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By: robin.e.kasper
North Oaks Country Child Development Center
I am a first time mom who is extremely attached. When I had my daughter I cut my work back to part time and begin working at home so that I could be with her all the time. I did this till she was 18 months old. At that time it became obvious that she was ready for more socialization with children her age. I was also ready and wanted to start back to work full-time, but the idea of leaving her with anyone else terrified me. As every parent knows, it is just plain hard to trust another with the care of the single most important person in your entire life.I researched many schools in the area and then I discovered NOC. The directors Nikki and Mark made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions as I toured the facility. I was immediately impressed by how large and immaculate the school and playgrounds were while still keeping a loving home like environment. It is truly a nice facility, but honestly that had nothing to do with my decision. It was the teachers and caregivers that I met that made me feel at ease about leaving me daughter. I saw the other kids learning, playing and happy. From the young kids to the older kids everybody seemed genuinely happy to be there. They were all involved in activities. The walls are lined with pictures of happy children from the past 31 years of operation. Many of those kids on the wall have grown up and had their own kids now. It just felt right. Those were my first impressions of NOC and now that my daughter is a student there I can say that they were spot on. I have watched her grow and learn so much in the last two months, it blows my mind. She has learned sign language and even some Spanish. A couple of weeks ago they learned about manners and she uses please and thanks you correctly all the time now. It is so wonderful to see her thriving at NOC. I never know what little surprise might be waiting for me in her cubby when I go to pick her up. (Maybe a little note from her teacher telling me about her day, or artwork she has drawn, or some other project she completed that day) Our fridge is covered.Her teacher (Ms.Jibri) has been wonderful with her and I can tell she has really taken the time to get to know my daughter as an individual. The staff at NOC is grade A and second to none. I could go on and on about how awesome the people that work at NOC are. It’s easy to see they really love their jobs. The main thing is I see is how much my daughter loves her school. She wakes up chipper and basically skips out the door. She was sick a couple of days last week and had to stay home, but even feeling yucky with a 102 temp she was begging to go to school. “So she could play “Ppleeasse”. It was so sweet.If you are looking for an exceptionally caring and educationally valuable school for your child you really can’t go wrong with this place. We look forward to many years as part of the NOC family.
By: markkopelman
North Oaks Country Child Development Center
UNDER NEW MANAGEMENTWe have had no teacher turn over since we took over in January! Our teachers have over 40 years of teaching experience! We now offer fitness, spanish, and sign language classes. We are growing and would love for you and your family to come grow with us! North Oaks Country is less corporate and more care! We are a family owned child care center for over 30 years in Northwest Austin. Our tuition is very reasonable as we believe that childcare should cost an arm and a leg. Tuition rates are between $250 - $650 per month, with family discounts too. We offer 1.3 acres of naturally shaded playgrounds with new discoveries at every turn. We believe a family environment helps with educational and behavioral consistency as our children learn and grow. Come check us out! We look forward to it.
By: Evelyn K.
Abacus Brain Gym
Our three kids have been attending this school for over 5 years now and we can confidently say that the impact of this "brain gym" program on our children's cognitive and memory abilities has been extraordinary. They are now fantastic at maths and they get outstanding grades at school. Abacus Brain Gym has definitely helped them get ahead of their school peers academically. This is one of the greatest investments my husband and I have made for our kids and we'll never regret. And this place has the best teachers like Dr. Sanchita Sarker. Finally, the owner Ms. Juli Djonli is an amazing person who really cares about children's education and intellectual development. We're so happy our kids attend her school!!!!
By: tempvisitor
Abacus Brain Gym
We had an excellent experience in the first three grades, totally about two years. However when my kid moved to the next level, grade 7, the 7th grade students had to be mixed with several students in another level. The mixed class gave my kid a lot of trouble because he could not focus on the abacus while the teacher taught other kids. Also my kid could not get used to the yelling by the new teacher. Eventually we quit. The program is a great one and it helps the kids, but some issues in the class mixing part.
By: Austin M.
Abacus Brain Gym
Mrs. Sarker taught my two kids for three years. She taught them with love and discipline. One time, I enrolled them in a weeklong summer chemistry camp. They were the only two registered for the camp. Although most places would have canceled the week's camp due to low enrollment, Mrs. Sarker held the full week's camp for just the two of them. Whether she is teaching abacus or science, Mrs. Sarker is a caring and brilliant teacher who genuinely cares about her students.
By: reviews_yellowpages
Barton Creek Infant Center
I have had both my kids at Barton Creek since I returned to work after my maternity leaves. The staff are wonderful, truly care and love the kids, and I frequently tell new moms that I would not have been confident in my decision to return to work if I did not respect the wonderful people who care for and teach my kids. I'm pretty sure I will cry when my oldest "graduates" in a year. They have become like family.
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By: Alaka A.
Abacus Brain Gym
Dr.Sarkar is an awesome teacher. She is very knowledgeable and has years of experience in teaching this field.My son has became really confident with his Math problems. He will finish his Math homework first for his weekly school home work with out me hovering over him.We are really happy with Dr.Sarkar and Abacus Brain Gym.
By: Dang E.
Abacus Brain Gym
My daughter has been in abacus for 4 years and it has really helped her with her basic math skills. She knew her multiplication tables in second grade! The classes have also taught her to focus, so that has helped with all of her school subjects. I highly recommend abacus training. I wish it was taught in school.
By: Steven A.
Kid Spa Austin
Kids spa is great . We start taking our daughter after we moved to circle c 7 month ago . The stuff are awesome very efficient and professional . My 3 year old always ask to go there . I love the flexibility and the convenience. I highly recommend it
By: Katja P.
Abacus Brain Gym
Dr. Sarker pours her knowledge into my children on a weekly basis. The abacus works well for my kinetic learners and has helped keep them as hey players in school. If you're looking for math help, she's the one.

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