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By: Jen K.
Mobile Austin Notary
My parents were about to take my two kids on a trip overseas for Spring Break and at the last second when we were going through all the travel checklists we got a curveball thrown at us. The travel agent checklist stated that if both parents weren't accompanying their kids overseas that customs would require a minor travel consent form notarized stating that the parent's give permission to whoever is taking their kids out of the country. We read that at 11:03pm and the flight the next morning was at 7:25am! Insert expletives!!!We did the only thing we could think of and typed into Google randomly "emergency notary austin" and the first listing we saw this company stated they were available 24/7. We called and the person that answered took down our information and in about an hour or so we had a notary in our kitchen to notarize our document after midnight on a Sunday. WOW!No kidding when I say this service is a total life saver. Also they accept credit cards so we didn't have to run to an ATM in the middle of the night to get cash to pay them. Its inventive companies like this that makes Austin so unique and awesome, except the God awful traffic we now have here.
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By: Dom R.
Mobile Austin Notary
If you're like me and someone tells you to get an apostille your probably like what the bleep is that. Next step Google: After Google I figured out kind of what an apostille sort of is, but how do you get one? For me I live in Del Mar, Cali I thought I could get this done around here or at least in state. Nope, I was born and went to high school in South Texas so I have to go through the Sec State in Texas to receive an apostille certificate. ugh! Luckily I found this company so I didn't have to fly back to Texas to get this taken care of. I price shopped a bit and two other companies I saw all over the internet wanted to charge me $200 and $225 per document! These guys apostilled 3 different documents for me for less than what one document would've cost me at the other two places and there turnaround times were three times faster than what I could get with the other places. It pays to shop around.
By: cgchief97
Jill's Cleaning & Maid Service
This is by far the best, most responsive housekeeping and maid service I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with! These ladies are awesome.I needed a very fast (unreasonably fast) make-ready in my new apartment. Jill & Naomi responded with-in hours after working a full Saturday schedule when others couldn't get to me for weeks.These ladies stay busy with client longevity ranging up to 8-years in some cases and a word-of-mouth referral network that attests to their impressive service.They are friendly, sweet, considerate and professional. The house was made ship-shape that same day and they are my service of choice.Jill and her team are truly a gem in a business vertical filled with over-priced, over-promising and under-delivering "CZ" businesses posing as professionals.
By: Jamie M.
Mobile Austin Notary
My name is Jamie and I live in Houston, TX (The Woodlands to be exact). My family is in the process of relocating soon to the middle east because my husband is a executive in a oil company. Because of this we need to get a ton of legal documents filed with several different state department offices, it's a real nightmare. The only easy process we've went through so far was with this company. All we had to do was overnight them our original documents (birth certificates for each of our family members) that needed to receive a Texas apostille certificate and 2 days later we had the documents back in our hands. Super easy and saved us a lot of time and headaches. FYI you do have to send them a prepaid shipping envelope along with your documents.
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By: carol c.
Mobile Austin Notary
I'm going to Spain to study abroad for a year, but I was told by the university in Madrid that I needed to get my college transcripts and diploma apostilled before they could accept me as a student. I had never heard of that before. So I did some research and I found out I can't get an apostille done in Plano, TX where I live or even in the Dallas area. I found this company that I sent all my college records to and they hand filed my degree and transcripts at the Texas Secretary of State in Austin, TX on my behalf and I had everything back to me in two business days. This company saved me a lot of time and worry to say the least.
By: jeffadkinsgroup
Maire Hamblin & Assoc
Maire Hamblin & Assoc has been a vital part of our "team" for almost ten years now. They have played an instrumental role in the success of our company by keeping us on our toes - I truly feel that they have been a "partner" of our firm by being with us every step of the way. By providing a high-level of service, Maire Hamblin has allowed us to concentrate on what we do best; running our company, and taking care of our clients. High-integrity, reliable, thorough, knowledgeable, prompt, and professional--I highly recommend Maire Hamblin.
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By: dfwdean
It's a bar with door focused around donuts: that's reality.I ordered the chili burger (yes, donut bun, one on top and one on the bottom) and needed a fork and knife to eat although I suspect the donuts would have held up to being picked up. This was a very good burger: patty perfectly cooked, tasty meaty chilly, and condiments. And filling.But it did not stop me from getting a dessert donut: the maple bacon glazed one.I'm stuffed.PS: good beers on tap, and good cocktails: I enjoyed the 512 IPA with my burger.
By: Dan S.
Dan Sannes CPA - Accounting & Consulting
Thanks Dan! I own a commercial framing studio. A string of bookkeepers and accountants with good intentions messed-up my 941's for 3 years. Dan was able to clean things up and put the matter to rest. He persisted where others had given up. I'm so relieved to be on good terms with the IRS again. D. Nash - Nash Frame Design
By: Penny G.
It's Cleaning Time
It's Cleaning Time is wonderful! If you are looking for a professional house cleaning, Austin has it! They have great employees, and provide and eco friendly cleaning- ATX, you need to go here for all of your housekeeping needs! Definitely check out their website for all their info- http://itscleaningtime.com
By: ffradella
Padgett Business Services of South Austin
I've got enough on my plate running a small business without needing to handle all the monthly tax stuff, too. That's where Padgett came in. I've got them doing my year-end taxes and all my monthly accounting. They do a fantastic job and let me get back to the business of running my business!
Tips & Advices
Many services offer long-term contracts that include regularly scheduled cleanings. These contracts sometimes, but do not always, result in discounted prices. Most cleaning services offer discounts in exchange for customer referrals.
Homeowners should review their cleaning service's damage/breakage policy. Some businesses compensate for damaged items, while others do not.
Not always. Before hiring a cleaning service, homeowners should confirm the company verifies its employees' identities and performs background checks. Those planning to hire a self-employed cleaner rather than go through a business should inquire about background check options available from their state's attorney general.
  • The annual costs. Weekly services quickly add up, and homeowners may need to pay additional taxes if they choose a self-employed cleaner.
  • Language barriers and miscommunications. Some professional cleaners might speak English as a second language .
  • Background checks and employment verification. Homeowners can be held liable if they employ a person not legally permitted to work in the U.S.
Some services charge more for pets while others do not. Regardless, homeowners should keep in mind that any pet-related cleaning, such as emptying a litter box, adds to the amount of time the service charges for.

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