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By: momokat14
WIC State Agency
This was one of the worst places I have ever been. I had an appointment for 12:45. I arrive early to fill out paper work and so forth and so I come at 12:30. The doors are locked and everyone is outside standing around waiting. After they unlock the doors I sign in and wait for 30 minutes. Not so bad but not great. in calling my name they call once and before even looking over their shoulder yell it again even though i am right behind them. They hand me papers to fill out and tell me to sit back down. Ok. Sit back down. Kids scream, crying, fussing, running, yelling, falling over, throwing things. There is NOTHING for them to do even though they had a TV with movies. 20 minutes later I get call back. This lady grabs the clip board out of my hand and asks if I'm done. No, I'm not. I have questions. Third lady makes me sign paper work, won't let me read any of it and gets my child's name wrong when his card is right in front of her all the while I'm feeding my infant. She then tells me to wait with her then tells me to wait in the class room. Fourth women calls me to get weighted and get my sons weight and so on. She is short but not rude. I follow her to a office where she takes my iron level and asks me some questions. She then tells me the sickest thing I have ever heard anyone say to me about my baby. She tells me I need to not feed him as much as I am. Really? You just asked me to withhold food from my 11 WEEK OLD BABY!?!?!? Uh, no. A- I'm so sure it is against the law to not feed a hungry baby. B- There is no such thing as a fat infant. And C- What kind of person tells a mother not to feed her baby? Seriously. This had to have been the worst thing someone has ever suggested I do. Ever! To know she is in a place of influence over anyone makes me sick. I don't feed him every time he cries. I try holding him, changing him, cradling him, singing to him first. If that doesn't work or he is showing classic signs of hunger. I feed him. End of story. This person needs to be fired. Rude staff, no entertainment for children at all, don't honor times of appointments and walk ins a normally helped along with you, unpleasant and not caring or nice, and this one stupid women. I hope someone from the state reads this and takes a look at what is being told to people here.
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By: Shelby G.
Duane Johnson Tax Service Inc
Duane Johnson is one of the best.. He truly cares about each of his clients, which makes him even better at what he does. He is very thorough and will help you with ANY issues you may have. Many of his clients are now great friends because he does develop such great relationships. He does not advertise much at all and does not check online reviews to be honest, because all he needs is word of mouth which is why so many of his clients are referrals. And not only is he a wonderful human but he is also smart as a whip!
By: deeana21
Juanita Ross Income Tax
I have been getting my taxes done by Juanita and Yolanda for over 15 years now and not only are they super professional but they have always done the best job to help me at tax time. I ve also recently started my own business and they have helped me with the state sales taxes filing. If it s tax related, they can help you! They are awesome and I would HIGHLY recommend them!
By: Carol H.
Moth to Flame Films
Moth to Flame Films did the wedding pictures and video for my sons wedding. Christine and her crew did a great job and we are very pleased with the out come. I feel she brought a fresh and creative approach to the day while still providing all the traditional elements. That was perfect for our celebration. I look forward to working with her again.
By: Maria G.
Big Refund Tax Services
Yo recomiedo esta oficina Por que me an trado muy bien���� Creo que tengo mas de 5 años con ellos y nunca e tenido problemas con mi rembolso siempre me llega como en una Semana. Ademas son muy amables.yo e recomendado a mis conpañeros de trabajo y opinan lo mismo. Dan muy buen servicio!!!!!!!
By: Germaine H.
Sunny Bookkeeping & Tax Service
Sunny has been doing my taxes for over 20 years and has always done a great job. He always gives me great advice about my business. He sincerely cares about his clients and is a family oriented person. I will continue to use his service and recommend him highly.
By: sean.mccray.54
Duane Johnson Tax Service Inc
I have used his service for years. He has always handled my tax issues promptly and professionally. I would strongly recommend his service to anybody looking for a true professional.
By: tr3600
Duane Johnson Tax Service Inc
Me. Johnson has done my family's business and personal taxes for several years. He's a good man and gets the job done. Old school Austinite with honesty and integrity.
By: Carolin L.
Sunny Bookkeeping & Tax Service
Sunny's Bookkeeping services are outstanding! He is a very knowledgeable and respectful man. I highly recommend this place for all your IRS needs!
By: Roger M.
AllCity Technology
We had a problem with our office network. They were out and had it fixed same day. We plan to contract with them so this never happens again!

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