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By: Neal P.
Oak Canyon Dentistry
I went to Dr. Haase for the first time 12/2/15 and again today for work to be done that was found in need of repair from the visit on 12/2/15. I can honestly say that he tops all of the dentists I have been to. I have been especially impressed with his strive for perfection, especially like today when placing my composite fillings. I have lived in a total of 7 states, and Dr. Haase has been the best dentist I have found to date. An orthodontist my kids go to in Bee Cave described to us that Dr. Haase's dental work is "flawless." Other dentists I have been to did not color match the composites well to my surrounding tooth structure and also left jagged edges on my fillings. Today, my new fillings look exactly like the tooth. In fact, the edges are so smooth, and the color match so perfect that I could not even tell there is a filling in my tooth! His ability to give painless injections is also most admirable as I have been to dentists in the past who have been in such a hurry to get me in and out of the dental chair that I experienced much pain during the injections. That was not the case today. I never felt rushed, and my comfort and pain-free experience in the dental chair seemed to be the #1 priority of my visit. I would drive long distances, even from another state, for a visit to Dr. Haase. The quality of care, skill level, and results are nothing less than perfection on every level! Here was the icing on the cake: Tonight, just a few hours after my appointment was complete and I was home, Dr. Haase personally called me to see how I was doing! He is only the second dentist in my entire life who has ever done this. Now that's a dentist showing genuine concern for his patients! Let's talk about the cost because that is always a big concern of mine, too. I never felt like anything was done that I did not know about first. In fact, Dr. Haase tells you, "I am going to tell you what I see, but that doesn't mean everything I see needs immediate attention," or something to that affect. You are able to see, in great detail, every tooth in your mouth on the screen in front of you with the camera he uses in your mouth. There was never any lack of communication on "necessary" treatment vs "optional" suggestions of treatment. Take my word for it. I've lived many places, and I've had a few bad experiences from other dentists, a whole lot of mediocre experiences, but I've only had two absolutely awesome experiences. Dr. Haase is one of those two awesome experiences. Please, make an appointment with him if you want a highly educated and experienced dentist to take care of your dental needs!
By: Avaasklsdf F.
About Smiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
Our family has been traveling for months and getting ready to move out of the country. Before our move I wanted to make sure that everyone had their teeth cleaned and checked out, since we may not be back for a year. First, my two boys love, love the hygienist. She kept them calm and at peace with her talking and teaching. My 8 year old, explained to me how important it is to floss, "Mom, we need to floss more and not just with those floss picky thingys". Ok, so that is we went to buy some floss. Then my husband had to get major teeth work done...whew, a tooth pulled and trying to save another one. He ended up spending several hours there and explained how attentive and alert the entire staff was to his needs. He was provided water and a blanket, could watch the tv while waiting and of-course he even got to work because they have wifi. All big pluses in his book. And I had not had my teeth cleaned since 2012 due to being pregnant and on bed rest. Luckily, Dr. Hoover looked over my teeth and found 2 small cavities and had the hygienist do a thorough job, since we may not be back in Austin for a year or more. I love, love Dr. Hoover and the entire staff at About Smiles. They are always pleasant and ready to attend to my entire families teeth needs. I highly highly recommend About Smiles to everyone.
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By: Meme G.
Austin Family Dentistry
My 9-year old daughter tragically broke her permanent front teeth. After visiting with 3 different dentists, I went to go see Dr. Reza at Austin Family & Pediatric Dentistry. I called him in the evening during after-hours during this moment of crisis. He called me back immediately and answered my questions and without hesitation asked me to come with my daughter the next morning. When I arrived, all the staff was so nice and friendly. Dr. Reza was very compassionate, informative, caring, and thorough with his evaluation of my daughter's broken teeth. He even explained to me the long term effects and also possible treatments as my daughter grows. After a few hours at his office, my daughter walked out with a beautiful smile and great teeth. Dr. Reza explained to me all the possibilities in terms of root canals on Tooth #8 and #9. Most definitely, I recommend him. It was very difficult to see my daughter with broken teeth. After the visit, my daughter has regained her confidence. I signed up my two children for future dental visits.
By: Victor E.
Lone Star Pediatric Dental
My kids were scared of going to the dentist but here my 3 yr old felt confortable. My 1yr old cried But still everyone was so kind. Theres tablets on wall in waiting room which kept kids entertained while i filled out all that paper work. So useful. In each room there are murals colorfully painted its so welcoming. All in all even though i was 30 minutes late i was very respected and welcomed. I recommend lonestar pediatrc dental without a doubt. I olny wish i would of know of this place sooner. :) oh and as extra star they give a free movie pass and a cute tote bag filled with a special gift for each child. Lets not forget the balloon which my kids cant leave without. Great place each of my kids left with a handful of goodies. Most importantly what matters most was that dentist was kind so were his staff. Everything was explained with much detail and understanding even i felt like a patient.So dont pass this place up take your children here you wont regret it.
By: Caitlyn W.
Lifetime Smiles
For about 7 months now I have been going to Lifetime Smiles every two weeks for my invisalign braces.Its affordable for someone young like myself and the appointment reminders online help me out a great deal with my bad habit of forgetting appointments. I am always welcomed with warm and cheerful personalities, and every individual working there always take the time to see how ive been and make sure everything is perfect before I leave.My teeth are a complex case, and Dr. Arzagar and everyone working there get as excited as I do the more progress my braces show.It shows they honestly care about every person they take care of.I personally dislike any dental work, it freaks me out. But going to Lifetime every two weeks isnt a hassle or any amount of stress for me,its welcoming, professional and sincere.I would recommend anyone to go here if they want to not just get fantastic dental services but to be treated as more than just another patient.
By: Andrew W.
Dr. Ueckert | Austin Dentist
I've been going to see Dr. Ueckert for over 10 years. He's great. His staff is great and many of the nice folks who were working there on my first visit are still there. I like that. Everyone is super friendly. I don't have that anxiety about "going to see the dentist" that I'd had at other dentists when younger. The office is comfortable. He remembers my kid's names and always asks how they are doing. Dr. Ueckert takes the time to explain things in a way that I can understand and when my teeth have had some issues over the years he's provided options and alternatives and was sensitive to and respectful of my budget. Awhile back I had a friend who was in an accident and got a bunch of teeth knocked out. I called the office and Dr. Ueckert worked him in really quick and got him all fixed up. My buddy has been going to see Dr. Ueckert ever since. I can't say enough good things about everyone there. It's always a great experience!
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By: Ruth S.
Vida Dental
I had a root canal last Thursday (5 days prior) and now am in increasing pain.No small talk or chit chat to be personable at all. Sat for over an hour in almost complete silence.I tried calling during their open hours (9am) for 2 full days, and have only reached a voicemail.I left a VM and sent an email through the website to no avail.I had to call another dentist office to get out of pain and finish the crown since I cannot get a hold of Vida. At this point I would give 0 stars but have to give 1.UPDATE** Finally got a text to confirm my apt next week (3 days after I started calling) Couldn't even call me back. They said that a storm from 3 days prior knocked out the power during the time that I was trying to call.The dentist actually called to reassure that this power outage happened.Still not completely happy since I had to go to another practice, but if true then not much they could do.
By: Stephanie B.
Jollyville Dental Professionals
I recently became a patient of Dr. Roach. My dental needs are quite extensive and I wanted to compliment him and his staff in the highest possible way. My dental hygienist today was THE BEST!! So gentle and yet she did a fabulous job on my teeth today. I was given a detailed treatment plan to consider, with no pressure whatsoever to get it done right now. They got me in on an emergency basis in the summer and put a crown on which fit perfectly without one single adjustment. All of the staff are so nice and so friendly. If you want great service, friendly staff, punctual appointments, this is the place to go. They talk to you, are genuinely interested in getting to know you. Just a really good dentist to go to.
By: chloee73
Bell, Michael C DDS
Our family has been going to Dr. Bell for 20 years and here's why we keep going back. Like most, I hate going in for dental work, but Dr. Bell and his staff cater to my need to "zone out" as much as possible. They make an effort to know you and care about what's going on in your life, so even though I still don't like to go have work done, the staff is so sweet and friendly they make it more than bearable. Dr. Bell is an excellent dentist and he and his staff are very professional but also very personable, and they will give you options for treatment (if available). The cost is more than if we went to a dentist covered completely by our insurance, but I couldn't imagine going anywhere else!
By: aangelina615
Bell, Michael C DDS
I've been a patient with Dr. Bell since moving to Austin a couple of years ago. The fillings I had done last year were absolutely painless. He's very professional and skilled at what he's doing! His staff is excellent as well. It's another sign of quality when his team is just as sharp and professional. For example, Rachael did an awesome job cleaning my teeth yesterday. Also very skilled and felt not even the slightest pinch or pain during the entire time. The office management staff is great as well. Sarah and Theresa are always cheerful and handle my claims with my insurance company flawlessly and immediately! I'm very happy to have Dr. Bell and his team for my dental care.
Tips & Advices
  • If a tooth decays and the nerves or pulp (soft internal tissue which helps teeth develop) become inflamed or infected
  • If a tooth is cracked or broken and nerves are exposed
This generally depends on any specific issues you wish to address with your teeth. There are toothpastes designed to whiten teeth, fight cavities, decrease sensitivity, prevent bad breath, resist gingivitis, and those specific to children (with lower fluoride content). There are also toothpastes that offer “complete” protection by combining aspects of many of the above toothpastes.
It’s recommended to get a professional cleaning at least two times per year.
  • Desensitizing toothpaste numbs the nerves in the teeth that can cause discomfort.
  • Mouth guard can protect against grinding teeth during sleep.
  • Fluoride treatment can be applied by dentists to sensitive areas to numb teeth and strengthen enamel.
  • Root canal can treat problems in a tooth’s core.
  • Surgical gum graft where a piece of gum tissue is removed from a section of the mouth to cover an exposed root.
Not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed, but there are certain signs that can help you and your doctor determine if yours should be:
  • Wisdom teeth are pushing other teeth around, causing pain and misalignment
  • Cysts form around newly emerged wisdom teeth, causing jaw damage
  • Gums get inflamed and swollen, causing cavities and pain
  • Doctor determine from x-rays that wisdom teeth will cause problems in the near future

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