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By: lina.taylor.77
Hunan Cafe
Let me just say, wow! First.This place has had several renters/owners... all oriental food places. I enjoyed it when it was Wokaholic, though it wasn't as good as it could have been, the portions were excellent.When Wokaholic went out of business, Mai Lien Bistro came in. This place was alright, though it was kind of pretentious in my opinion. The Pho wasn't as good as our favorite Vietnamese restaurant's, Hoemi. Mai Lien probably failed because of the mediocre food.Then, enter Hunan Cafe. The last reviewer made up my mind to go and try them out. I found that it was very deserving of the five star rating that was given. I will proceed to break down what I had there and finally, our experience.We ordered the pan fried dumplings. These dumplings were firm, not mushy and the filling and size of them was quite generous! The filling had a touch more vegetables than meat. If you don't mind that, it's very good. The dumpling sauce more than makes up for this. It's extremely good, with plenty of onions and a good balance of flavor and even a touch of heat. I was very satisfied with the dumplings.Next we ordered the wonton soup. It's a beef stock based broth. Generally I don't like wonton soup with beef stock as a base, however, I will make a major exception for this wonton soup. It has a wonderfully light beef and onion flavor with a hint of ginger that is just plain excellent. It reminds me of the Tokyo Onion soup that I'm so fond of at Tokyo Steakhouse. The wontons are generous in size as well and firm, not mushy. The filling was a little on the spare side but very good quality. I was very satisfied with this as well..Next came the main course. We ordered their chicken fried rice (we have a standing policy that a oriental restaurant can be judged based on how good their fried rice or lo mein is) and black bean chicken, which I rarely enjoy at most of the places I've had it. The chicken fried rice was amazing. Since I've come to Austin, I haven't had chicken fried rice that nearly matched my favorite style of chicken fried rice as well as Hunan Cafe's. The chinese food place I loved most back then was a place called Panda Kitchen. Their fried rice was my absolute favorite and this place's chicken fried rice is comparable in quality and flavor. It has peas, carrots, bean sprouts, green onions, egg, and chicken. The seasoning is light and excellent. I was extremely satisfied with it.The black bean chicken's sauce was suprisingly savory. I was pleasantly shocked at first bite, as was my fiance. It had spicy jalapenos, black bean sauce, chicken, bellpepper, onion, and probably garlic. I loved it!The good news doesn't end there either. This place delivers to homes in a 5 mile radius. The minimum for delivery is 15.00, and 30.00 (I think) for delivery without fee. The prices are a touch higher than other places in the area, but the quality makes it very worthwhile in my opinion. I highly recommend you try the food here, and if you like it, please support them. It would be a shame to lose this place .
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By: nekros111
China Cafe
Very rude service. I called in to order to go. A woman answered the phone. After her greeting, I tried to speak to her. Before I finished my second word, she abruptly hung up. This occurred four times, twice on landline and twice on mobile phone. On the fifth time, she claimed she couldn't hear me despite hanging up immediately after her greeting. As I was trying to find the dish from the menu to order, she pointed out that she had a line of customers waiting in front of her. She was blaming me - a phone customer - for keeping the customers waiting. If she hadn't hung up on me four times, I would have been so aggravated and would have placed the order quicker. Won't be patronizing them again.
By: roselinesmith
China Emperor Restaurant
I love this place and you will to. I eat here weekly and I love their Lo Mein, Sesame Chicken, Grill Salmon, Mussel and Ribs. Crab Rangoon and dumpling are so delicious that they made by themselves daily. Hot & sour soup and egg drop soup are my favorite that I can’t miss. The buffet is sort of small, but everything on it tastes great! The staffs are very nice and they put a lot of care into what they're serving. Awesome. It's always super clean and a great place to enjoy.
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By: Ben R.
China Emperor Restaurant
Went here because of the rating and I'm guessing they've gone downhill in a year. The place was almost empty which is a bad sign during lunchtime on a Saturday. The food was not hot, warm at best, and some things just didn't taste right. The lo-mein was dried out and stuck to the hotel pan it was in. The sauces were congealed on top. The egg drop soup had a thick skin on top of it. It's not the worst place I've been to but it wasn't anywhere close to good.
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By: Anh B.
Sea Dragon
I think this is the best Vietnamese restaurant in Austin. Even my son - very picky in foods - likes to eat there. We (both me my husband, and my daughter) like Vietnamese Wrap -Grilled Shrimp Wrapped Around Sugarcane.We also love Catfish In Hot And Sour Soup, and Vietnamese shaking beef. The restaurant needs to make its living to stay in business, but the prices are not bad at all.
By: stephiepete
Masala Wok
Great Indian food! I love the tikka masala wrap - it's chicken with tikka masala sauce wrapped in naan with basmati rice. Very yummy and the only thing I order just b/c it's so good. Their Indian drinks are also good. The chai is not sweet like you might think, but the mango drink is. Very nice staff; very clean.
By: andy512
China Emperor Restaurant
Love this place - been eating here for years...best crab puffs, grill salmon fish, sesame chicken and hot & sour soup..., It is a very neat and cozy place, especially, you can eat 20 items food with a very reasonable price . You also can order from menu and they also deliever food to your door.
By: robinmaries
China Emperor Restaurant
This is my favorite Chinese Restaurant/Buffet in Austin! Small, comfortable place with hot and fresh food. Wonderful hot and sour soup, crab rangoons, spring rolls, chicken wings, salmon, fried rice, lo mein and much more. Can hardly wait to be there again.
By: linhhuy
Ho Ho Chinese BBQ
The young man work in at the check-out counter was rude! I reminded him about the 10% discount that he forgot to include in the changes. He started getting offended and told me that I was rude. Will not come back to this place.
By: branmike24
China Cafe
We went there tonight because of all the positive reviews and we were not disappointed! The food was fantastic and Cecile and Mary were so awesome! Thanks for a great night and great food!

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