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By: glorialu
Texas Income Property
I am writing a review on Texas Income Property because I have them manage my 5 investment/rental properies in pflugerville. I call myself an "accidental investor" because when I first moved to Texas it was for work with the high-techs companies in the 1990's. After a few years, I then was contracted to other parts of the USA for various projects. I never sold my house in Pflugerville, but I hired Texas Income Property to lease it out, and have it managed. When I noticed that I was actually making a profit on this rental house (rent price covered more than my payments - which was great), I decided to actually buy more rental properties. Well, Texas Income Property MANAGES whole real estate portfolio now and they are very, very good at what they do. Reliable and prompt service is what I've come to expect and I get it every time. I couldn't say enough how pleased I've been year after year with their services. I don't think I've had a vacancy longer than a month in the last 20 or so years I've done business with them. So very good in my opinion! If I could give them more stars I would!
By: Clinton M.
Sienna Properties
This is the first home my wife and I have ever leased. We retired to the Buda, Texas area and could not find the exact home we were looking for to buy so we decided to lease a home for a year or two till we found the home that met our retirement needs. Our real estate agent helped us locate the home we live in currently and introduced us to Sienna properties. Eric and staff have been very professional and has helped us with all our needs. Any issues we’ve had have been corrected in the most timely manner: Toilet would kick on and off, problem solved with in 24 hrs. Garage door opener would not let the door lower all the way and would reverse. Problem corrected same day within approx. 4hrs. Thermostats could not regulate the temps in the house. Ac and heating company were out in 24hrs to check and reprogram units!!If we do not understand something about the home we leased they are always there to assist us with any questions we may have. They have been number 1 in our book on helping us in our retirement transition from Sugar Land, Texas.
By: Natosha M.
Rainier Management
I wanted to thank you for going such a great job on my office at Nob Hill. From the very start, before I signed the first lease over a year ago, you have been extremely helpful and have facilitated my entire stay at the office. This includes helping me get the lease worked out, parking passes, and moving into the office. After I moved, I never had a feeling of “lease is signed and they are stuck”. It was the opposite – anytime I had a question or issue you always promptly responded and helped me out. One time I locked myself out of the office, and you drove by right a way to save me. After a year, due to the great service from you and the staff there, I decided to renew my lease into a long term lease through 2018. If I had not felt well taken care of, this would not have been an option. Now that I am moving to the new office, I know you will help out with the transition. Please keep up the excellent care of us here at Nob Hill.
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By: Laura S.
Recar And Associates
I had a rough start with Recar getting repairs done for my rental home but often it is all about who you speak with! I was finally able to work with Traci @ Recar. She represents the company at her best! Working for AT&T in customer relations myself for 12 years, I have become quite expectant of great customer service. Customer's want to know that you care. They want effort on the company's behalf at the very least! Traci showed effort and then executed a plan in resolving my issue's. She listened to my issues that were not only ignored but unresolved for quite sometime. I have a whole new perspective of Recar and when it is time for the purchase of my home I will go through a company that I can trust ~ Recar! Thanks Traci! You are amazing and I appreciate all of your help! :) I hope your company realizes what an asset you are!
By: cecismith
Texas Income Property
Being an outside of state owner, it is comforting to know that my investments properties are being taken care of. The team at Texas Income Property does just that. I've always gotten the rent mailed to me on time, and the few times I have visited Austin to check on things, the properties I own are well maintained and in great shape. That says a lot, and it is always comforting to know that ALL of my properties have good tenants. Even when I had to evict a tenant, the ONLY time - thank goodness, it was FASTLY done, and rented out quickly. Texas Income Property is on top of things when it comes to getting the tenants to PAY ON TIME. Because when they don't, it can be tough on the owner when I tried myself to be the landlady.Texas Income Property is the best in town when it comes to managing properties!
By: Jul I.
Rainier Management
I have been in a Rainier managed office for almost six years now. We moved into nice space where we were allowed to choose the flooring and paint color. I really like my Nob Hill office space and the location (near Lamar and 25th).Over the years there have been issues that have come up and we have generally had a responsive management team; most especially in the last 2-3 years. The recent mgmt has been working hard to increase our facility's curb appeal and function with improvements to the exterior and the grounds. They have also been very proactive liaisons between the tenants and a construction job going on across the street, getting us advanced warning for occasional disruptions to parking and minor construction woes.We just renegotiated another two year lease in September.
By: Damo C.
Rainier Management
Our office has been in a Rainier complex for 10 years. I can certainly understand the negative reviews on here-- the previous manager was a hair north of godawful. But in 2011 they brought on a new gal to manage their office, and the change has been TREMENDOUS. Within 14 days of her arrival, there were clean ups and renovations all over the property. Maintenance calls are always handled within 24 hours now, most within the same day. New mail boxes, remodeled bathrooms, fresh coats of paint on everything, and when I mentioned that our carpet hadn't been replaced in ages, she immediately sent a contractor over to handle it. It's only been a few months, but the experience gets better by the day. Give them a try. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
By: Sandra M.
Rainier Management
I like Rainier a lot. For location living, you can't beat it. The properties are older and have the drawbacks of all older buildings (less energy efficient, frequently no washer/dryer connections, and sometimes things break), but the managers are attentive and responsive, and work orders get filled promptly. They abide by their lease terms and treat tenants fairly. Living in a Rainier property is the best way to live in a cool location for a smaller budget -- downtown, Clarksville, campus, South Congress, etc. A lot of their upgraded units are really quite attractive too. I enjoyed living at 24 Flats and Abbey Road a great deal and would definitely not hesitate to live in another Rainier property if it suited my needs.
By: Latonia M.
Rainier Management
I've lived in the Antillies apartments, off Enfield and MoPac, for around three years and for the most part have been happy to live here. They are cute, in a great location and affordable. That being said they are older and unexpected problems do arise, and I choose to give them a four because of the spectacular maintenance staff. First Aaron and now Joe have gone above and beyond the call of duty in difficult circumstances. Don't get me wrong, these issues have been few and far in-between, but I think a prompt and courteous service staff is a big plus; this isn't always appreciated until you need it. Not perfect, but if I wasn't moving to Dallas I would stay here or consider one of their other properties.
By: Arvie H.
Rainier Management
I have lived in this complex for 7.5 years. I moved here from Madison (Wisconsin) and am still stunned by how well the management has taken care of me. Not only do they respond thoroughly to any maintenance request, they also do so with a promptness that I've never experienced in prior rental situations. Most importantly, the management has been great about working with us as a community, even helping us start a community garden! This apartment complex is relatively small. It is also exceptionally quiet. I have never ever lived in a quieter apartment complex. Eventually, I suppose, I will need to leave. I don't know how I will ever be able to find such a quiet and friendly home.

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