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By: Stacey G.
Sono Bello
I have had a wonderful experience with SonoBello. My lifestyle had changed and I wasn't ready for it. I went from living in the city to living in the suburbs and working from home. I didn't realize the impact that it would have on my physique. Before you know it I was carrying weight in all the undesirable areas. And although I worked out 6 times a week, had a personal trainer and tracked my food those excess stubborn areas just stayed put. And then I got pregnant, and even though I only gained 25 pounds during my pregnancy, the pregnancy did a number on my abdominal area (for obvious reasons). I was starting to get sad about my appearance and how I looked in the mirror and I finally decided that I didn't deserve it and neither did my husband!I had my initial consult with Bethany and she was (and continued to be) amazing. Warm, Welcoming, Accomodating are just a few words I could use to describe her. She understood my issues and I didn't feel ashamed or judged which is a big factor. She seemed very excited to have my business and made me feel like a person not just a customer.I decided to have all of my problem areas taken care of - legs, arms and stomach, hips, waist.. It was scheduled in two procedures....The first procedure was like a whirlwind because I didn't know what to expect. I was really nervous! But the staff made me feel very comfortable and at ease. With that being said the procedure itself and the recovery was not easy for me, but I knew it would not be going in because I have a low pain tolerance. The second procedure was easier because I knew what to expect but the procedure itself on my stomach was quite difficult. However, my nurse Tamara was the sweetest and she held my hand and tried to keep my mind off of it. Dr Sobrino was also so gentle and kind walking me through the process trying to make me feel comfortable. I felt so bad for it hurting so much because he was so nice and I know he felt bad also. Coreen and Jackie were other nurses I had while at at the clinic and they were both so amazing as well. It has been 1 month post op on my outer thighs, waist, hips and arms....and wow! What a difference and I am still considered to be a little swollen. I can finally see those triceps and biceps I have worked so hard to build, and my legs look great as well. I am only about a week post op with my inner thighs and stomach - I am still swollen and bruised ... but I do see the improvement and shape so I can't wait to see how its going to look when that subsides. Its a beautiful shape, Dr Sobrino is also an artist - He sees beyond the fat removal and looks at your body in its entirety to give you a great shape. I also loved the personal touch that the doctor gave by following up on his cell phone with me that night. It was really nice and thoughtful. Also the nurse follow up a day or two later was great also. Althought my physical experience was quite painful, I would do it all over again. On mothers day, it was the first time in a long time I was able to walk out of my house feeling confident and not so ashamed....also not dressing to cover all those problem areas but I wore what I wanted and felt great. That makes such a difference in my life! I can't wait for the final results it can't come soon enough!!!
By: Lisa Y.
Sono Bello
I can’t say enough wonderful things about Sono Bello. Having had traditional lipo over 25 years ago I new pretty much what to expect. I also worked with an Austin plastic surgeon in the early “90’s and had assisted in more liposuctions than I can count. My first lipo was on my legs; they were very disproportionate from the rest of my body. I am relatively small and just couldn’t get rid of them no matter how hard I tried. When I was young I use to dream that I could just cut off half my leg and the problem would be solved. Even better, they invented lipo. I had a great result back then; legs stayed in shape and I even received compliments years later about how great my legs were. Who would have thought? I only tell you this part because I want you to know it truly lasts. I chose Sono Bello to have my tummy and lower back done in March of this year. I was so curious after reading all the reviews; could Sono Bello Austin be that amazing. I am here to tell you it is. From the moment Rachael greets you at the desk, to your consultation with Bailey and then of course Nurse Lindsey who you will meet the day of surgery; you feel so special and cared for. The reason I chose Sono Bello Austin over a Private Practice Plastic surgeon was bottom line price. I know several area Cosmetic surgeons and would have been okay with most of them. However, having two children in college Sono Bello made it affordable without selling my first born. Why would I pay more if I can get the same (or even better) care as well as the same or better outcome? For me it was a no brainer. I can’t be happier with my results and the post op care I have received. Dr. Bekanich was who I chose for my procedure, she has a private practice in Round Rock and her partner had done surgery on my son. It was fate that she happened to be a physician practicing at Sono Bello.So, don’t put it off any longer, go in. See for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. Liposuction truly can change your life. It did mine and I am so looking forward to the new me this summer.
By: Vickie C.
Sono Bello
I have been super happy with Sono Bello - on all levels. It has only been a few weeks since my surgery so I can't really comment on the final results yet. I'll be sure to update my review at 3 months when I feel like things have settled and I'm fully healed. But, so far - I couldn't be happier. The staff is fabulous. They are ALL friendly, helpful, compassionate, encouraging and very professional. It's an awkward situation - getting liposuction! But, they make it as painless as possible and you actually begin to enjoy the process and look forward to your office visits! Kattie has been my nurse and I LOVE her. She is great! She goes over every detail and makes sure you know exactly what is going on and what to expect. LOVE her!Dr. Erello was my doctor and I could not be more impressed! I was very anxious about having a male doctor for this procedure but he is amazing. His manner is so comforting and reassuring. He made me feel completely at ease and he showed such respect and compassion. I am super impressed with him.Like I said, it's only been a few weeks since my surgery. I am very happy with the results so far - but I understand that it is a work in progress and that more changes are going to happen. I had a bulging belly and always looked about 6 months pregnant! No more! My tummy is nice and flat and my clothes fit so much better. I had other areas treated but the belly was my biggest problem. I am very encouraged with the immediate results and look forward to further healing.I would recommend Sono Bello in Austin,Texas to anyone that wants to reshape their body.
By: Ronald M.
Sono Bello
If anyone is thinking about Sonobello, my question to you is this: Why wait any longer?Each individual at Sonobello is very dedicated and professional. It’s all about the patient, from the time you walk into Sonobello, you do your initial consultation, to the prep, to the Surgery and including the follow up visits, your dignity is protected through each and every step. You as the individual states the end results that you are interested in, and the desired end results that you are desiring to achieve. As the patient, you are allowed to pick the Doctor, the procedure that you want. There is no high pressure sales. In the initial consultation, you are provided the ability to select the Doctor that you desire, a bio sheet on the Doctor is provide to better assist you in your selection. This is indeed a minimal evasive procedure. I personally cannot Thanks the professionals at Sonobello enough for the change in my life. I hold them in the highest of esteem. The Venus Treatments are absolutely FABULSTIC as well. You can search to the sky’s limit and you will never find a more dedicated, professional, staff that takes so much PRIDE and HONOR in their career field. When you get up each morning following the procedure and you see the SMILE that has been missing for so long, you too will be wondering, why did I wait? I highly recommend Sonobello hands down and above all others.
By: Shelly W.
Sono Bello
I had been considering the lipo surgery on my upper and lower abs for over 2 years! I am 52 and have 4 children. I keep in good shape and exercise but I had this "Front area I could literally grab with both hands" YIKES! I was feeling so tired every morning when I got up it was like the "belly" was dragging me down. I also had a lot of upper back pain and my belly was not helping :( .... I decided to get the surgery and I am so glad that I did! I was treated so kind and with professionalism by every one who assisted. The lady that first scheduled my appointment then I met with Baily who is amazing! She answered all my questions and gave me honest suggestions! She made me feel like we were good friends from the get go!All the staff, nurses and front desk girls were all so nice! The doctor made me feel safe and I trusted him completely! The downtime was only a few days! I am now a little over 60 days and the results are beyond what I expected. The main thing is I feel so wonderful and this has inspired me to work out even more. Oh yes and my cute little summer dresses actually fit without that annoying "belly bulged"!!! YAY!
By: K. S.
Sono Bello
So my experience at Sonobello was extremely pleasant. The front office ladies were a delight and extremely courteous to me. The next stop was the consultant, and she was infectious. She was sincere, motivated, and made the entire process a breeze. Step three was the clinical side of the process which put my mind at ease. The clinical staff to include the nurses and Doctor are top notch. Dr. Okpaku was my surgeon and I really can't thank him enough. My procedure was the Trisculpt laser lipo on three areas (lower abdomen and love handles). After leaving the military and gaining 60 pounds I had enough of being big. It took a year but I lost all the weight. However, I did seem to have more permanent damage than I had realized. My love handles were impossibly stubborn, riddled with stretch marks, no amount of working out would change that now. Cosmetic surgery became the only option to regain the body I had lost. I am extremely excited for the future, because I know that with patience, I'll see my old self again.
By: Am P.
Sono Bello
I am a pretty active woman but have always had my inner and outer thighs as a trouble area. No matter how much I worked out or how strict a diet I maintained, I could never achieve the results I was looking for in these areas. I decided to check out Sono Bello in Austin, TX. Bailey and the entire team here have been so wonderful and helpful! Dr Crawford took her time to go through all of my questions and made me feel very comfortable. The TriSculpt procedure had a few moments that were a little uncomfortable, but was much easier than I had anticipated it would be. Dr Crawford called me that evening to check on me and see if I had any questions since I had come home. Their team continued to check on me a few days later and have been extremely responsive to any little question I have had. I am only 3 weeks post procedure, but can already tell a difference in the shape and size of my thighs. I wold recommend this group to anyone interested in body contouring!
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By: Linda D.
Sono Bello
From the initial consultation through the entire recovery time, my experience with sono bello was fantastic. I am a 58 year old female who wanted to reduce the "spare tire" I've carried for 36 years since the birth of my son. A bad C-section left me with scar tissue and years of yo-yo dieting left me with a non-existent waistline. I got tired of never being able to wear clothes with a waistline. I was realistic, though, that I would not have the body of a 20-year old when the surgery was over. It's now been 3 months. The improvements are amazing. I've gone down 2 waist sizes and anticipate going down another. The aestheticians, Michelle and Lisette, worked with me after surgery to help break up fatty lumps and I am so please with the progress they have made! I still have a ways to go, but I am optimistic. Thank you, Sono Bello, for reducing my waistline self-consciousness -- no more muffin top for me!
By: Jules M.
Sono Bello
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an important part of my life, but no matter how hard I worked I was not happy with the image I saw in the mirror. From the time that I first met with Bailey, my care consultant I felt she listened and understood my needs and was very informative and helpful in the planning stage. The instruction and careful guidance I received from Dr. Erella before and during the procedure gave me confidence and assurance in the process. My nurse Lindsey gave great compassion and advice from the pre-op visit through recovery. Her knowledge and sharing helped me through every step of the recovery process. I am now at the 3 month mark and the results I've experienced are incredible. I am very happy and its motivating now to look in the mirror. My fitness is up to me, and the help Sonobello gave encourages me to continue working for the body I want.
By: Dana F.
Sono Bello
I just had my liposuction a week ago. I have NEVER been more pleased with a facility, staff or the decision to have this procedure done. Bailey Jones, the Consultant is honest, straight-forward and highly professional. She looks at helping you not only get what you want but how to help you do it economically. Dr. Crawford and Lindsay were phenomenal and made sure I was comfortable and knowledgeable about what was taking place. Jamie, who will be missed always greeted you with a smile and made you feel like a million bucks! Tricia and the other girls are extremely professional and friendly as well. Zack is very friendly and always makes a point to say hello and address any and all personal needs you may have. Sono Bello of Austin is THE place to go if you are considering any type of body contouring....you will NOT regret it!dgreen
Tips & Advices
Plastic surgery comes from the Greek word “plastikos,” which means “to mold” or “to change.” Plastic surgery is a specialty in the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body. It includes cosmetic or aesthetic surgery, but also includes reconstructive surgery, craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, and burn treatment.
The vast majority of cosmetic surgical procedures occur on an outpatient basis. With more extensive surgery, such as a tummy tuck, a previous health condition, or monitoring is needed, the doctor might require a short hospital stay.
Depending on the procedure, cosmetic surgery can cost anywhere from several -hundred dollars for facial “filler” injections to $20,000 for extensive invasive surgery. In addition to the surgeon’s fee, the patient or insurance company will be responsible for a surgical facility fee, anesthesia, medical tests, prescriptions, surgical garments, and other miscellaneous costs related to surgery.
According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the top five cosmetic surgical procedures in 2016 were:
  • Liposuction (414,335 procedures)
  • Breast Augmentation (310,444 procedures)
  • Tummy Tuck (181,540 procedures)
  • Eyelid Surgery (173,883 procedures)
  • Breast Lift (161,412 procedures)
Common nonsurgical cosmetic procedures include Botox injections, laser hair removal, and laser skin resurfacing.
While there is no definitive age minimum or maximum for a given procedure, most doctors won’t operate on minors for cosmetic reasons. Beyond the actual surgery, the risks of general anesthesia should be a major consideration for elderly patients.  Good doctors will advise patients against a procedure they think is unnecessary, carries unwanted risk, or won’t produce the desired outcome.

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