for almost 10 years. 7 years as an instructor in the St. Louis Childbloom Program (which I helped grow to the largest in the nation, 3 years as a Director of the Childbloom Program of St. Charles County, MO. In those 10 years I have won numerous Teacher of the Year Awards for maintaining a student retention rate of 85% or higher. I have made a living that has supported my family and enriched the lives of over 300 families. 
 The Childbloom Curriculum IS the best and most successful method for teaching young children guitar in the nation. Our beginning curriculum has students playing on their first day. All of our level one material focuses on building high skilled classical technique while focusing on learning in an ensemble format. We help the student and parent create successful practice sessions at home with a well thought out and structured pedagogy. All Instructors and Directors go through training in child development, WE UNDERSTAND HOW EACH CHILD LEARNS . If the curriculum is taught correctly, the results regardless of the students age are ALWAYS the same. Using a set forth curriculum ensures the student's success and satisfies the desire of the parent to see their child succeed. There are thousands of Childbloom families across the nation who can attest to the curriculum's success.
The results speak for themselves. Please feel free to visit the Childbloom website (http://Childbloom.com), visit any of the individual program sites of Facebook (just search Childbloom), or see our You Tube Page. You will find great young musicians playing music written by Kevin Taylor, Childbloom Founder and President. I have run an advanced player ensemble using Childbloom and non Childbloom material, since my third year with the company. This group has evolved over the years, I call it the 6 String Players, currently there are 6 members from the age of 11 to 15 who give concerts in Retirement Facilities, Nursing Homes, City Events, and perform in master classes for some of the top performing groups in the world. Students who have graduated from the Childbloom Guitar Programs across the country are entering college playing at a level much higher than most of their peers. Some have studied abroad with some of the greatest teachers in the world. This year at the Webster University Guitar Competition, held at The Mid America Guitar Camp, all three finalists were former Childbloom students. 
 Feel free to contact me personally if you wish to discuss how Childbloom can help your child learn the guitar at chrischildbloom@gmail.com
If you are an Instructor who is looking for a guitar curriculum to teach and interested in building a successful guitar school, this IS the program for you. The Childbloom Curriculum is laid out for you. It contains a wide variety of classical material but also great musical pieces that are written by Kevin Taylor that the children love to play. I have NEVER been forced or threatened to NOT teach something outside the Childbloom Curriculum. There is a very clear and upfront contract that you sign prior to becoming a Director or Instructor. I have NEVER had a contract dispute with the Childbloom Company, it is a very clear contract that defines the agreement between myself and the company. I have made a living teaching this program for the past 10 years and now support my wife and 2 kids, running the Childbloom Guitar Program of St. Charles County. If you would like to speak with me regarding my business or how to become a Chidlbloom Instructor please feel free to contact me.
By: kellil
Childbloom Guitar Program
We would be hard pressed to find any successful company that did not have disgruntled people. Though Mr. Pipkin is entitled to his opinion, much of what he reported is simply not true. I have been a Childbloom instructor for 17 years. My studio has produced several students that have gone on to major in music in college and have become instructors, themselves. One has a Masters degree and teaches in a prominent university in another state. One was featured in Fingerstyle Magazine and was invited to play on "From The Top," an NPR program for up and coming young musicians. I have had several others who have gone on to minor in music and currently have three students who will be entering college as music majors in the next 2 years. This simply does not happen using curriculum that is "not efficient" or that follows "a very narrow path of old classical music that is dominated by solo playing." I use the curriculum faithfully, but supplement for individual needs as is necessary. I am just one teacher. There are many more like me.It is unfortunate that neither Mr Pipkin nor his teacher took advantage of the ensemble aspect of the Childbloom curriculum. No one who is involved in the program, even at the elementary level, can deny that there is an ensemble component to the curriculum. Anyone can check it out on youtube. These are postings for the fine Austin ensemble. There are groups like this all around the country.Any company that has a good product has a system of quality control. For the Childbloom Program, it is demonstrated in periodic reviews of the teachers. This is done in one of two ways: Any instructor may invite the founder, Kevin Taylor, to his location for a Master Class. Mr. Taylor can evaluate the quality of teaching by listening to the students play. He offers suggestions to both the students and the teachers. Also, for those teachers he does not personally visit, there is a video critique system. Teachers are periodically required to submit samples of their teaching by recording classes. Any teaching that is found to be substandard is addressed. Instructors are advised as to what needs to occur to bring the standard up to the expected level. Most are happy to make those adjustments. Those who refuse are dismissed. Childbloom never terminates valuable teachers. That would be counterproductive.Again, Mr Pipkin is entitled to his opinion, but his attack on Mr. Taylor in unfounded. In addition to being a fine guitarist, he is well studied in child development models and learning styles. He is an incredibly intelligent man with insight into kids like I have never seen. It is fascinating to watch him teach. I would be proud to be is student and would consider it a privilege if I had a child that could study under his tutelage.
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By: Big G.
The Lone Star School Of Music
I went to Lone Star with low expectations after leaving another music school in Austin. I was in for a unexpected surprise. The school was clean, warm, friendly and had plenty of lessons to pick from. This was a school worth leaving a 5 star review. Thanks Lone Star for the great experience and I know my kids will love taking lessons with you.

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