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By: Alex R.
Olmeda Tire Service
Quick and efficient tire fix. I had a nail in my tire and they quickly removed my tire and fixed my flat for a very affordable price. Will definitely come back and refer people to Olmeda Tire Services for any tire requests in the future.
By: david.pr
Roadside 24hr Mobile Tire Repair Services
The service here was great--very helpful, let me know how long the repair would take. They removed a nail from my tire and patched it very fast. I wish there were more businesses like this. I'd recommend it whole heartedly
By: L d S.
Roadside 24hr Mobile Tire Repair Services
Excellent service, came to our house and helped us promptly and professionally with a difficult situation, reasonably priced. Highly recommend, and should need arise, will call on them again.
Tips & Advices
With the correct tools and conditions, changing a tire oneself can take around 15-20 minutes. Professionals at auto shops can change flats in about half that time.
The ideal tire pressure for the majority of vehicles is between 30-35 psi. A specific vehicle’s optimal tire pressure depends largely on the car’s make and model; the owner’s manual will list its ideal tire pressure. This information can also be found on a placard within the driver-side door jam.
There are two types of spare tires: donuts, which are smaller and far less durable than a vehicle’s regular tires, and full-sized spares, which are the same size as a vehicle’s standard tires and can be used without restriction. Generally, it’s not advised that donut spare tires be driven on for more than 70 miles or at speeds of more than 50 mph.
No, multiple tires can be replaced at one time if that service is needed. The majority of auto shops have the tires and staff on hand to fulfill the requests of customers that need to replace more than one--or even all of their tires--if needed. Some offer discounts if more than one tire is purchased.
A tire plug is a rubber stem used to seal holes no bigger than 1/4 inch (6mm) in diameter. Do-it-yourself tire plugging kits can be purchased online or from many auto body shops if you choose to repair the tire yourself. Attempting to plug holes bigger than this size is not advisable, as the tire should be replaced at that point.

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