By: Aaron H.
Sabas A Buentello Agency
These guys are awesome. Since they're currently one of the largest insurance companies with the smallest market share in Texas, their pricing is EXTREMELY aggressive. I was able to get 2 brand new cars and a brand new house, with a deductible of half or what I would have paid before, and FAR better coverage (umbrella for instance) for less than it was costing for just the two cars alone...like just over $80 bucks cheaper. And that's for 2 cars, AND a house! And the coverage was great, covered the full value of everything in the home, so if something were to happen, I would not only get the home repaired, but get my belongings (some of which are worth a whole lot of money and took many years to put together) fully replaced. Now, unfortunately, the mortgage fell apart at the last minute due to freaking tax right-offs (ridiculous) affecting my DTI (which they knew about, and said would not be a problem at all), so with no home, no more homeowner's. But we still got a great deal on our car insurance. Still better coverage than I or my girlfriend had and we're still saving nearly $100 a month with a FAR better policy in place. Plus Polo is by far the best agent to work with. He's been more helpful than any insurance agent I've ever worked with, he's honest, and he knows how to work the numbers. So if you end up with Polo as your agent, be thankful. He's been able to move my auto-draft date back a few days to put it on one of my bi-monthly payday's 2 times (first time was a request I made because the auto-draft was too close to payday, and too high a risk of there not being enough money in my account to cover it if it's a rough month. 2nd time was because my company decided to move our payday back 1 day: Polo took care of it no problem. Honestly, couldn't be happier. Would've had renter's with them, but the ridiculous apartment complex only allows E-Renters. Those guys (the property management company) sucks. Next year, I'm getting a damn house, f**k these property management conglomerates.
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By: Jess S.
Sabas A Buentello Agency
I have been with Nationwide for less than a year and earlier this year I was in an accident. The accident wasn't that bad, and I was mostly just shaken by the impact. I called Nationwide from the scene of the accident while my boyfriend called 911. I didn't really know what to expect and just told the representative I was in an accident. I remember her tone of voice changing as she was empathizing with my situation and she assured me she would walk me through the process. After she helped me file the claim, which took only about 5 minutes, she called a towing company and made arrangements to have them hold it there for the adjuster since she had a feeling it would be considered a total loss based on my description (significant damage to engine). During the next few days, I received a call from 2 more people. The first person to confirm what/who caused the accident and informed me my rental was ready and the second person (adjuster) called to tell me they deemed it a total loss and the payoff amount. The entire process was so seamless and I truly felt backed by my insurance company. I highly recommend!!!
By: Pam B.
Accent Sotelo Insurance Group
After speaking with Sam(who by the way is fantastic) I learned that my quote was half the price of Liberty Mutuals who farmed my request to a call center.The representative was not available for questions when we needed answers,which is why we're switching to Accent Sotelo. We've never purchased condo insurance,Sam patiently walked me through my biggest fears which were, amount of coverage, what kind, is it enough and how it works. Knowing I could turn to you and your staff with these important decisions made this process so much easier. I cannot underscore enough how important it is to trust the experience your agency has for me to make decisions.While I never want to take for granted the services Accent Sotelo Insurance offers,the importance of our relationship crystallized during the selection of condo insurance regarding who I TRUSTED to give me the best protection for our new home.Many thanks to you and your Team for your prompt, professional, and courteous customer service.Pam
By: James C.
Tonis Insurance
I had no license and multiple tickets for no license, expired registration, and no insurance. I needed an SR-22. I tried getting online quotes through several of the big names, but I had too many violations. I had pretty much given up when a friend suggested Toni's Insurance. I called them up, and spoke with Allan. He must have spent at least a half hour getting my info and listening to my (sob) story on the first call. He ended the call with "I'll see what I can do, and call you back." 15 minutes later, he calls. Within 2 hours of starting the process, I had insurance and SR-22. And it is A LOT cheaper than expected. Oh, almost forgot...I was able to do everything via phone and internet, which makes it convenient, downside to that is I have never actually met my agent .. lol
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By: wonderb0ys
Solomon Group
Cash Matthews is the owner os the business and he's probably the most thoughtful financial advisor I've ever met. I've churned through a few people over the years who want to sell me their financial product as the "key to my financial success" but these guys never really asked for my money. They've spent hours with me talking about what I want to do in my life and what my goals are. They do everything here, from investments to wills to insurance to bookkeeping services. I'm basically consolidating a bunch of personaland business stuff with them. And if you want a random detail -- the receptionist sells jewelry! So if you get tired of investing your money in important stuff, go blow a few bucks on something for the wife with the girl up front.
By: jdomb79
Contractors Insurance Services
I would say that this place has really picked itself up. Some of the other reviews from a while ago talk about how this place is not a reputable agency but from what I saw when I went in was that this agency has turned itself around and began thinking about the customer. I enjoyed talked to Maria ( the agent who helped me with my policy ) and I did not feel like she was trying to rush me into a sale or out the door otherwise. Not to mention they were the cheapest place I had found thus far in my search for insurance. I would say this agency is something to try for yourself.
By: Jordan C.
State Farm Insurance
I've never had an agent for my insurance before having Andrew Easley. I can honestly say I can't imagine what I was ever doing without one. Andrew and his staff make my insurance very simple, and are always helpful with anything I ever need. Having them to work with, SURE BEATS calling 1-800 numbers and talking to the typical monotone, and usually unintelligent sounding call-center employees which most insurance companies have. I've "seen the light" when it comes to how insurance is SUPPOSED to be, and that's thanks to Andrew Easley and the members of his staff.
By: Joe C.
Nationwide Insurance
I was a member of a different insurance company for over 10 years, and once I had a claim it was horrible. I went looking elsewhere and I'm very glad I found this office. They are honest about what they're selling you. I unfortunately had another claim a few months ago, but Nationwide made the process easy for me. I even received a call from this office to see how I was doing. I also like how this office takes cash or money orders. Delanie is always a pleasure to work with. She explains my bill to me whenever I have questions. Thank you Felix!
By: Luis P.
Accent Sotelo Insurance Group
Sam and his office staff are very friendly and helpful. I was referred to them by a friend of mine. Accent Insurance saved me a lot of money on my auto, boat and home insurance. We are a family of four with 4 cars and a boat. We had a claim on one of our cars last summer and it was handled professionaly and quickly. I was amazed! The premiums did NOT go up after the accident either!! :-)I strongly recommend this company!
By: Alison R.
Nationwide Insurance
I have had my auto policy here for 1 year, and last week I received a call from Delanie. She told me my rate was going up, she told me about discounts and different things I could do to help soften the blow. I honestly have never received a call from insurance TELLING ME my rate is going up, it always just happens and I get no explanation! I appreciate how this agency takes time to help each member. Wow! 5 stars
Tips & Advices
Business insurance generally covers accidental property damage, accidents resulting in injuries to employees or customers, the products you sell, or copyright issues.
One way to reduce premium costs on boat insurance is to take a boating safety course, since many insurance companies offer discounts to policyholders with this credential. You'll also pay lower rates if you maintain a safe boating record. Older boats are more expensive to insure, so it is possible to save money on boat insurance by buying a newer vessel.
It's typically recommended that boat owners get at least $1,000,000 in liability coverage. Property damage costs and medical bills can burdensome, and this coverage will protect from liability in accidents in which you're at fault. For collision and comprehensive coverage, get enough protection to reimburse you for the value of the boat.
Typically, a boat insurance policy provides coverage for anyone that the policyholder allows to operate the boat. However, this may sometimes vary from insurance company to insurance company. If you plan on letting others operate your boat, it's a good idea to discuss this with your insurance broker to make sure this is covered.
Some insurance companies offer boat insurance that covers damage by storms and hurricanes, but this kind of coverage might not be a standard part of a policy’s coverage. If you want this kind of protection, tell an  insurance broker.

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